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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

smack me with a shovel and call me a fish stick

Woke up this morning to - No! Fooled you! Not the daily Winter Storm Warning I've come to know and love but something new and different.

Why it's an An Ice Storm Warning.

Well, smack me with a shovel and call me a fish stick, I thought snow was a giant pain.  Yet another useful a lesson from The Universe reminding me - Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.  

So Universe, Thank you so very much for not covering NJ with snow this morning and in the future I will be more specific.

In case you live where it's warm and sunny are are yukking it up about my misfortune with The Universe here is how Weatherdotcom describes an ice storm.


(They suggest that ) TRAVEL ( is)  DANGEROUS OR IMPOSSIBLE. (and)  IF I MUST TRAVEL... (I should) KEEP AN EXTRA FLASHLIGHT... FOOD (and I don't think they mean the onion rings under my car seat)... AND WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.

 I've decided to breath deeply and take the artistic approach.


Ginger however ...


...finds nothing remotely artistic about it and she's up to, well frankly, everywhere with this winter.


Margaret Almon 2/2/11, 10:22 AM  

Yeah, I wasn't impressed when my husband said there was going to be 7/10 of an inch of ice falling overnight, until he explained that this is huge, and indeed it's a sheet of ice out on our street. Blech. Winter in PA is a monster this year.

Tara Beaulieu 2/2/11, 10:54 AM  

I woke up this morning to "Maaaaa! The door is leaking!" Apparently the mountain of ice on my roof and gutters is making the currently downpouring rain roll inwards and my 1 year old sliding glass door is leaking at a rapid rate- in 5 different spots. I am SO ready to buy a condo in Florida. Who's with me?!

Da Dude 2/2/11, 11:07 AM  

1 inch of ice - 2 feet of snow with 5 foot drifts?

2 feet of snow with 5 foot drifts - 1 inch of ice?

Let me see...

Hello from Chicago!

Vonlipi 2/2/11, 2:39 PM  

Hang in there! In 1998 in Quebec we had a major ice storm and were out of electricity for 11 days and out of our house too. Major crap fest!

Some people on the south shore were without power for more than a month.

Keep some protein bars handy, blankets,flaslight and water in the car if you have to travel

Oh a shovel and traction aids wouldn't hurt either!

Babes Mami 2/2/11, 5:37 PM  

Ice storms are terrible but it makes everything so pretty! It was like 50 here today, I checked the weather for my grandma and it was -10 lol...quite the difference!

Lin 2/2/11, 9:42 PM  

Dear Ginger,

We got 20.2 freaking inches of SNOW yesterday! And like you, even I don't want to go out in it. And Hobbes?? Well, he won't even look out the windows at it.

I'm done with winter too.

The Budget Diet 2/3/11, 5:42 PM  

We're even freezing in Houston, TX! School is closed tomorrow because it MIGHT sleet or snow about 1". I guess it should be expected when our average high this time of year is 65 degrees...oh how I miss it!

lee 2/3/11, 5:46 PM  

hate to be a buzzkill but don't forget to bring some blankets and something with a lid you can pee in. oh, and something to read or maybe some knitting.

Six Feet Under Blog 2/4/11, 2:45 PM  

Not sure whats worse, ice storms or snow storms!

beth 2/4/11, 3:05 PM  

The ice seems so much more dangerous to me than the snow, but it sure looks "purty" in your pictures!

Kim Moldofsky 2/4/11, 11:09 PM  

Ha, I'm with Da Dude. It was insane here in Chicago, but your ice doesn't sound like much fun. Lovely pic, though.

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