The Crazy Suburban Mom: New Jersey Sunday Assorted

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Jersey Sunday Assorted

One of the things I love about New Jersey is...

004 don't have to go very far...

053 feel...

Long Narrow Trees

as if you've gone someplace completely different.

Cape May, NJ Dunes

I love that, I really do.


Maureen 2/6/11, 12:04 PM  

Here too!

Time to change your header because January is GONE!!! Yeah!

Carole Anne Carr 2/6/11, 12:20 PM  

I'm in England, but interested because an editor friend of mine lives there, so anything to do with your state. :0)

Babes Mami 2/6/11, 1:59 PM  

Love the pictures!

Did you get my email about the cookbooks?

Hope you are feeling a little better!

Lin 2/6/11, 9:58 PM  

That's why we like where we live as well. I'm minutes away from the clover-leaf that takes us wherever we want to go!!!! It's good to be able to escape.

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