The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-12-05

Friday, December 10, 2010

My big toes gave two thumbs up!

Last week Pledge contacted me, Do I want to try a can of Pledge?

The yellow one everyone knows...

And yes, I did but then I got to wondering how they found me. And why they wanted to send one to a person  that doesn't dust and, oh.  Right.


That tweet I did in November.

So I said, Send it my way even though - Well, here's the thing:  I don't have a lot of proper wood around here.  Yeah, I've got wood-grained, wood-like, wood-toned and a heck of a lot of stuff that's ...



But wood, not so much.

And didn't that  turn out to be fortuitous because woodish is exactly what they want.

Oh.  Wait.

They didn't want that toilet.  No one wants that toilet.

The campaign is about using Pledge on other surfaces. Seems it's not a well known fact that  Pledge cleans lot's of surfaces besides wood and  if we're taking  other, those I have.

I decided to try it on my kitchen cabinets because so far the only thing that has worked on them is a chisel.


Huge surprise. 


And I mean huge.

Huge like I woke up Christmas morning and looked out my front door to see a new car with a bow huge.
 I didn't think it was going to clean those greasy, awful things.  I've tried stuff made for kitchens that didn't even work, let alone work well.  And said kitchen stuff certainly did  not smell like lemony heaven.

My lemony verdict is TWO HUGE THUMBS up for Pledge!  Wait - Make that TWO HUGE THUMBS and BOTH BIG TOES.

It's just that good!

  Pledge® aerosol (Natural Beauty, Clean & Dust & Allergen, Protection Plus and Extra Moisturizing) family of formulas can be used to dust, clean, shine and give limited protection to the following surfaces: sealed wood and wood laminates, synthetic wood surfaces, stainless steel, leather, sealed marble, sealed granite, vinyl and chrome.  This would include car dashboards (vinyl) and car seats (leather or vinyl).

*Although this is a sponsored post Pledge cleaned those crazy, dirty kitcen cabinets like nobodies business and me and my beloved yellow can are off to clean something else now"


A Facebookean Stocking Stuffer

I found another good stocking stuffer; and I don't have to leave my house for this one.  And please, I'm all for staying home whenever possible so find me a gift source I can shop wearing underwear and funny slippers and I'm there.

With eGiftSocial on Facebook  you pick a store, an amount and send it to someone via Facebook / email.  A gift code and ticker-tape parade (Okay, I made up the ticker-tape part but really, my kid would rather have money then a parade)  is delivered, as if by magical flying bunnies (pink, of course), over the internet.


Yep, that's it. You are done.   Your loved one has a gift and you're still at home in your underpants, what could be better then that?

* A few FIY's - It looks like the gift codes are for in-store purchases only however read the individual store terms of service.   The gift codes are very usable.

For example - The KMart code TOS states the code is good at : Sears, Roebuck and Co., Lands End, The Great Indoors, and Kmart store locations in the U.S., P.R., Guam and U.S V.I., and at, and Lands End catalogs.  Sephora is also at the store or online - and the JC Penny Sephora.

Happy Shopping in your underpants, Everyone!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of First Data and received an eGift gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Banging and Sprinkling

About a month ago Mom Central asked if I wanted to be part of a Mrs. Dash Blog Tour and before you stop reading because you don't rock the salt-free thing, STOP as in...

Even if you don't have to deal with sodium (or think you don't have to because your too young - Ha! And I'll tell you something about that in a sec ) Mrs. Dash is just more economical.  So, read on.

Ever looked at the ingredients on spice blends?  Try it on your next shopping trip or check  your pantry.  Pick up a random blend and look at the first ingredient - It's probably salt which is (likely) the cheapest ingredient in the blend.

 Here's a few of Mrs.  Dash's  salt free blends... That  picture is clickable and it will whisk you away on a fluffy pink cloud of twinkling internet magic to the rest of them.

But back to economical - The cost of buying  Mrs. Dash vs. another blend is comparable bottle for bottle -  lower in a lot of cases and frankly if you want to add salt,  just add it.  But paying for salt as the first ingredient by weight is - well, I was going to say something pejorative but I'll leave it at frivolously unthrifty. 

