The Crazy Suburban Mom: No exceptions for prerecorded telemarketing messages, really?

Monday, March 7, 2011

No exceptions for prerecorded telemarketing messages, really?

You know when they first started the Do Not Call Registry I do believe there was a drop is annoying calls but now, ugh.  I am back to the same prerecorded horrors as before for example I get this one (Not word for word, I don't write that fast)  multiple times a month.  And sometimes a few times a day.

"Hi this is Ashley calling back in regards to your loan modification. You spoke to someone in our office and requested us to call you back if a new program is available to homeowners who are struggling or behind on their mortgage.We can help you. Please call 888 418 9813. Again that number to reach us is 888 418 9813. Thank you and have a great day "

You know what  - Ashley. First I spoke to no one in your office but your lying self already knows that.  Second, like I told the people at where I registered my number  and  report all  calls such as yours, we do not have a relationship, Ashley.  You and I, no.  We will never have a relationship. 

 Third, I'd love to tell you to stop - actually I wish I was a gypsy and I could do scads worse then that - but you call me with a prerecorded message telling me to call you  which I won't do.  I'm afraid you would take that as 'a relationship' and that brings up number four...

You seem to have not noticed that the FTC prohibits, as of September 1, 2009, telemarketers from delivering prerecorded telemarketing messages to consumers who have not previously agreed in writing to receive such calls. As of September 1, 2009, there will be no exception for prerecorded telemarketing messages – that is, messages that are directly or indirectly trying to sell a good or service – delivered to consumers with whom the seller has an established business relationship. 

The do not call list was a great idea, why I thought telemarketer's as a group would police themselves and the government would have the time, money, means and intention to do it - dunno.


Lin 3/7/11, 7:39 PM  

I thought it was just me who was getting these calls! Sometimes, if you call their number back, there is a part on their recorded answering service to remove you from their list. I've taken to calling these mofo's back now and telling them to quit calling me.

Worse yet--the ones on my cell!!! arrrrgggghhhh!

Ruth 3/8/11, 8:07 AM  

I remember hearing once that if you hit the * key repeatedly during the call the don't call you back. Something about doing that kicks your number out of their computer records.

Wish it would work for live people, there's this moron "friend" of my daughter's that calls 20+ times/day. We've told him repeatedly to stop and he won't listen.

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