The Crazy Suburban Mom: Thank you, Home Depot! The floor is fantabulous!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank you, Home Depot! The floor is fantabulous!

My new bathroom floor is down as is my blood pressure so, Whoop-Dee-Doo! That cracked floor is gone from my life like it never was which is what I'm going to pretend.  (What cracked floor?) 


Also the top of my head is no longer at T-Minus I'm going to blow brain bits all over the place.  So win-win.  I really like the new tiles, and it's funny but I think I like them more then the first ones.  

Dunno if it's because of the hard feelings about the first ones but I'm really, really lovin' these...  Now here's the thing...


I have paint for the walls but it's gray and with the gray tiles, will gray paint will make the room look sad? Do you know what I mean....  I may need new paint.  Will gray on gray will make the room like it needs a hit of Prozac.

Oh and also these tiles were a tenth the price of the last ones so I bought that new toilet I so needed.  Not only doesn't it scream like my last one but it will flush anything.  No kidding.  Here's a video from American Standard.

Thanks Home Depot  for contacting me (via Twitter @HomeDepot)   and  helping me work out the logistics of fixing all of this, thank you a lot! 


Lynette 3/22/11, 8:40 AM  

So glad your floor is all fixed now! Not looking like the 70's but have you thought of a silver more than a gray? Sorta lighten it up some? I would play with some paint samples.

Grampy 3/22/11, 10:27 AM  

The floor looks good. Glad the bathroom problems are coming to an end. Now the paint. I think you may want to think about something other than gray. Samples would definitely be good. Good luck with a color that you like.

Babes Mami 3/22/11, 10:50 AM  

I am loving that floor!

lee 3/22/11, 11:37 AM  

gorgeous floor! i was curious as to what those things were in the toilet, but the video end credits says its water wigglers. so glad your family doesn't eat playdoh!

Tara Beaulieu 3/22/11, 2:07 PM  

The floor looks great! I'm thinking that maybe now is the time to start leaning towards that turquoise color you were first considering... maybe a soft hue of it? And white accents? So glad the Depot made good on the floor. That restores my faith in them.

I-Love-Hate-America.Com 3/22/11, 3:48 PM  

Very beautiful floors! My husband has also had our bathroom renovated while I was away and the floors seem to be similar like yours.

Sue 3/22/11, 7:45 PM  

Gray floors/gray walls = a prison cell (just my opinion)

Michelle 3/22/11, 8:00 PM  

looks great! So have you tried to flush anything crazy down the toilet???

ladyjanewriter 3/23/11, 4:27 PM  

Y'know, if the toilet bowl has anything that color? See a doc. ;-)

Lin 3/23/11, 9:58 PM  

I LOVE the new floor! And I'm with you--I think I like it better than the other one. :) It's a win-win!

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