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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Retro Tuesday to frame

When I look through my old magazines I'm always struck by how much I like the ads; like enough to frame and hang in house so I can see them over and over and over again.

Something I've never felt about modern ads which at best, I appreciate - If clever.

But do I want to re-view them?  Not so much...  Old ads are different; attractive.  Art.  And I don't feel manipulated to buy.  Buy. BuyBuyBuy...  Buy, damn you!

When I look though my old magazines I'm  attracted to the products via the ad images.  And this happens so often I wanted to share.

I love everything about this first  image, it makes me unreasonably happy.


The colors and furniture aside; look at the expression on those faces.  I want to be in that moment.


The push for 'a second phone' came on the heels of having the first phone and since a second phone was a luxury the phone company (rightly) knew  people would have to really want to be the people in the ads.  And I always do.

And I adore the style of art that I see in all second phone ads - breezy, light and colorful.  Like life is breezier (easier) with another phone. 


Vinyl slipcovers are just giggle-worthy.  Everything about them is surreal and strange.  Seeing this makes me laugh every time. 


This is the picture I think of framing most often.  It's a Formica ad from the 1940's and it rocks.  Period.  Everything about it sings.  It's perfection on every level and if I start framing ads I'm doing this one first.

Okay, now this one...


is the other side of bizarre.   I always stop to look and wonder, What the heck were they going for in this ad.  Who were they appealing to?

  That drink. That horrific drink -  Five day-glo levels of alcoholic awful shared between two people who appear to be...  I don't even know.  What can be said about the thoughts behind that man's eyes?  I would run from those thoughts.

  And her.  Does that face look  alive to you because now I'm thinking he does morgue make-up and propped his latest funereal creation upright to have a look-see.

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Lin 1/25/11, 10:48 AM  

Okay, I'm gonna go all "marketing major" on you....

She is pure white to represent virginal qualities and innocence. Here she is, sub-servant to the creepy guy--and that is what women were supposed to be back then. Notice the pale yellow curtain--drawing your eyes towards her. This is supposed to make you, the woman, associate with her and make you run out to buy this crap to make your man look at you like this.

The curtain is the secret in this photo. Notice how it glows from behind her and gets more pale as it goes upward? It's supposed to be an aura. She's supposed to be angel-like. See the dress? Same thing.

Does that guy look like former President Bush or what???! Creep. Y.

Lindalou 1/25/11, 11:11 AM  

I love the formica ad. That truly is framable.

In the first one...what are they actually selling? Just curious.

Lin - Thanks for the Marketing review of the last picture. Totally see what you are saying. Scary thing is...I remember when those drinks were popular. I don't remember what they were, but I do remember seeing them when I was young.

Maureen 1/25/11, 11:53 AM  

Great old ads! Don't you just love the knee socks with a dress in the 1st pic!

lee 1/26/11, 5:04 PM  

love the day-glo drinks! i wonder what color roofie is?

The Budget Diet 1/26/11, 7:09 PM  

Love it, love it, love it! It looks so text messages, no e-mails, just enjoying family!!!

Deborah 1/26/11, 7:37 PM  

I am like you, I love vintage ads and I do have some of the coca cola ads framed. Enjoyed looking at these you have here. I like the telephone and the Formica ones best.

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