The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-11-21

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Thanksgiving Round-up, The fiber fiasco and Ginger gets mail

1. Thanksgiving Fiber Fiasco -  Thanksgiving Eve was merciless. The short version is if you prep four pints of brussels sprouts  into a sink and turn on the garbage disposal you get this:


Because a) Brussels sprouts are too fibrous and can kill a garbage disposal and B) Once in the pipes they swell like  - Well, picture this - Someone eating seven bowls of bran cereal.

Apparently brussels sprouts  can block your house's main sewer line (much like the seven bowls of bran would block your own main sewer line) back to the nearest toilet and when my plumber told me that - At least I think that's what he said, it was hard to tell - he was laughing - I about lost it.  He gave me the number of a company that pumps septic tanks because that's what I was going to need the night before Thanksgiving and I don't even have a septic tank.

The septic tank guy was for real the person who saved Thanksgiving.  He was at my door in maybe thirty minutes, loved Ginger and Ginger even loved him which wow, I don't even get, and when I asked, How much?

The guy said, Give me fifty bucks.

Fifty bucks?  Is that even a number plumbers know anymore let alone at seven pee em the night before Thanksgiving for someone they have never done work for?

2.  And speaking of Ginger  Thanksgiving is hard on her.  There's all this food around and it makes her nervous.  Everywhere I look; she's there - Bewildered.


Where did all these platters of food come from that she can see and smell but not quite reach?


So she scopes out stuff at nose level.


That's her standing by the garbage can pretending not to look at it but things are looking up because...

3.  Ginger got mail -  Lin from Duck and Wheel with String sent Ginger a new muffin and look at it:

It's soft (so soft) and fleece and colorful and look at that face; she loves it.  I put it on the couch and she jumped right on.


And stayed on.

Thank you, Lin.  Ginger looks relaxed for the first time in days.  And I'm ever so thankful. And Ginger too.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

...and all through the house not a creature was stirring.

And for sure not the freaking garbage disposal which isn't stirring at all but hopefully the plumber I called is stirring and will get the message and call me back followed by a visit because how can I have Thanksgiving with this in the sink?

Tell me that, will you?


Son of Atomic Ranch Magazine for Retro Tuesday... um Wednesday...

Oh, I am late with Retro Tuesday again and it's Wednesday but that's kind of a good thing because follow the logic - Yesterday I was in Barnes and Noble and the new issue of Atomic Ranch is out and that magazine is crazy swoonable, droolicious, and I could eat it up if the thought of eating paper didn't make me want to toss.

I did Atomic Ranch on a Retro Tuesday sort of already.  I couldn't find the magazine the day I wanted to talk about it so I just talked about it, no inside pictures.  Today though ...



Even the ads rock.


But the jewels are inside.


Every time I see a picture like that I get the vapors or what I imagine Victorian women experienced as the vapors anyway.

Oh, and P.S. I also hear the HGTV designers - and not just one mind you - The whole Home and Garden Networkean barrel of monkeys full of  them taking one look at that wall and screeching , Oy gevalt! That paneling must die.


I don't know something must be wrong with me.  I love it like mad, even on the ceiling but what do I know I'm not the one with the huge salary and television show.

When I think of all the beautiful rooms they taken bulldozers to and all the lovely kitchens they've stainless steeled to the point surgery could be performed in one of them while you cook a roast and all the helpless pink bathrooms they they massacred...

I'm welling up here.


That's the upcoming (Spring) issue preview.  The magazine is published 4 times a year and for sure check it out - for the sake of atomic love alone.   The website has some extra info links too  like resources for enthusiasts  and their advertisers and the links are totally worth a bookmark!

Oh ... and I just love this magazine.  Sadly, they don't know me and didn't give me a subscription of anything of that sort..


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Son of Dear Santa,

Besides the meat whacker and rack I asked for yesterday I'd like:

A kitchen sink.


I don't want to look down at this monstrosity first thing every morning; and this is it clean.  I guess the fiberglass wore off or something because white is a thing of the past - Enough already.  I can't get into all things Flylady and I don't know if a shiny sink is the be all end all but this sink is a giant drain on my serotonin.

Santa, please drop off a sink.

Grass for my backyard.


And not the crabby kind.

The backyard isn't part of the maintenance fee so I pay extra for the lawn guys to 'do' the back yard.  They sprinkle something twice a year to fertilize, and seed, and mow but every year, year after year the crab grass comes back lush and healthy.  And the ground is still molding, Lawn Guys.  

