The Crazy Suburban Mom: Wet n' Wild 2011 ColorIcon Eyeshadow Giveaway! (and sale)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wet n' Wild 2011 ColorIcon Eyeshadow Giveaway! (and sale)

I've been looking for these eye shadows for weeks!


Those are the six Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Palettes, new for 2011 and let me tell you; Not. Easy. To. Find.

After going to two drugstores daily for two weeks, score!  Gingerly, I handed my loves to the cashier who...shook?  Is she really shaking my Coloricons - just standing still?  She had Parkinson's Disease - or something along those lines - and  promptly dropped two of my coveted shadows on the tile floor.  And they broke, along with my heart. 

The thing about these shadows is they are so, OH! SO! Smooth!  Practically creamy.  They feel Beauteous. Silky. Luscious.  Of course that's the upside.

The downside is don't drop them or they will crumble like Humpty Dumpty having his great fall.  I shrieked, fainted and then asked the lady in make-up for more.   Nope.   Wet N' Wild  sent two per store.  

Two, really? 

I must have gotten there right after they put the display out (that first picture is the display and yep, two of each) and decided to take them all; who knows how many would be cracked by the time I got to my car, right?

Anyway -  A few are very right for me.  I love I Dream of Greenie, I'm Getting Sunburned, and Silent Treatment is great although not perfect for me.  I'm working with it, it's one of the cracked one's so I'm keeping it. Haven't tried Spoiled Brat yet - but that one cracked too.   Now these....

I Got Good Jeans
good jeans

and I'm Feeling Retro

I'm Feeling Retro

Who want's to win them?

I got them because I was caught up in the moment but really, they aren't my colors and the nice shaky lady didn't drop them so I decided to give these two away because they are so hard to find and according to the beauty Guru's on Youtube ; very, very popular.  

If you want to win both of them comment below (AND YOU CAN COMMENT ONCE EVERY DAY) and tell me your favorite Wet N' Wild makeup product.  I wear a lot of them and some of my favorites are the Ultimate Sheer tinted moisturizer , the Brow Kit, the Mega Last Lip Color, and the Color Icon Blusher.

The contest will end January 31, 2011 9:00 PM eastern. The contest is open to anyone.  The items are light and I will ship anywhere, YAY!

Ginger will monitor the contest.  While she cares nothing about eyeshadow...


 She loves bright colors...

If anyone wants to BUY THE SECOND SET THERE IS A CONTACT LINK AT THE TOP.  The colors are I Dream of Greenie, I’m Feeling Retro, I Got Good Jeans, I’m Getting Sunburned, Silent Treatment and Spoiled Brat and I have an extra perfect set - I kept the cracked ones.  If someone wants to buy them click my contact link at the top of my page.  I will sell them for $26 (inc. postage US) or $35 (inc. postage Canada) using paypal.  If no one wants them I will eBay them.


Lynette 1/18/11, 11:23 AM  

well gosh not that i wear much make up ever....but college girl does...and those are cool colors.
the jeans would match every outfit right. and purple is her school color so gosh can do that too. yes i am entering with a bump of the hip that i did say you was my bbff today......wink wink.

Heather 1/18/11, 11:25 AM  

Lip gloss. I love Wet n Wild! That stuff has flair.

Vonlipi 1/18/11, 2:26 PM  

OMG! Make-up! lol I wanna win! Imagine if they're hard to find in the U.S...they would be impossible to find in Canada!

My fave wet'n'wild product? I'm torn really, I've always loved,loved,loved their nail polish but I've discovered the Wild Shine lip lacker and am smitten with it. :)

ladyjanewriter 1/18/11, 7:29 PM  

I love the IdolEyes cream eyeshadow pencil in Pixie. I've switched off to a Revlon Illuminance Creme shadow, but that pencil is amazing as both an eye brightener and a cheap alternative to primer.

The Color Icon Trio "Knock on Wood" is beautiful, by the way. I also managed to score the Color Icon Palette in Sin.

I'm floored at how much better quality the Wet N' Wild stuff is compared to the 80's formulations. I started watching drugstore beauty vlogs on YouTube because I'm wearing makeup for work, and wanted cheap stuff to wear with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - I figured spend on that, save on eyeshadow.

