The Crazy Suburban Mom: A cluttered week end round up

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A cluttered week end round up

1. Books, books, books and more books - Honestly, where are they all coming from because, I'll tell you a little sumpin sumpin  I buy very few these penny pinching days.  About a decade and a half ago I was buying books from Amazon a few times a month plus dropping in on Borders to have coffee and see what they had laying around that I couldn't live without.

Now I get a lot free on PaperbackSwap and when I say a lot I don't mean a lot of books I mean the bulk of anything new (term used loosely) that's shows up here.

This weekend I started a global to-do list which is not to say I've made a list that I think everyone on Earth should participate in but it's a list I started without censoring myself.  So things like dye my hair and work out the toilet issue are on the same list.  I will funnel down to different lists I suppose but for now I wanted an idea of everything I needed to do.

But to the books, I've resisted buying (too many) eBooks for a whole variety of reasons; the main one being I can not trade them or pass them to someone else when I'm done but for someone who hoards books that's just flawed and the only physical books I should purchase are the kind that are not mainly print ( like craft books).

 I think it will take me some time to get used to primarily reading on the iTouch and I will be sad. I like books but seeing my stuffed shelves and knowing they are thinking, "YOU SLOB!" is a bit unnerving.    It also makes me wish I'd gone to eBooks two years ago.

2.  Overwhelmed -   I feel overwhelmed with stuff today and I'm not blind; I see the hoarding shows.  I'm no where near a reality intervention but man.  I bet I could get rid of three-quarters of the stuff here and not even know what's gone.  In an effort to see the glass half-full I will say I am thankful  I don't hoard cats.

3.   Possible? -   Do you think it's possible to get rid of three quarters of your stuff or do you use that much of your stuff... Do you think?  I bet I use less then 20% of the stuff I have...   



Lynette 3/6/11, 6:55 PM  

I do love books but I read and release...sorta like a wildlife program. LOL
I would love to unload 20% to 50% of my stuff...but think it would send my family into a heart failure. They are all keepers and I am not.

Babes Mami 3/6/11, 9:02 PM  

I go through our stuff all the time and regularly donate to shelters so we for the most part use what we have. I do have stuff in the closet I can't part with but it's only a couple of boxes!

Lin 3/7/11, 7:42 PM  

This time of year I go through every drawer, every closet and TOSS! I am really good about getting rid of things I don't use anymore.

I just got an email from a blog pally who is getting rid of books to whoever wants them. She included a list and the offer. I asked for a couple and offered a few of mine in return. I'm hoping I can ditch a few or the local library is gettin' them!

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