The Crazy Suburban Mom: Fist bumps to everyone cleaning this weekend!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fist bumps to everyone cleaning this weekend!

More decluttering this weekend because I don't have Saturdays off -- Not that I'm pointing any nacho holding football watching privates-scratching um, fingers.

Just sayin'

Now that (lack of) blame assessment is out of the way,  let's move on.  Yesterday I did one part of the dining room and this morning I moved on to another; lest you think the room is big - It's not.  I'm slow.

This (third and last) dining room nook has a shelving unit that held homeless tchotchkephenalia.


I decided to house some pots and pans there.  I don't have enough cabinet space or room for a ceiling rack so some of the pots live here when not in use.


I don't think my family will like it much, it's not the most efficient place to find things but it is the most efficient use of space and most importantly, I like it and it makes me happy.

And when Mommy's happy everyone's well...  At least not miserable.


I'm going to have a Declutter Fest 2011 Related Giveaway next week so hope everyone's cleaning too!

PS - Here's the two areas in vitro - This gives you an idea how small the room really is (and how slow I am).  It took me over 24 hours to get to two areas about five feet apart.

dining room


Amy 1/8/11, 1:32 PM  

I've been taking today off from the cleaning, but have done plenty after work, throughout the week. Still, fistbumps to you! :)

Tara Beaulieu 1/8/11, 9:10 PM  

I think you've been making excellent progress. We've been in our house for a year and a half now and I keep saying "I really need to sort out this cupboard or that bin" and just not getting to it. I was recently gifted a sunbeam mixer- add to that my growing pyrex stash and I really need to declutter to make room for the stuff that I really want around here! :)

Keep it up!

Lynette 1/8/11, 9:53 PM  

love the stacked luggage...great look
but terrified the hand blown vase is going to get knocked off the top shelf.

Da Dude 1/9/11, 12:02 PM  

We were going to start decluttering our kitchen cabinets the Alton Brown way. You make 3 piles. Pile 1 is things you use all the time, pile 2 is the things you use sometimes and pile 3 is the things you never use.

Pile 1 ended up with 2 sauce and 1 frying pan. Pile 2 had a roaster and pile 3 had everything else.

We discovered we had a lot of pots and pans we don't use. Umm... We eat out and order delivery food a lot.

I'm afraid when we start on the bedroom, I'll be in pile 3! LOL

Babes Mami 1/9/11, 9:15 PM  

I love your floors!

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