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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The current state of kerfufflement

I have to start all over with the bathroom and I don't even know where to go with that knowledge; except perhaps a swan dive into my Xanax bottle.   I already had so much picked out; paint: A warm gray, and even started painting several months ago.  That got cut short when I realized the floor wasn't sealed and if I - Make that when I spilled, the floor would become permanently dappled  with warm gray. 

The color scheme was set based on these river stones and this marble ... Don't remember what it's called - Door thingamabob.


The plan was that stuff above, warm gray walls with aqua accents and a few shots of some sort of green, most likely a muted acid green. 

Buh-bye to all that.

I'm picking new tiles later, somehow those tiles were never meant for use in areas with a lot of water so how they ended up in my bathroom flanking my shower and tub, a mystery. 

That puts me back to T-Minus Migraine.  I  had a hard time deciding on that combination and the awful part is I don't  have Plan B or Plan C because Plan B and C were not meant for wet areas either and how that happened I can't even imagine.

That I was doing a bathroom was no secret as in, Would you put a wood or cork floor in a bathroom, because clearly I know nothing...And when the answer was, I wouldn't...I moved on to my top three choices.  

Once choice was a glass tile not meant for floors which left the top two.  I picked one but ultimately  it didn't matter as neither was meant for wet areas which means I would have been better off with wood or cork ... Which accounts for my current state of kerfufflement. 

 So what do I do now?

No really, what?   I have to come up with something  by this evening besides a migraine and I haven't a thought in my head beyond the desire to eat compulsively.  I wonder if Candice Olsen has a 911 number....

If you have any thoughts on this, please. Oh! Please pass them my way.



Lynette 3/3/11, 8:18 AM  

easy fix
#1 pick you most suburban housewife outfit
#2 drive to home depot
#3 go inside to bathroom or tile area
#4 carefully lay down on floor
#6 someone will be there shortly to help you with all you questions.

Babes Mami 3/3/11, 10:19 AM  

Lynette has a very good plan lol

Leah 3/3/11, 11:13 AM  

Do you read 320 Sycamore? She posted waterproof wood flooring in her bathroom just today.*+Sycamore%29&utm_content=Google+Reader
She got it from HD too!!!

Carole Anne Carr 3/3/11, 12:56 PM  

Never cork in a bathroom. Wood if it's laminated - waterproof - it looks great in my bathroom.

Lin 3/6/11, 10:36 PM  

Oh no! Now you have to pick something else?????


We just have boring old ceramic in ours. I hope you don't have to resort to that. I would think wood or cork would not be a good choice.

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