The Crazy Suburban Mom: storing Little Debbie snack cakes, sub sandwiches, and wheels of cheese for the winter

Friday, January 7, 2011

storing Little Debbie snack cakes, sub sandwiches, and wheels of cheese for the winter

I know.  I posted today about decluttering but I have to write something about Vitamin D.  I recently posted (here) that when my level was checked (blood test) it was low.

I've since learned that low wasn't the correct medical term because where I am, at 11 is...Okay, I don't know the precise medical term for as low as it is so I'm going to call it supercalifragilisticexpialidociously low and call it a day.

I'm bringing this up again because even though it will likely take months (and perhaps months and months and months) for my level to creep it's way back up I feel better just having taken the first Vitamin D (prescription) pill.

I had not been feeling well at all and I was really tired.  Come 6 o'clock in the evening I was all about how soon I could go to bed without someone making fun of me.  Since taking the supplement I've made it until at least 8 every night and once later then that.   I know that doesn't sound like a big deal to you but the week-end before I went to the doctor I seriously wanted to go to bed at four in the afternoon.

For the last few years I've had eczema; went to the dermatologist and he gave me a ton of things to try as I was back and forth a million times because I thought I'd lose my mind itching.

I was wrong by the way, you don't lose your mind itching; you just want too.   Nothing worked except some steroid that I use when I'm near bolting from the house screaming. 

It's better.  It's not gone but it's better for the first time is years.

Oddly, my gums look better too and they were looking pretty raggy.

But here's the most bizarre thing - if you forget about me bolting from the house screaming which yeah, pretty bizarre -   I have been unable to stop eating for months.  It's like I was hungry all the time, even when I was so full I thought I'd pop like...  Well, never mind pop like what.

Once I took the Vitamin D supplement it's like I had some sort of normal hunger/full thing thing. 

Want to know what it was like?  Pretend you're a squirrel and the day's get shorter and a message goes to you're fuzzy gray brain - Nuts, store nuts for the winter! 

And as the days get shorter and shorter; your nuts get bigger and bigger...  Um.  That doesn't sound right but you know what I mean...  It's evolution for the lean cold times ahead.

Well I think the same things happened to me in a kinda sorta way.  My Vitamin D levels dropped  and my body took this to mean less hours of sunlight - ergo the days were getting shorter and I should eat more for lean times of winter. 

Instead of this whole thing leveling off my body kept doing the human equivalent of storing nuts for the winter because my Vitamin D level kept getting lower and instead of storing nuts in a tree I was storing Little Debbie snack cakes, sub sandwiches, and wheels of cheese in my big fat ass.

I had two semesters at college I'll have you know but I'm no scientist so this may be so off the mark that researchers everywhere are pointing and laughing but, wow.  All I can say is. Wow. Oh and...

Have you had your vitamin D level checked yet?


Pam Griffis 1/7/11, 11:39 AM  

Just took my daughter to the doctor yesterday for her eczema. He suggested that we try a new lotion on the market. I thought I would pass it on to you. So far it seems to be providing some relief. The website is

Hope it helps.

Da Dude 1/7/11, 2:44 PM  

You've led a to sheltered life. Get out in the sun. Frolic in the snow naked (LOL) to absorb the sun's light. Make your own vitamin D.

I eat a lot of red meat and my doctor has me taking iron pills. She says I'm amnesiac. I mean anemic. Well, I'm a be amnesic also.

Any way, I forgot what I was goig to say.

Have great day.

Lin 1/7/11, 10:09 PM  

Low Vitamin D levels cannot necessarily be brought up by going outside, Big Guy or Dude Guy. It is very common in the Midwest to have low Vitamin D because Mother Nature does not provide enough sunshine for us in the winter. We literally can go 30 days with no sunshine and so our doctors have to test for deficiencies regularly here.

ladyjanewriter 1/8/11, 12:19 AM  

Can they do this at like a walk-in clinic or something? I think I have this.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/8/11, 6:22 AM  

Thanks Pam I will give it a look see

DaDude - Too late for the sun at this point as lin said.

Lin - Sad but true and if you're overweight you store more rather then circulating it ... and its generally lower then normal

Ladyjane - possible, because its only a blood test. I dont see why not

Maureen 1/8/11, 12:16 PM  

If you weren't suffering, this is a funny post!

The Budget Diet 1/8/11, 12:39 PM  

Makes me want to go out and buy some vitamin D!

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