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Saturday, January 15, 2011

So yeah, I don't do it right but it works

I'm having some family over tomorrow and made egg salad for  many.  I used a baker's dozen of eggs.

I going to post the recipe since it's easy,  I love it and making hard boiled eggs seems to be a matter of contention.

Based on everything I've read I don't do it right and I don't know what to say about that.  It just works for me.  It always works. 

I put however many eggs I need in a pot, cover with about an inch of cold water (has to be cold), set the burner to med-high (to pretty darned high - so I guess I'm saying just short of high-high.  But if you have a really good stove not like me that boils fast I'm thinking you would need to set it lower) ,  set the timer for 20 minutes and leave it cook, uncovered.

That's it.  Yes, the eggs dance around a bit and sometimes if I'm only cooking an egg or two I'll turn down the burner a little but mostly I don't...   When the timer goes off I put the screaming hot eggs in an ice bath, stir them around for a minute or two, crack them a little - Stir, stir, stir them again for a few minutes and then peel them under running water.

They peel really easy. 

So for the egg salad I did that with 13 eggs and left them to dry for a little while.  When I was ready I mixed in a bowl about:

1/4 cup minced sweet onion
1/4 cup minced celery (use the inside stalks for this)
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
the juice from half a lemon
an 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Coleman's Dry Mustard depending on how much kick you want - I used 1/4 - My family gets whiny about food that kicks them.
a teaspoon of salt
a few grind of pepper

For the eggs I slice them on a egg slicer.  One of these...

 But mine's not as nice as that one and is starting to rust.

I slice them long way, then the other but you can cut them any way you want; you want smallish pieces not mush.  Then mix with the mayo mixture.


This is really delicious - If you've never added lemon juice SURPRISE!  it's great! - and so much better then the stuff they sell at deli counters... And way, way cheaper.


Da Dude 1/15/11, 2:05 PM  

Sounds yumm-o! Have to try the lemon juice.

Babes Mami 1/15/11, 6:46 PM  

I don't do mayo but I can save this for others who do!

Vonlipi 1/15/11, 8:36 PM  

I love egg salad! I'll have to try with the lemon juice.

Don't they get a grey ring around the yolk when you cook them that long?

Carole Anne Carr 1/16/11, 6:38 AM  

Lovely to hear about your efforts on behalf of your family. Long may you have success.

Lynette 1/16/11, 7:41 AM  

finally someone to tell me how to boil eggs...that is always a hard one for me. I know should be easy peasy...but dang it is not.
I don't have the egg slicer so I use a potato masher. And we moved on to Mrs. Dash for Granny M and her heart.

Lynette 1/16/11, 7:53 AM  

Hey since yours is a lil rusty....I thought you would like a lil kitchen I am sending this one to you via

Should be there in 3-5 days.

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