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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking of going into the install business...

I have a bunch of stuff that doesn't make a whole post so here you go in no particular order of importance.

1.  Hair dye - I got some dye your hair, girl! feedback yesterday so yep! I am going to dye my hair but I don't know what to do.  My hair has been every color already so I'm going through the good, the bad and the ridiculous in my head as I write this.

In case you think I'm exaggerating about the every color thing - I've been evergreen. I've been Ronald McDonald Red.  I've been a truly lovely burgundy.  I meant EVERY COLOR.  I didn't always get what I wanted but I always made a statement.   I'm going for something naturally occurring this time.


2.  Canned Fruit - I went to buy canned fruit yesterday.  I read cans.  Now all of them say Product of China.  And I'm talking big brands and, um did you guys know the cans say that 'cause I didn't.  I want my pineapples grown in Hawaii cause if I can't afford to go to Hawaii I want to live out my Hula Fantasies through my  canned fruit, man. 

3.  Hip Hip Hurray!  - The snow has melted down to a little and it's shorter then my dog.  Down to her Hip Hips...So get out the bathing suits can summer be far behind?

4.  CVS 75% off make-up sale - Last month I tried a lot of new things and they told me they do that about every six months so Holy Drag Queen, Batman!  I will be saving up for the next one.    I was in there yesterday and they had added one more 75% item. Booya!  Rimmel Royal Gloss Delicious Lipgloss for $1.62 (Which I think puts them at about $6.50 retail.)  I bought about eight of them.  As to the delicious part, I don't know - I'd say sweet - but I like them a lot (for $1.62).  The colors are great, they are more liquidy then sticky and very silky, they last well for something that isn't sticky as being not sticky is a double-edged sword, and they apply straight from the tube - no germy applicator.  If you can find them for that price, do.

5. Weekly Weight Loss Update -  Thanks everyone for the nice things you said about my fat fit the other day and yes, I am back on Weight Watchers Points Plus , firmly so.  And what a relief.   I decided to do the Simply Filling Technique (here is a link if you're not familiar ).  I did the core plan when it was a plan and was successful with it.  It's easier for me and doesn't involve counting points for the most part.  You only count for foods not on the list of Power Foods.   Like my coffee creamers, for example.

It's also more varied (read: livable)  then  the core plan because there are more foods on that list (read: bread and fat-free half and half)  You just use your weekly points allowance for whatever else you want and that is now higher.

6. I'm cracking up  - Remember this from back in November?


I was having a bathroom floor installed and walked in to find the toilet sitting in my tub.  Shiver me germy timbers, right?  Anyway the bathroom floor started cracking almost immediately.  I tried to pretend it wasn't happening for quite some time but it is, it really is.  I finally called to have 'an inspector' come who said, Yep.  Cracking.  He also said it wasn't sealed properly which makes sense.  You shouldn't have to scrub eye shadow off a properly sealed tile floor. And then there is that wet spot that won't dry in front of the shower that I try not to look at.... So now I am dreading what is to come.  Which I fear will look a lot like that picture.  Again.  I'm ill. 

7.  The Kitchen Sink - Remember this monstrosity?


That is the bottom of my kitchen sink and in case you were wondering about the color, it's white.  I have the money to change it and went to Home Depot asked how much the install was and was told um, I can't remember.  I have the paper somewhere when the Depot lady called and asked for me - but to do the sink, a new faucet and replace the garbage disposal was two hundred something.  So I go pick out a sink and a faucet and don't buy because well I don't remember why but I had the install company call me who then says it's Four-hundred-fifty freaking dollars. 

Well she didn't say freaking dollars - that was my editorial comment - And I say, are you sure because I was told two something, this is a drop in sink you don't have to dynamite the counter top or anything.  "Yep!" she cheerfully told me.  Yep, yep, yep that's the price!

  Now don't even get me started because the top of my head is about to blow off and hey! I used a Home Depot contractor to do my bathroom floor.  FYI....

I actually think I'm going to call the plumber down the street, tell him how much money I have to the penny, what I want and ask him if he can do it for that because I am so over that sink and install prices.  What do you guys think?


Babes Mami 2/16/11, 11:07 AM  

$450?!?!?! Watch a youtube video and make the boy help you lol

Vonlipi 2/16/11, 12:35 PM  

Go talk to your neighborhood plumber, I'm sure you can work something out.

Here I have snow up to my pits (arm pits that is)....sheesh!

Go girl go! That's me sending you positive energy for Weight Watchers!

Tara Beaulieu 2/16/11, 1:34 PM  

OMG what a rip off on that price! I agree- watch some videos and do the the sink install yourself0 then call on your neighbor to do the disposal part.

FYI- Homey D installed our flooring and our doors (with 3rd party contractors) and we had the flooring company come back to repair a section that was not quite right. Home Depot will make it right for free for a solid year after install.

And if you don't want the same guys back again, pitch a hissy and Home Depot might just find a different contractor to come clean up the mess!

dddiva 2/16/11, 6:04 PM  

Sounds like effin Lowes- a door was more to install than the dang thing cost AND they would NOT sell it to us until we paid for THEIR GUY to come measure because obviously we are so stupid we can't read a freakin' tape measure. This btw cost an additional $125. HD was the same. Living with my pos door for now. *rolls eyes* I get I am trapped in AR for the moment, but c'mon a second grader can read a dang tape measure. It's insane.

Good luck with the WW- you can do it!

ladyjanewriter 2/16/11, 7:32 PM  

I would just mentally blank out the sink, so I'm no help.

But I adore that Rimmel lip gloss! On sale, it's so cheap, and so cute! Pink Taffy is a nice color, as is Cookie.

Lynette 2/17/11, 12:01 PM  

Did you know Home Depot is on Twitter? And they listen there....and hate customer complaints. We have posted on twitter and had a call from the store manager in 15 minutes turn around time....honestly......
Go RANT now!

Lindalou 2/18/11, 10:47 AM  

I've found a local plumber that I like very much. We do this thing where I pay him in cash and I get a discount. It's saved me a couple hundred on the new water heater and softner that I had to have installed last year.

Just an idea.

I want to try that lip gloss. I hate sticky.

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