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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink Chenille Heaven

I just got home from Cape May, NJ.  And I mean - Just.  My suitcases are still downstairs and I haven't even swept up the sunflower seeds that are all over on my dining room floor.  There must be three or four cups of them which makes what, a thousand seeds?

But I couldn't wait one more second to post this picture. 

pink chenille bedspread

That is totally the worst picture ever of a king-sized pink chenille bedspread and four matching (because they match in a 50's retro way) aqua chenille pillows I got at this little out of the way linen outlet.

All pink king chenille bedspreads were, wait - Are you ready for the price? Seven dollars and fifty cents and I was like, holy moly break out the depends I'm going to wet my bloomers and I'll take two.  But I didn't I only bought one.  And four aqua pillows (all they had) for the stunning price of three dollars and thirty cents each.

I think it was three thirty, although that's such an odd price I'm not sure now. 

I am going to wash the bedspread first (even though it's not used) and then am so putting that on my bed a-sap. 


Lin 3/27/11, 7:30 PM  

Dang! That was almost like stealing!! What a deal!!!

Maureen 3/27/11, 7:52 PM  

Yahoo! Bargoon!

P.S. But I'm jealous that you were at the ocean!

Vonlipi 3/27/11, 10:11 PM  

Super dooper wonderful find!

I'm soooo jealous you went to the shore ;)

I'm planning an escape for June to NH.

Theres just life 3/28/11, 12:02 AM  

And you didn't get one for me :(
Well enjoy it anyway...

Lynette 3/28/11, 8:10 AM  

OH I see a Tuna Texas Robe coming out-a-that!

Babes Mami 3/28/11, 2:31 PM  

That's awesome!

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