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Monday, January 24, 2011

Random things about me

1.  I read really fast.  I didn't always, the fast came sometime in high school when I couldn't stand the slow anymore and I decided fast would work better and no, I'm not kidding.  I picked up Gone With the Wind and decided I wanted to read it fast although what fast was, was vague to a slow reader.  I got through it's about thousand pages in four days which to a slow reader was lightening.

After that it got even faster.  This is on my mind because I read  three books from the library this weekend; the library being crazy practical when you read fast:

Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage  I wanted to read this because I thought it was a biography but it was more hm, beauty advice and I dunno.  I liked the bio sections much more.  Much, much more.  I wouldn't give it a thumbs down actually but it wasn't what I was expecting.

The Haunting of Hill House  Yeah, no real thumbs up here either.  Kind of left me flat but no thumbs down exactly.  I'd give it a flat thumb.

Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt  Best book on a difficult subject and I've read it before.  It's hard to say read a book that will hurt but it's cathartic.  Meaningful and healing.

2.  I hate pumpkin.  I can't even contemplate eating anything pumpkin flavored.  I'd rather lick the inside of my Dyson Dirt cup.

3.  I love ramen noodles more then any other food.

4.  I wanted to go to beauty school when I was in High School, my mother wouldn't let me.

5.   Mrs. Damm and Mrs. Rump were the names of my Girl Scout troop leaders.

6.  I only went to girl scouts one year.

7. Having to say the word Rump weekly was pretty bad and being known as the Damm-Rump Troop took years to get over but camping was the scouting deal breaker.

8.  I've always wanted a refrigerator that dispenses crushed ice and am insanely jealous of people who have them.

9.  I didn't have a shrimp cocktail until I was eighteen.

10.  I've owned 2 of the cars that show up frequently on the top 10 worst ever cars lists.  And that's ever in the history of cars.  The AMC Hornet and the Renault Le Car.

11.   I'm freezing and can't stop looking at pictures of The Shore.



re'New 1/24/11, 1:49 PM  

My randomness in comparison.
1. I read fast too. Won't buy a book - library all the way.
2. I'll eat pumpkin pie breakfast lunch and dinner. Favorite!
3. Ramen noodles- might as well be eating straw.
4. beauty school didn't cross my mind, but horse training school! I did talk my mother into that.
5. Didn't do girl scouts, but I'm a 4-Her for life.
6. see #5 4-Her 11 years. leader 23 years
7. My last name is often mispronounced as "semen"- good thing I had good self esteem.
8. Do you know how much nasty gunk is inside refrigerator auto freezer thingies?
9. I always thought shrimp scampi looked so good in the tv commercials. I was deeply disappointed.
10. I drive a truck - it's been being stupid lately. Hate all vehicles at this point.
11. I'm freezing, too and want it to be spring.

The Budget Diet 1/24/11, 4:03 PM  

Those random things add up to make a fun mom!

lee 1/24/11, 4:56 PM  

my favorite wet-n-wild product is always the free one!

beth 1/24/11, 5:17 PM  

I'm reading your post while in the warm AZ sun...sorry...

J Sedai 1/24/11, 6:07 PM  

I like posts like these!
1. I read fast too, usually a book a day (libraries either love or hate me) and I don't have a preference on what I read, as long as it's entertaining.
2. I like pumpkin, either savory or sweet, along with most other kinds of squash.
3. I don't like ramen on their own, but I've had them in salads and other things and it wasn't too bad.
4. I still want to go to beauty school. every hair dresser I have ever had has told me I should go.
5. I wasn't ever in GS either, but my eldest son is a BS.
6. I used to play the saxophone, for 2 years.
7. I love camping, but not if i Have to sleep in a tent, I camp where they have cabins, but not fancy cabins, more like permanent shelter, with foam mattresses and you bring your own linens, still cook outside, and no heat or ac.
8. I don't eat ice.
9. I have eaten way too much shrimp cocktail. I make my own sauce.
10. I owned a car that didn't go in reverse. parking was interesting.
11. It hasn't gotten below 50 F yet this winter. we're still freezing! LOL

Babes Mami 1/24/11, 6:48 PM  

I LOVE pumpkin, like pumpkin everything! And can not stand ramen only because I had to eat a lot when I was living with hippies at 16.

Maureen 1/24/11, 8:20 PM  

Well that was fun! Yes to Ramen! No to pumpkin!

Lin 1/24/11, 8:40 PM  

I think you have to photoshop a picture of Ginger on the beach for me. :)

Damm-Rump Troop----HILARIOUS! (I always liked the camping part!)

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