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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dr. Evil and the Filofax

Yesterday's contemplation about starting an installation business got me thinking about a few things.  First, it's a goldmine.  Second, it's a goldmine.  Third, yes.  It's a goldmine.   Forth, skill is relative and boils down to a big truck and hey! Have you seen my  Chrysler Town and Country?  There are multi-family homes smaller then that thing.

Here's the but - Sadly, fifth you seem to need a contract with a big company for any of those things to matter.

But it got me thinking in a different directions and yes, I'm sorry it's the planner thing again but follow me here.  Whenever I have to call a company there are notes everywhere.  I write them on anything around; two days ago I wrote important bathroom flooring information on last years Ikea catalog and I didn't find top floor guy's name or the guy who will come fix my floor because he's the guy who really knows how to install floors which I almost wish I didn't know because just knowing that bunches my already wadded up panties as in, Why didn't really knowing guy install in the first place....  Cleansing breath...  And out...  Until the catalog turned up this morning.

I been playing with my Filofax Portland Personal Planner for a while....

Filofax Love

Mostly taking beautiful softly lit  pictures of her and pondering, Why the heck doesn't she work for me?

moleskine covered with vintage hawaiian menu art  with vintage cruise menu peeking out at corner

Then I'd play with an artfully decorated Moleskine which also doesn't' work.   See my phone up there; it's backless. The back just vanished one day.  *Poof* Gone.  What's up with that?  I thought maybe I needed a different size Filofax, or a different set of pages, or I don't know. Something.  Always something different.

I realized exactly what I'm doing wrong this morning when I found that old Ikea Catalog; the planners aren't working for me because they aren't set up for me, what I need.  There is no way a planner will ever work - Well, for me for sure but perhaps - for anyone without a LOT of customization.  And with that I put in the first section I really need.  I know that because I always need this section.

filofax #fail section

The #Fail Section

Problems arise with companies all the time and I need a central location to put the information.  What number do I call if I have to call back so I don't have to sit through the promts again?  Who helped me and who didn't?  I need a place to keep those ridiculously long confirmation numbers - I got at least three from Fios this week alone. 

I thought about calling the section The Hall of Shame but it's too long for the tab and #Fail is so much more twenty-first century.

The next section I will make is the flip side to this because there are resolutions to the problems that come up and I want to know the name and number of the person who resolves my problems as well as people who have been good to work with from the get-go.  

I think I will end up with a working planner - Finally. I'll let you know as it evolves...


Lynette 2/17/11, 2:02 PM  

I am so there....confirmation numbers, phone numbers, operators you can never reach again....end up just being really 'witchy' and gosh....they all want to help me FAST!

Babes Mami 2/17/11, 4:43 PM  

You and your planner! I make notes on random things and then put everything into my phone. Which backfires when your son drops your phone in the potty and you have no way to get the notes out!

lee 2/17/11, 6:51 PM  

i use plain typing paper labeled with the company name and put all my scribbles pertaining to the issue on that. after each call, i go back and add any important details. i will also draw boxes around each segment of information. then i stick them in a clear page protector and stick an adhesive label on it to identify it. the next time i have to work on that subject, i just pull out that stack and work on it. a page protector will hold about 10 sheets of paper, which is more than enough. the good thing is i can stash it in a 3 ring binder when i'm completely finished and just stick it on a shelf. works for me.

Misguided Mommy 2/17/11, 11:33 PM  

i only know how to plan in my phone. but next to my computer i have this

its a paper mouspad with 60 sheets. i scribble on it while I work, answer phones etc. the dates go in my phone but everything else goes here. at the end of a week or so i tear it off and write anything important in my phone or somewhere it belongs. total genius to buy it eliminates having a million sticky notes, or searching for paper, because my mousepad never moves

here are the others, i love the random dawdle one

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