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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shhh! Ginger's sleeping on her Christmas presant

In case you were wondering if there was anything under the tree for Ginger, you're not alone.


She was wondering too.

Now if Ginger was a person she wouldn't want socks or sweaters.  She wouldn't want movie tickets or bath salts; I think Ginger would be all up into restaurant gift cards.  Despite her small size she's an eater; or would be until she exploded if given an opportunity.  

Besides her muffins (dog beds) the only thing Ginger cares about is of the edible persuasion so we found her a giant holiday dog bone.  Oddly, you were supposed to light a(n actual) candle.  I'm glad we did not.  


We set it before her, unlit.


She grabbed it and bolted.


She walked and walked and walked all over the house hauling that huge bone. 


Until she decided she had no idea what to do with it and would defer the decision until later. 


She proceeded to do what she always does with things she wants to deal with later; bury it. Although burying a thing that size..


So no one in the Universe *cough* knows where it is and that  turned out to be quite a production requiring a lot of pillows.


Making it invisible took forever. But she was pretty focused.  These are a few of the many pictures I took of her burying the giant bone with invisible dirt.


I guess if you cover your treasures with thirty-seven pillows and the dog bed Lin made you and then go to sleep on it well, yeah.  Maybe your secret is safe.


Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting it up for the New Year...

So I was at the doctor the other day with my toe pain again and how sick of me are they? But that's not all because there is my left elbow pain, both wrists and the heels and then it spread all over. Everywhere.

And once it was all over it was just all, well... over. Do an image search for cranky and  this will turn up....

Ask my family to do an image search for who's fun and that will not turn up. But man,  I don't feel well and yadda yadda blah blah blah fa la la boring boring boring.

Boring, I know but I thought I'd let you know she took lab work because I insisted it had to be gout cause what else could it be according to me and today  my lab work is back and I thought I'd let you know she tested me for other stuff cause she had other ideas about my pain and  perhaps a resolution us gals should all make is to have our Vitaman D Levels done.

And I'm suggesting we all check out our levels because when I told another gal that my level was low she said, Honey I haven't met a female who had her level checked who's level wasn't low.

I goggled the normals and they vary a bit but and it looks like they should be between 50 and 80 under normal circumstances.  Mine is a dainty, petite flower of an eleven.  And of course if I have to be low on something weight would be nice but no, it's Vitamin The Hell D.

Anyway I was surprised it was so low although my Doctor didn't find it surprising at all considering my current state of incessant whining - er,  muscular skeletal pain.  Well, let me rephrase that...

She found the number eleven result very surprising but it went along with the pain like gravy on mashed potatoes.

So for the new year while we are making lists and resolutions anyway...maybe we should all see how we are rockin' the Vitamin D and if it's not going so well in that department let's get it up for the new year.

Clicking image will take you to a WebMD Vitamin D info page.

Note - There are a lot of health reasons to maintain your Vitamin D level but regarding the pain issue I found this information - According to peer-reviewed clinical research, inadequacies of vitamin D have been linked to chronic musculoskeletal pain of various types, muscle weakness or fatigue, fibromyalgia syndrome, rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis, hyperesthesia, migraine headaches, and other somatic complaints. It also has been implicated in the mood disturbances of chronic fatigue syndrome and seasonal affective disorder.

It is well worth investigating your level if you have fibromyalgia or anything of the sort.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's on my shelves?

I'm burned out with stuff.  All the stuff.  Everywhere I look.  STUFF.  Maybe it's all the Christmasalia and doohickeys around, or maybe it's the new things or maybe I haven't decluttered enough lately but I decided it was time again.

No! Way more then time.

So onto the THE DECLUTTER FEST OF 2011

I'm starting with the wall shelves in my bedroom because well, I'm not sure.  I've not been feeling well and after I went to the Doctor yesterday I came home and pretty much planted myself in bed.  Mostly I slept till morning except when I woke up for a few minutes, blinked and went back to sleep. The shelves are the view if  my eyes are open from a reclining position so they are bugging me the most this morning. 

There are ten small shelves; I only did the five on the right.  I'm feeling punky after all.


Tippy-Top shelf

I couldn't part with all of the books that were Ben's when he was a little guy but they were kind of a raggy mess so they are now in a basket;  it's a much better look.  The candle holders were Mongo's mother's I think.

art books

Next one down, left side - Art books

I decluttered these books a while back so there aren't many left and a few of these are favorites.  Every time I hear myself say favorites I think of the decluttering shows on TV and winch.  Should I part with some of these anyway?  Truth is I haven't looked at a few of these in a very embarrassing amount of time.

Right side, sort of random

I got the Anchor-Hocking Fireking Price Guide on Paperbackswap recently;  been waiting forever for that one.  You can get it retail but free's better!

craft books

Next! Left side, craft books

I got rid of a lot of my craft books this last year and that was painful. Looking at the pile it seems I didn't get rid of any of my button books though.  I especially love the two I bought from Amazon Japan   I discovered the best thing ever for Japanese craft book shopping by the way.  