And if you think watching your sodium and hypertension is for people that sit around playing pinochle at a home;  I've been on blood pressure medicine since my early twenties; and it was high-normal in my teens. No reason was ever found; it's essential hypertension  and has stayed remarkable stable at, up.  Well, not up exactly more like controlled on medication.

That said, I don't live sodium free as much as sodium-careful.  It's products like Mrs. Dash that allow me to regulate.  Yes, I add salt to it but I decide how much.  Using Mrs. Dash is as easy as picking a Blend and sprinkling.  Personally I've been loving this:

Garlic & Herb and yes, salt and pepper...

Sprinkled on a boneless, skinless chicken breast (that has been banged out flat) and quickly pan fried in a hot non-stick pan with a touch of olive oil.   

I'll be doing a few more of these over the next year but don't expect anything harder then banging and sprinkling - incorporating Mrs. Dash  into your recipes is just easy, man. 

 “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mrs. Dash and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Making the world a more Norsey Place

Norse Mythology And Why It Would Make The World Better

The world seems kind of boring to me.  Call me old fashioned, but things like the stock market and innovated space-age quality sleep technology just don't get me riled.  However, I feel I have discovered the perfect way to bring much need oomph to the whole world.  Bring back crazy Norse mythology.  Wouldn't that be cool!?

Don't bother thinking because the answer is yes.

Think for a moment of all the interesting things you would experience with a world full of insane mythology.  For example, flying in an airplane.  If you've never been on a plane, it is basically like sitting in a Motel 8 room for 2 hours.  Oh, and you only have 6 inches of room.  And you have to eat crappy food.  And you could crash and die.  Actually... Planes are just like Motel 8s... Except for the crashing part... That should be there new slogan...

Motel 8: It is like being on a plane except you won't die at 32,000 feet in the air.

Catchy, no?

Back to the point.  Can you imagine being in an airplane and hearing the pilot come over the intercom and saying, "This is your captain speaking.  We are cruising at 35,000 feet from Newark to Seattle and will be arriving at roughly 5:30.  We have clear skies on the horizon, so would all passengers please remember to praise Thor.  Remember that if the plane begins to descend rapidly, it is because we have angered the Gods.  If this is the case, 4 goats and a knife will drop down.  If anyone has any special dietary needs, please tell the flight attendant.  Thank you."  I'm just saying flying would be more interesting if I thought the smoothness of my flight was controlled by a hammer-wielding storm god.

Does Thor also control the crappiness of my in-flight movie?


Thor really liked Couples Retreat.

How about this scenario?  A friend wants to know why you couldn't make it to their Arbor Day Bonanza.  Thanks to Norse mythology, you no longer have to make up an excuse involving a 6 rubber gloves, a cardboard box, and a Dodge Dart.

Boy... Haven't we all been in THAT situation.

Instead, you could simply tell your friend that Loki broke into your house and replaced your kitchen sink with a boa constrictor, and you couldn't think of leaving your house with a sink full of dirty dishes.  For, as we all know, that would be ludicrous.  Thank you, Loki.  Your mischievous ways have spared a friendship.
Did you want a friend who throws Arbor Day Bonanzas?


Thor also really likes Arbor Day.

Or how about this?  Your on a cruise for vacation.  Your having dinner in the ship's dining hall.  Your looking sharp, sipping wine, eating a suspiciously gay French pastry.  All of the sudden, you see the ship's captain and strike up a conversation.  You discuss art, music, whether or not cummerbunds look good, and how devilishly irritating that damned Kraken is.  Can you figure out which one of the conversation topics could NOT happen without Norse legends?

Kraken: 1
Cummerbunds: 0

Thor really likes cummerbunds.

And now for the ultimate reason to bring back Norse mythology.  VALHALLA!  I want Valhalla!  Never has there been such an epic concept of the after life.  You spend every day beating the crap out of people in with giant hammers until you get killed.  Then what?  You go to an endless buffet!  Mutton as far as the eye can see!  Who wouldn't like existing in this!?

