The Crazy Suburban Mom: Home Depot, don't make me call Judge Judy!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Depot, don't make me call Judge Judy!

 I had a new floor put in my bathroom back in November and for the most part I was really excited...  This part freaked me out quite a lot...


And I was also peeved when the work guy called from HOME DEPOT on his way to my house to inform me, Whoopsiedaisy! Home Depot miscalculated the price of the job and I'd need to cough up another few hundred smackeroos if I wanted him to pick up the supplies and hop on over and start the job.

Okay, peeved isn't the right word because I almost told work guy, Go ahead and lay your smackeroos instead of my tiles.... but I coughed instead.

The job was done and I was supposed to paint the room but a funny thing happened on the way to the painting job.


Why is that cracking around the edges I see?


And staining?


And cracking AND staining?


And I don't know what this is because it's either staining or an evil wet spot.


And now there is cracking around random tiles, mid-room.

It's warrantied but I am having a heck of a time getting something done.  The company sent an inspector who said, Oh. Floor. Wrong on so many levels... But now the company is saying, Well, that guy doesn't do tile.    

Why they sent a non-tile guy to inspect my tile, beyond me.

Plus they didn't think his pictures were close up enough.... I've done some close ups to help  

And tile company  (sent by  Home Depot)  since you're not willing to take your own inspector's opinion, heck I feel right at home giving mine.   I agree with your non-tile inspector (fyi: a monkey would).   I am pretty sure the original work guy used a grout seal and not a tile/grout seal.  He also did not allow the grout to cure adequately.  And one coat on a porous surface  is never going to cut it.  I also asked him to use a product recommended by Home Depot, which I had,  and he said I could if I wanted to, but he was pretty much using what he had.

I also think he didn't add a product needed to make the grout flexible, a flexible mortar - hence the cracking. 

My tile floor is pretty much just an unsealed, cracking, stained mess. Period.  And there might be even more going on with it underneath.   

 I have a one year warranty on the work which is being eaten up by things  like sending inspectors whose work they then decide not to value or like this weekend they made an appointment with me and when the guy is on his way they decide to cancel it because there might be "a language barrier."

Home Depot, help me with your install company before Judge Judy does, please?

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OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 2/28/11, 11:18 AM  

Wowie ~ feel your pain!! Stick to your guns and hope something gets done soon!! That is so wrong on so many levels ~ come on Home Depot - get your act together!!

Babes Mami 2/28/11, 12:04 PM  

They better get on it! That is absolutely ridiculous!

Tara Beaulieu 2/28/11, 12:14 PM  

I hope you've got this up on Twitter and are sending at them!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 2/28/11, 12:18 PM  

Ollie - honestly it gets worse every day and my warranty ticks away

Babes - Seriously.

Tara - They contacted me about 15 minutes after this posted, no lie. I am afraid to get my hopes up because I already contacted the store once and the store kinda pointed me back in the direction of the install company...after saying yep. "I'd be screaming bloody murder too" but maybe. Just maybe that actual company as opposed to the individual store can resolve the issue in a more gestaltean way.

SwapSavers 2/28/11, 7:15 PM  

That is awful for so many different reasons.

I suggest writing a letter to the CEO of Home Depot--you can find the information here:

If you don't hear a response I would file a compliant with the Better Business Bureau.

I have had to do both in the past for other businesses and experienced a positive resolution.

Good Luck!

Lin 3/2/11, 10:40 PM  

OH NO!! BUMMER! I hope they fix it. :( You let me know if you need help--I'm an action girl with things like this now. Just ask Target.

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