The Crazy Suburban Mom: Random oddness and the forth chair!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Random oddness and the forth chair!

1. Organized area for today: The kitchen counter - Since I'm short on storage and long on stuff I love I need to find uses for things I want to keep because  sitting there and looking vintagely pretty  doesn't cut it for my family.  And go figure, right?


I acquired two amazing canister sets this year and the only way they are leaving this house is for someone to pry them from my cold, dead hands and even then I'm thinking Retro Funereal Urn.... So. I worked out what to do with them...


The largest aluminum canister is empty and the smallest turquoise one.  Room to grow.

2.   The forth chair!  Remember last week I posted (here) about getting three Danish Modern chairs from Freecycle?  The woman who I got from emailed to say she found the forth chair and I picked it up yesterday.  That was one big house.  I'm not sure I could a thumbtack in here but...  Anyway - Sven, Thor and Ann-Margret, have been reunited with their sibling...


As yet, unnamed.

I can't find any maker's marks.  I wish I could figure out something about these chairs but I'm tapped for ideas.  Any thoughts?

3.  Snow, more snow.  Another SIX INCHES....Really?   Ginger's about had it with the snow and you would to if you had to pee pee out side and the snow was up to your um, pee pee...

 4.  Random Winter Squash Recipe - Poke holes in an acorn or similar size squash and bake whole in a 350 degree oven until done.  This will vary depending the size of the squash - it will probably be an hour and a half.   Cut squash in half and remove seeds and then cut squash in large chunks - maybe four per squash.   

Melt 3 - 4 Tablespoons of butter in a large frying pan, on very low heat.  Add about a teaspoon and a half of dried thyme and ground pepper to taste. 

Cook until you have browned but not burned butter.  This takes a while but stand there and stir it, watch it...  it goes from brown to burnt and tasting like crap really fast.

When the butter is browned toss the squash around in it and serve.  It's really, really good.  It's better with fresh herbs but I don't have a sunny window and it's great with sage.  

Add salt if butter is unsalted.  You probably won't need it if the butter is salted.  


J Sedai 1/10/11, 5:03 PM  

poor ginger, I hate snow too!

that squash sounds YUM!!

and YAY 4 chairs!

Tara Beaulieu 1/10/11, 6:58 PM  

How about 2 guys, 2 girls and the last sibling to arrive to the party is Ingrid?

I love your canisters. I have my own very retro set, which I am sure you've seen- I think I shared them on a retro Tues ages ago. I keep coffee filters in one, flour in another, corn meal in another and tea bags in the last. My sugar lives in pyrex.

I was just given that same turquoise snowflake divided casserole on Friday. Love it!

Maureen 1/10/11, 9:38 PM  

How cool to get the 4th chair! And your canisters are fab!

Lin 1/10/11, 10:42 PM  

Don't they have faux grass mats with drainage for Ginger to pee pee on indoors?? I think they make that for little dogs who hate to get cold out in the snow. My poor little dog pally. :(

I'm glad you found the long lost chair!

Babes Mami 1/11/11, 10:36 AM  

Poor Ginger! We got about 9" yesterday and now it's all iced over, you know down here is the South that is crazy people instantly! If Chris doesn't have to go to work today we are taking Babe outside to play in it!

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