Pacifists, vegetarians, intellectuals, and The People's Commission Against Giant Hammers...

Just to name a few...

So I implore the world to return to the ways of the vikings.  I don't think modern day whackjobs should be running around with large weapons and fur tunics (*cough* Kanye West *cough*), but I would totally dig the mythology.  So what if we have to ignore 50% of modern science!?  Throw caution to the wind, everyone!  Embrace the Norse!  For Valhalla!

Thor is really happy for you and he's gonna let you finish, but he thinks The Citizen's Coalition Against Over-sized Swords is the best group against giant weapons of all time.

Of all time.

Okay, I didn't write that.  That was yesterday's post from The Chair Fort, my kid's blog.  It just cracked me up and I decided to put it up as a guest post because oh.  I dunno he always surprises me and I wanted to surprise him...


And oh, he clearly he surprises his friend Ryan too...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Retro Toesday lives again

As far as my 50's retro aqua canisters go...

50's aqua

I'm no farther along in knowing what to do with them except love them and stare at them and use them as room candy.  And look how well they go with my other room candy...

As for the Toesday thing - I am the laughing stock of my family. After yesterday's doctor's appointment and the threat that I might have to go to a FOOT DOCTOR I decided to pay attention to the toe and whaddaya know that thing is red.  I didn't notice it before because I've not looked at my feet, well ever and my doctor didn't notice because when my feet are cold they turn blue.

Well, blue, white, red, and purple - So the chance of seeing one toe being redder then the others is pretty much nil.  But I took my shoes off last night and looked and Holy Mother of Foot Ailments Big and Small, it is red.

Then I took pictures and put them up on Flickr and called my family over who first looked at them.  Then at me.  Then at each other.  Then all ran to the bathroom simultaneously lest them pee themselves laughing.

Apparently the screaming hoot of it all is my plan to print one and show it to my doctor since my cold feet turn into a kaleidoscope in her office so this is only way she is going to see it.    I got the last laugh though. 

My kid  opened up a tab around midnight to find a hi-res close-up of my feet.  Revenge is a dish best served with a side order of cold feet.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why it's Retro Toesday

Posting for Retro Tuesday was delayed onacounta it being Retro Toesday...

I have this left middle-finger toe thing/pain going on for like, over a month now although oddly, it looks normal.  My doctor also thinks it looks normal and is going with the assumption that I smacked the toe on Ginger's wooden dog stairs.  Entirely possible.  I walk into everything.  I also fell off my own deck and have fallen up stairs.

 And that I have ongoing residual inflammation.  She asked about pain on walking but really, between the bunion on that one foot and that Achilles tendon on the other - Walking's pretty much a cruel mistress these days.

I don't even get as far as noticing the toe.

She told me to give Aleve a shot for a week and come back if it's not better although she'll be damned if she's knows what's she's gonna do with me and she was throwing around words like FOOT DOCTOR and thems some sceeery sceeery words to me - I had a foot doctor take a Planter's Wart off the bottom of my foot once.  

He swore he was only working on my foot.  He swore that after I accused him of trying to remove my spleen through my heel and using shoddy local anesthesia.

Hey Buddy, that Novocaine come from The Dollar Store or something?

So the going to the foot doctor thing didn't sit well with me.  Oh no it didn't.

I just got home and took my Aleve and send NO FOOT DOCTOR VIBES my way.  

And so let's close out Retro Toesday in favor of Retro Tuesday finally.    No more feet.

A few months ago I found these canisters:


Those great aluminum ones.

I found them in a little church thrift shop.  I don't recall them being especially cheap - this store knew what it had.  It printed out eBay listings for similar items and taped it to what they were selling. I mean, please.  Right?

Anyway - I saw a listing come through Freecycle for 1950's aqua canisters (that is how she listed them) and I answered it right away and wow, I got them!


The largest (flour) one isn't there

retro canisters

It was just the three

aqua retro canisters

But I don't care and I can't even believe how much I love them.