Edsie 1/19/11, 11:12 AM  
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Edsie 1/19/11, 11:13 AM  

A friend once gave me a Mega Mixers Flavored Lip Balm and an Ulitmate Minerals Blush.. and I so love it!! I haven't tried their eyeshadows yet so I'd like to win this much. :)

HH 1/19/11, 4:15 PM  

I like the iSparkle eyeshadow!

basil_wild (at) hotmail (d0t) com

Rachael 1/19/11, 6:38 PM  

I love Wet 'n Wild's eyeliners in all colors!

Carli 1/19/11, 6:57 PM  

I love their nail polish, always have, always will!

Carli Karren-

Lin 1/19/11, 8:59 PM  

OOoooh, I want in on this one, pally! Put my name in the bucket!

And please give Ginger a smoochie for me. :) I love Ginger and her smiley face.

Clarissa 1/20/11, 1:00 AM  

Count me in!I love the red velvet mega last lip color!


Laurel Santiago 1/20/11, 1:49 AM  

My favorite Wet N Wild product is their nail polish, but I really love all of it. It's been years since I've had any of their eyeshadow, but I had tons of it when I was a teenager.

ceemee 1/20/11, 3:53 AM  

Those are so lovely! Love the word engraved on the eyeshadow itself. And the color names are so cute!

Ginger 1/20/11, 5:52 AM  

I love Wet n' Wild too! My all time favorite is their Black Nailpolish :)

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Miss Prissy 1/20/11, 7:31 PM  

I looooove wet n wild products! I'd have to say that I live by my brow kit from wet n wild.

Caroline Ng May Ling 1/21/11, 7:04 AM  

I wanted to be in this too! :)

i love their nail polish the most! :D

Babes Mami 1/21/11, 3:43 PM  

OOOOooooo!!! My favorite red polish is actually from wet n wild! And I'm loving the stuff I got!

lilbabygirl2021 1/21/11, 5:05 PM  

i don't buy wetandwi the ld but i saw the Wet n Wild "Spoiled Brat one and i wantd it!

ladyjanewriter 1/21/11, 9:55 PM  

For people who haven't tried the Wet N' Wild eyeshadows since high school (esp. if your HS days were in the 80's), you will be FLOORED at how good their eyeshadows are these days.

Nicely pigmented, really smooth and kind of velvety for a drugstore eyeshadow. Blend well, interesting colors.

apple 1/22/11, 6:09 AM  

I love Wet n Wild lipsticks! They're so pigmented and costs small too.

Babes Mami 1/22/11, 9:27 PM  

I'm on a 'no you can not buy more makeup' freeze from Chris lol so I can't buy them. :[

Gabriele Agustini 1/23/11, 8:23 AM  

What fun!!
Fabulous color! But Ginger stole the show. :)
Good luck to us all!

Prettynelly 1/23/11, 8:38 AM  

I like the color icon blush in berry shimmer

Babes Mami 1/23/11, 10:23 AM  

I just remembered! How to fix shadows, take some rubbing alcohol, add enough with a dropper to make a paste and spread in the makeup pan it came in and let sit overnight. The alcohol will evaporate and you will be left with non crumbly shadow!

HH 1/23/11, 5:51 PM  

Their nailpolish is awesome!

basil_wild (at) hotmail (d0t) com

Three Fates 1/24/11, 2:20 PM  

So I have been trying to avoid entering this giveaway because I may or may not have a strange obsession with eye shadow, but I can't resist, these are great. I love wet n wild's lip gloss as well as their nail polish.

Mommys-like-glitter2 1/24/11, 2:43 PM  

I love these new trios from Wet n Wild, I have Spoiled Brat and can't wait to get more. Love them!

Babes Mami 1/24/11, 6:50 PM  

I am really loving tha purple/teal/white retro one. I'm going to have to go visit Walgreens and CVS...just to look...since I'm on a ban. Unless I must have them.

Cindy 1/27/11, 3:14 PM  

The megalast lip color is my favorite! Love these shadows, too!

Babes Mami 1/28/11, 6:19 PM  

Stopping by to say 'heeeeeeey'

Babes Mami 1/29/11, 6:21 PM  

Me again! Today was a bad day, two people in my husbands family passed away. Stopping by to see you.

Babes Mami 1/31/11, 10:22 AM  

Why would they only send two to each store or something? I haven't check walgreens yet but I feel like they must think 'Stephanie is on a makeup spending freeze so don't even bother sending any to her town.'

Nancy 1/31/11, 12:24 PM  

I like the Color Icon Blusher.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Babes Mami 1/31/11, 7:41 PM  

why break the habit of commenting constantly?

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