P. S. Lawn Guys, Ginger hates you.

Santa, Drop some grass seed while you're flying over my lawn and if Reindeer Poop is good fertilizer have them drop something as well...

The perfect purse.

Ah, Santa.  I don't even have a picture because I don't even know which one it is even after a lifetime of searching.  Except it's really, really huge and if I fill it, it will likely disable me.

And it's got a nice shoulder drop. Something for a women with an upper arm, please.    And pockets.  And inside compartments.  And fabulously soft leather.  And throw in a few gift cards.

A new Filofax.

And yes I know, another one but I can't help myself, Santa.  So since I'm asking I want a leather A5 size planner with BIG rings.  And a snap closure. Over an inch rings please - because what good is a planner if you can't put a thousand pages in?

Oh and the thousand refill pages too, please.  Those things are expensive.

And ask Filofax why they don't make more with big rings, like they used to?  I think my quest for big rings leaves me with an A5 Finsbury which comes in Aqua and is quite lovely.

For Audrey.

Because Santa, contrary to popular belief  - You can never have enough nail polish.
P.S. For Audrey would totally rock Mrs. Claus


Foamy, coffee goodness with Gusto!

Sometime on October 25, I wrote a post complaining about grounds in my coffee and a few hours later Mom Central wrote asking, Do you want to take the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto for a test drive?  Please, I hate to beg but please can I?

And for anyone who doesn't know what a Dolce Gusto is; here they are in all their delicious coolness.  


I picked out the Creativa (the one on the right) whose tag line is, Your wish is my command.  

It doesn't get much better then that.

It describes itself like this - And man, I like a coffee maker that describes it's own self, because now that's advanced -  "I am the ultimate combination of customization and automation. I am technology working for you.  So advanced I can almost read  your mind."

It looks kind of moderny-retro to me, it's wish is my command and guess what?  No grounds!

There's more.  The coffee goes in the machine as flavor capsules and not only coffee (you can make things like hot chocolate and iced tea, too) and Creativa - we're on a first name basis, almost going steady - figures what capsules go in, and in what order,  based on what drink I want.  I mean...  C'mon. Right?

I don't know about you but in the morning it's nice not have to think before I've had my coffee and I certainly don't want to have to think about the coffee itself.  I just want it, I don't know, there in front of me.  Hot and really, really delicious.



As an aside this isn't my first single cup rodeo -  I've used two other single serve coffee brewers.  I owned and gave away two  Senseo units (can't say I didn't try with that one). And I've tried Keurigs in hotels and offices and I don't know. They were fine but nothing that seemed more then a cup of coffee, albeit a cup of coffee without grounds.

The coffee out of the Dolce Gusto was definitely more coffee house coffee, foam and all. It's fast.  It's easy It's got lots of  scrumptious flavor options.  It's wish is my command.

And it looks rockin' cool on my kitchen counter.

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and received a coffee machine to facilitate my review.”


Monday, November 22, 2010

Random chickeny information and meat whackers

Random chickeny stuff today and my Christmas Kitchen Wish List (if my family reads my blog and most don't and I find that so odd - but what evs....)  For the last two months when I get a good sale on boneless chicken breasts I've been putting them in a ziploc and pounding the heck out of them before freezing them and Holy Scallopini, Batman!  Why didn't I do for the last eight feet three hundred inches of years?

The result:

1. Freezes flat but then can stand up like little frozen chicken breast soldiers ready to go into cooking battle.
2. Thaws like nobodies business in a pot of cold water (microwave thawing is more like microwave stewing).
3.  The resulting flattened cutlets cook evenly in a more then timely manner and Boy Howdy! about that...
D.  The are so easy to bread or..
5.  Slice for stir frying or
6.  Poach for sandwiches or...
G.  Holy Poultry anything!
8.  And a random boneless, skinless aside - The best stuff to make breadcrumbs stick to skinless chicken is Hellman's Mayo.   Juicy is all I got to say.

And on to my gift list.

1.  I need a meat whacker -  what do you call those things that flatten meat?  Because meat whacker sounds wrong, just really, really wrong.

2.  I need a rack that goes onto a roasting pan so your whacked meat doesn't sit in it's, juices.

This is getting worse and worse.

3.  I need a meat thermometer.  I left my electronic one out in the rain and it's dead now and I'm a nut about underdone poultry. 


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