They are just perfect!  I don't know what I will do with them yet; I mean what I will keep in them but I want to have them out for sure.  Not like storage in the pantry or anything.  I just find them totally droolicious!

And as a Retro Tuesday side note.  I've decided to use some things I've bought like this wallet I got at a sale for four dollars about a year ago.  


I love it and kept it and was always afraid to use it but you know that's just silly and I've just started using it.  I did take the mirror / comb out but now every time I look at it, I'm happy.

My Retro Tuesday Pals
 Lynette sent me something fabulously retro for next Retro Tuesday, so I'm ready for next week too.


Monday, December 6, 2010

A list of things I don't get, a short list

 1.  The TV Show My Dog Ate What?  -  Maybe I'm biased because my dog Sky who is no longer with us - and who died of old age and not from eating anything - ate the most bizarre things on a regular basis and I never thought once - Hey!  Sky ate a tape dispenser, call the networks.

No.  It was more like, Sky ate a tape dispenser I will be rooting - YET AGAIN-  through dog poo until all the parts um, reemerge.

2.  Pierced earrings that weigh a ton - Why?

3.  Deep-fried butter -  I think I'd rather eat a tape dispenser.

4.  TV stations that don't put current shows ON DEMAND -  I'm looking at you, Bravo.  I've yet to see The Fashion Show or Tabitha's Salon Takeover because the only thing ON DEMAND BRAVO is The Housewives of Beverly Hills and Millionaire Matchmaker neither of which I can watch without anti-nausea meds so I pass on them.

So Issac and Tabitha I'm so sorry, I'd love to watch you I really would but I don't have TiVo and Bravo insists on shoving drek at me.

  Speaking of Bravo...

5.  Companies with Twitter Accounts that only use them to talk; not respond.   Twitter's two way if you haven't noticed.  Hey, whaddya know, there's a reply link.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Johnson's Baby Oil for big girls

A few weeks ago Mom Central asked if I wanted to try Johnson's New Shea & Cocoa Butter line and I did, it being November at the time and my skin all but drying up and pretty much blowing away.  I don't remember exactly what I said but it was something along the lines of, I don't want to try it; I want to fill a bathtub with it and not come out till April.

I know - Everyone's seen baby oil.  It's great right out of the tub, on your feet before bed (cover with socks), and whenever you use it and for whatever you're helping your cuticles.  

But people forget there are a ton of household uses for it; great reasons to keep it around the house - Everything from making homemade baby wipes to shining chrome (I kid you not).  

I'd not seen this form before - It's baby oil in a gel.   Perfect.  It squeezes out without all the messy dripping all over the everything that I always do.   It never fails. I always end up with a greasy container but not with this one.  And this one really, really nice for your feet.

This  last one was a total surprise and I think it's my newest, favoritest hand lotion and I got a few for stocking stuffers.    It's more a thick cream then it sounds like it would be and it's not greasy - Odd, I know but it doesn't leave you're hands greasy and it smells so good.  So very, very good.  I've left this next to my recliner so I don't even have to get up to make my hands smoother.   Or I can just smell it whenever I want.

It smells that good to me.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Johnson’s and received the products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.


A few gift sources

Do me a favor and don't read this.


1. Free Christmas Music Downloads - There are a lot of whole CD's on Amazon to be had for FREE.  Don't know if you knew that but take a look here .

2.  If Christmas Music isn't your thing there's tons of other music downloads here and it's easy as pie.  I've downloaded and transferred to CD some of it already and wow, how much better does it get then free?

3. Kodak Photo Books - I just made a Recipe Photo Book from this last Thanksgiving.  It was fun, really really fun!   I'm seriously considering getting together every bathtub picture I ever took of my kid and putting them together in one book just to, ya know, torture him. 

4.  Freecycle -  My son wants a few things that aren't that easy to find and since he reads my blog I can't tell you what they are but damn if I didn't throw a request out on Freecycle and the next thing I knew I'm picking up that never-mind!  Who knew?

*Kodak gave me gift for trying the SMARTFIT technology at the Kodak Gallery.*


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