The Crazy Suburban Mom: Home Depot, you saved the Universe from a warp core breach...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Depot, you saved the Universe from a warp core breach...

  I've made progress on the flooring front.

Monday I posted pictures (here) of my Master Bathroom Tileage Drama because things weren't going very well. My brain, normally a dependable thing, was reacting badly to the floor; kind of the brain/floor equivalent to the matter / anti-matter reaction from Star Trek and I was afraid soon my brain would explode à la an exothermic dilithium crystal warp core breach and I would take half the known galaxy with me so it was time to save the Universe.

I mean my sanity.

The resolution came about via Twitter, of all places.  I've got to interject something about Twitter and yes, it makes sense so,  follow me.   A lot of companies have a Twitter presence; most of them don't use it.  Okay well, they use it but it's more like some sort of twenty-first century  message in a bottle.  Know what I mean?  Instead of tossing a message into the sea hoping someone will see it these companies are tossing an electronic Post-it into cyberspace and hoping it sticks to someone. 

Back to my floor.

Monday's post went up at 10:22 am and @HomeDepot tweeted me this:

... in about 10 minutes.  By Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my local Home Depot, my floor was going to be replaced.  Not fixed, replaced - And they'd seen the pictures I posted.  Everyone who'd called me after Monday's post, from Home Depot, had seen my pictures.

I learned something important.  If I'm in a situation like this again (workmanship issues)  I will take pictures from the get-go and bring them directly to the store; I wish I'd thought of that months ago.  Photographic images of what is, are the the clear, unemotional balance to  my spastic, high-pitched, You have no idea how this looks, it's a mess.  A total mess!

And that's where I am now.  Thursday I'm going to the store to pick another tile (don't ask) and probably a new toilet.  I had a plumber come after the tile install to fix this...

Who said, You probably need a new toilet - Are you thinking of remodeling?  After I stopped sobbing he explained that I should have done it when I got the tile cause I can't do it now. Didn't they tell you that?

 No.  But I didn't ask.

So since the tile's coming up again and will never. come. up. again; I'm going to look for a nice, quiet, toilet.  I will let you guys know how things pan out, for sure.

Thank you @HomeDepot you are Twitter perfection and many companies could take a lesson from you but most of all thank you for saving the Universe. It doesn't get much better then that.


Lynette 3/2/11, 11:25 AM  

so glad to hear! perfection

Lindalou 3/2/11, 12:28 PM  

So nice to hear a good Home Depot story. So far this has been the only useful Twitter info I've ever heard of.

Raven 3/2/11, 12:49 PM  

I had no idea that businesses were on Twitter. I thought it was all people like me with nothing better to do.

Tara Beaulieu 3/2/11, 3:03 PM  

Oh good, I'm so glad! I retweeted hoping that the more times it bounced out into cyberspace, the more likely someone would get back to you. :)

Now I'm worried about my toilet though. We just installed a new one but plan on doing the floor in the next 1-2 years. Why I can't we pull it up and then put it down again when we do the floor? Did the plumber tell you???

Babes Mami 3/2/11, 5:41 PM  

I was really surprised but when I had trouble with fedex I tweeted a few times and got several people who offered to help and now I get my package in my hands not left wherever the driver sees fit and not bothering to let me in on the secret!

Yay for floors getting replaced!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/2/11, 6:25 PM  

Tara, You can take the toilet in and out if you haven't done a floor - but once you do the floor you can't take the toilet back out.

It will ruin the tile job.

Know what I mean? You can get the toilet first and then do the floor but I don't think you can do the floor and then do the toilet later because once the floor is done you can't remove the toilet.

There is probably some play in this with a fairly new floor before the grout color changes over time...but it doesn't make sense if you're planning on getting a new toilet anyway.

Lin 3/2/11, 10:41 PM  


Grampy 3/3/11, 8:43 AM  

I have always liked Home Depot. Nice to hear a good story about them. Good luck with the bathroom.

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