If you use Google Chrome and set it to translate pages you can go to Amazon Japan and the pages will auto translate and I promise you it's a breeze to look though.  Ordering is easy too.  I ordered when you had to do it manually and even then it was not hard just cumbersome - but this is a walk in the park!

Now I know this about getting rid of, no acquiring but... button books are necessary to my sanity.


Right side, self help and sorta self help

Looking at the stack my crush on Wayne Dyer is obvious for all to see.


Next shelf is pretty random

Romance on right, random stuff on left and Franklin Covey inserts in the middle.  Oh! And my leopard print shoe snow globe that plays Material Girl.


At the moment the bottom  shelf has no books
For now I decided to put nail polish and girly stuff like that on there.  That is subject to change depending on how the decluttering goes and my whim.  It might work though because that stuff hasn't got a real home.

I don't know what's next but anyone want to join in with the Declutter fest of 2011 with me?  It feels good to have some of this stuff gone and not have to look at it - for sure.

I've already done some Freecycle listings and have a bag ready to go to good will and some other things were frankly, garbage (and what was I thinking holding on to that stuff anyway?

So who's in with me?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Felting Fun on Retro Tuesday

I learned how to crochet a few years ago with a singular purpose; to felt something.  Not a clue what but I wanted to felt because the process was clearly the coolest thing ever.  The glitch was, well beyond my not knowing how to knit or crochet, I'm allergic to wool.

But I decided to put on my big girl panties and suck up the hives and associated itching and have me some hooking fun.

I haven't done any felting in ages but looking at all my new buttons...

vintage buttons tin

Made me want to do something with them.  I know most people just collect and play with them and yeah, me too but I do like to give the buttons a purpose.

Several years back I made felted bracelets and this weekend, being snowed in anyway, I thought - Yeah Baby!  I got out my hooks and wool and Benadryl and Calamine lotion and had me some felting fun...

felted cuff

And oh look!

Part of my rash is visible below the pretty cuff.  How attractive.   I used two vintage pearl(ish) buttons on my baby blue and pink ruffled felted cuff and since the buttons are very old - These were from a button box with some extremely old things, back to the 1920's - I think this clears the spirit of Retro Tuesday.

I have two more in the works.  I can't wear anything I make for long, granted; a problem.  Maybe I will etsy them or maybe I will just stare at them like I did all the old ones. But I sure like them and I really like doing something with the buttons I've collected.

PS and FYI if you're allergic to wool -  I can (and would love to and you probably could to ) work with Alpaca which felts and isn't wool and feels heavenly and cushy and divine.  It's also very very expensive and you have to use a lot of fiber when you felt because the shrinkage is intentional and quite impressive.

And an update - Here's the other two I've been working on:

felted bracelets3

One is gray and salmon pink with a pearl... (ish) .... button  and the other is the same light gray with a seafoam - Hm, seafoam? -  More  light Tupperware Green with a coordinating gray-green button.  They are not nearly as wide and no ruffles.  All of these open and close with the buttons.

Go visit my Retro Tuesday Pal, Ms. V at Vonlipi's Favorites


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Round-up, a Blizzard and some pantaloons thrown in....

1.  Christmas - What a  great day. I thought the best part would be giving my son  the vintage manual typewriter I found on Freecycle


(pic from his blog)

And in many ways it was; especially the look on his face.  That look of Holy Crap! My Mom really is magic and psychic like she says and oh! What the heck else does she know...
That never gets old.

He never thought getting a manual typewriter was  possible.  He calls the thing analog.  I don't even think that terminology fits; analog the way he probably means being a long way off but I don't think his brain can comprehend something that antiquated.    

He sent a picture of the typewriter to a friend who asked, "What's that Windows 98?"

Which I found hysterical. 

Yes Ben, your mom lived in a time even before Windows 98.  In fact I walked twenty miles to school in snow up to my pantaloons and ate my breakfast of gruel with a spoon I whittled myself.  Verily.  

2.  The Blizzard of 2010 last night -  That stopped the festivities pretty much and overnight it actually did snow up to my pantaloons.


Which is a lot.    I'm not sure how much but when it's higher then the dog and I have to shovel out a place for her to doody;  how much in inches doesn't matter.

3.  The Snow day Sleepover  - A whole lot of teenage all over all night.

Which was fine with me, I didn't want any of them driving in that mess outside.  When I woke up every chair, every bit of sofa... the floor...  was covered with a teen  or teenphrenalia.

Last night they showed up with snacks but I offered to make them popcorn.  They said they had microwave popcorn.  I suggested that popcorn not only came from microwave ovens  but from popcorn.  

Obviously a new idea.

They were upset that I'd go to that much trouble.   Trouble?   A few tablespoons of oil in a large pot, cover the bottom with kernels and shake - shake - shake?  They drove here in a blizzard and - shake - shake - shake is trouble?

Oh my.   I made them the real  popcorn which had never seen the inside of a microwave - something I don't think they'd eaten before, salted it,  melted some butter over it for them and went to bed.

I think they liked it, the giant bowl was empty in the morning.


Which is more then I can say for my living room but as long as they had fun and were safe I'm good with that. 


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