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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They've lost a lot of hips that way...

Hello.  My name is Tracy and I'm a compulsive door leaver opener...


No matter what I do, I can't seem to leave the kitchen with everything closed and my family says it's driving them down to Crazytown and all the lights are green.


My feeling is, Hey, family. If that's the worst thing I do, suck it up, y'all.


They more then assured me that, that  is far from the worst thing I do; it's just up there with the most annoying things I do.


FYI - This next one bothers them quite a lot at night because it's dark and at hip bone level...


I hear they've lost a lot of hips this way.  


Is this just me or are these thousands, nay millions of us compulsive door leaver openers out there?  


Babes Mami 3/9/11, 11:29 AM  

I too am a door leaver open, although not the drawers or may be alone on that one!

Anonymous,  3/9/11, 11:44 AM  

Definitely you're on your own's not that it is annoying so much as dangerous!

Lindalou 3/9/11, 12:05 PM  

I'm with your family on this one. No doors or drawers left open here.

I do frequently leave my closet doors open in the morning. That might count.

Misguided Mommy 3/11/11, 3:35 PM  

ooooooooo i'm always always in trouble for this ALWAYS

Lin 3/11/11, 10:43 PM  

I'd have to kill ya if I lived with you. :p

J Sedai 3/15/11, 6:52 PM  

my DH leaves things open drives me BATTY specially the medicine cabinet over the sink, cause I hit my head on it!

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