The Crazy Suburban Mom: New Jersey Sunday - The icicle edition

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Jersey Sunday - The icicle edition

The New Jersey Sunday plan was  winter photographs, I have new ones and I about lost toes getting them.  But as I was going through them, nope.  I couldn't stand to post them - Couldn't even stand to look at them.

Kept coming back to this one.


It's so toasty.

And I've been freezing anything freezable off  and I think it has something to do with my lack of Vitamin D although coldiosity is more associated with anemia but who knows what I'm missing at this point.   I'm never cold and now I'm into sweaters; far into sweaters.

So pictures like this...


Are all I care to look at.


Today's New Jersey Sunday is about the sun.  The summer.  The beach.  Period.  And my apologies for it's lack of appropriateness but there are icicles bigger then Ginger .  Everywhere.


Babes Mami 1/23/11, 3:23 PM  

The beach is nice to look at when it's cold!

Lin 1/23/11, 3:54 PM  

It's funny because I've been looking at vacation photos lately too. Sigh. I remember when I was warm. Too warm. And my skin was hydrated. Gees, I miss being warm. :(

Maureen 1/23/11, 7:39 PM  

This winter is brutal! One year ago today I was on my way home from Cancun. Sigh. This sucks.

ladyjanewriter 1/24/11, 12:37 AM  

What is that huge orange ball in the sky?!?

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