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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let me extrapolate

I mentioned subscribing to Good Housekeeping Magazine yesterday in my Crazy Suburban Mom 2010 Favorites but I wanted to give you an example of why I love it so - and yeah, why you should subscribe.  I really, really think so and no.  No one is paying me or subscribing me for free. 

This is the wall beside my stove and tacked up is a page from Good Housekeeping.

The current magazine has a big cooking focus and Whoopdeedo!  I was all over it like a woman on a family-sized bowl of pasta who'd been low carbing for six months.  You can check part of it (  Cook Like a Chef  ) at their site.  I've ripped out those pages already; actually I've ripped out so many the magazine looks a lot like packing material but this is what I wanted to show you ...


That's hanging on my wall  and I know, impossible to see.  Here's a close up of the money shot.

It says, How to make a perfect sauce,  but it's really a template for a metric butt ton of perfect pantry recipes.  Think about it...   Do the first, move to the second, then number three... Buy the time you get to the end .... You have dinner.  Which is what I did last night.


I have no pictures.  After I tasted it, and tasted it again I was pretty much, No way, did I make this - Let me try that again.  It was all over. I added a squeeze of lemon at the end because I didn't have wine and with the  sherry it needed something acidy to brighten it up.

This template is perfection in six steps using only what I had rotting in my fridge way back behind the yogurt, east of Gdansk.  Not that that's a pretty thought but you know what I mean.

Oh! And hey! I cooked the chicken in a pan I could put into the oven so it was a one pot dinner. This was really, really good.  Nay! Très supérieure because only French captures how good it was...

Plus it couldn't be easier or more customizable based on what's about to turn green and die (Unless it's already green in which case it will turn brown and ooze) back in the scary reaches of your fridge. This will stay on my wall forever.

Or at least until it's etched forever in my mind.


Babes Mami 2/1/11, 12:13 PM  

So easy even I can do it!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 2/1/11, 12:19 PM  

LOL! That's kind of how I felt!


Lynette 2/1/11, 4:18 PM  

Oh I am so stealing this and printing it up to go on my wall too!

Kim Moldofsky 2/4/11, 11:08 PM  

This sounds like a great find!

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