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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A metric oodle of pink fluffy chenille love

The other day I posted a quick cell picture of my pink chenille blanket  (and dreamy aqua pillows).  I shot it while (guarding them with my life and) waiting to pay.  The pic is awful but I couldn't wait to document my SCORE!

pink chenille bedspread

 Today I have much better pictures, oh yeah.  I've washed it twice (OCD) and put it on my bed and I love it more then I thought possible.

pink and aqua chenille

And that's a metric oodle (and then some) of pink fluffy chenille love.  Oh. Oh. Oh. Remember this...


That's Joan.

I posted about my hamper, Joan back in October of 2009.  I found her at an estate sale.  I hemmed and hawed so long about what to do with her that I ended up not doing anything.  And that worked out perfectly because...

Pink and aqua chenille bed

Joan goes fabulously with this bedspread.

If you happened to have a hamper named Joan you need to match some bedding, weirdest thing; the little linen outlet I bought the bedspread at has a website.  The place is called the Cape May Linen Outlet and I linked the name to the page with the bedspread! 

 So if you want, and they have one left - there were maybe three - you can order a pink chenille bedspread for $7.50 like I did. And no, I'm not kidding...

  It only costs seven dollars and fifty cents!


Lindalou 3/30/11, 11:27 AM  

Loving Joan..and the fact that you named your clothes hamper. Although Joan works. Great looking bed. Nice job on the great deal.

Theres just life 3/30/11, 1:41 PM  

What a find...both the bedspread and Joan.
You were right the Aqua pillows go great with it.

Linda @ A La Carte 3/30/11, 1:54 PM  

OMG! I just ordered one of the pink bedspreads for my daybed! Love it! No pillows available but I am thrilled. Thank you so much for telling me about this. Yippee! Now I just need to find a 'Joan'...hugs, Linda

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/30/11, 2:27 PM  

Linda - Lol on the naming thing. I know :)

There's life - I love the pillows!

Linda! I had a feeling there were no pillows. I saw and bought four of them. You never know what's 'in the back' as they say but I had a feeling about them... I didn't know there was a website until I looked it up to write the post and then there it was. It's a small place - stuffed with things. So random. Like 5 of these, and 2 of these, and 20 of these.... No rhyme or reason. They have what they have kind of place.

Lin 3/30/11, 10:12 PM  

Oh, it looks lovely on the bed!! Seriously jealous.

When I was a little girl, I had a chenille bedspread with a ballerina on it. I LOVED that thing! My mom would change the winter comforter for that in the spring and summer. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) 4/1/11, 11:52 AM  

Great go-togethers... but, um... I don't think I'll come squat in your bedroom and hold laundry. Too funny... I'm not sure I've every encountered an inanimate object named Joan... not even that many people.

(Joan of Shark)

Misguided Mommy 4/5/11, 11:57 PM  

dooooood I LOVE THAT BEDDING. Love love love love. So jealous

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