The Crazy Suburban Mom: The snow is up to Ginger's peepee. Aaaagain.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The snow is up to Ginger's peepee. Aaaagain.

And in case you don't want to be left with that particular image.


There were a lot of birdies hanging out in the Scrotum Tree last night waiting for their turn at the suet feeder.  It makes a lovely image.

Love and Sweaters,
Tracy & Ginger


Maureen 1/12/11, 11:32 AM  

I forgot about the scrotum tree! It does look cool. Poor Ginger!

Carole Anne Carr 1/12/11, 12:02 PM  

Gives me a beautiful idea for an embroidery.

Tara Beaulieu 1/12/11, 2:49 PM  

Poor frozen little baby! At least she has a path, but I can't imagine having to pee outside, Brrrr! I bet she ran back in and found a muffin- FAST!

Lynette 1/13/11, 7:24 AM  

sorta like a massive blacksplash? huh? lol
poor ginger having to go outside. why you not make her a nice warm potty space? ha ha
and hummmmmm about carol anne.....embroidery of ginger doing the pee pee dance in the snow? ODD

Lin 1/13/11, 7:55 AM  

Dang! You know it's bad when you can ONLY go out to pee! Bummer. Poor, poor Ginger.

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