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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cape May-ing it

I've been in Cape May, NJ the last few days and oh. I sure needed a break from that painting the bathroom thing.  I can hardly step into a bathroom without shaking.

See, it's taking beaucoup coats of primer to cover what's in there but I don't want to talk about that.   I've really never talked about where I stay in Cape May; always the same place.  The Grand Hotel.

There are a lot of amazing (and this is really what Cape May is famous for) Victorian Bed and Breakfasts and high end places like Congress Hall but I keep going back to The Grand Hotel.  It's across from the beach and if I have the door open I can hear the surf and well, to me that is huge.  If I can't sleep at night I go out on the balcony - Balconies, reason two - and it calms me.  And then there's the indoor pool.  Maybe there is another one around but I've not found it...

The rooms are nice...


They've been redone since I first started going.


The tub is long enough for a 5'9" person to stretch out.  I like that in a tub.   A lot.


There's a small kitchen area outside the bathroom with a fridge and a microwave.  They will give you a two cup coffee maker if you ask but I always bring my own because trying to deal with my morning coffee in a two cup maker is like trying to bake a wedding cake in an Easy Bake Oven.


The beds are comfy and new.


And there is a sleeper sofa/seating area but for me it's being so close to the ocean and the balcony that makes me come back.  It's waking up in the morning and seeing the sunrise.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rinse and spit? Absotoothalutely with Listerine and Reach

A few weeks ago Mom Central wrote and asked me, do you want to be part of the Listerine Oral Care Challenge Blog Tour and I said, Uh huh, absotoothalutely  and I have a really good reason.  Two actually.

I know exactly two people - and just two -  who reached eighty years old and still had their teeth and both used Listerine daily.    Listerine and Reach (another product I use, more later) have teemed up with America's Toothfairy to launch "Trick or Treat for America's Toothfairy," a campaign to raise awareness of pediatric dental disease and help provide life changing care to under-served children.

 The goal of the blog  challenge is to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash twice a day for three weeks.  With my kid.  Who's nineteen.  And never had a cavity and at this point kind of thinks what's he's doing is dandy.   And he doesn't floss.  

But listen - They sent me some products to do this challenge.  And sure they are geared towards kids but I apparently have the same taste in dental hygiene products as I do in nail polish (that of the  average five year old) and so I am rockin' the Listerine Anti-Cavity Barbie Smart Rinse and my kid, guess what?

Well, let me back up about that rinse first, you brush your teeth and then rinse and spit and oh, I would love to show you the array of Barbie pink bits that come out but yeah, that's gross.  I'm an adult - You'd think I brush well but I still have Barbie pink fall out so I had my kid do the same thing with the Batman version and he had Batman green shrapnel in the sink so,  yeah - he was all in too. And Batman (he said that's the 'good' version of Batman by the way - whatever that means)  now has a home his bathroom.

When I'm done with these bottles, I'm buying more.

He also liked the taste and me too.   It doesn't taste minty but when you're done - your mouth feels cleaner and  fresh and it's funny my kid said exactly the same thing.

Now, about the Reach Access Flosser. Another thing I've used forever ( Well, since they came out because obvioulsy I couldn't use it before they came out - And to continue) because it makes flossing easy and flossing isn't easy for me.   I have a small mouth, no really.  The Dentist said so and flossing is just hard.

And wisdom teeth. Ever try to get back that far?  Trying to floss wisdom teeth with regular floss is like trying to floss the teeth of someone standing behind you through the back of your own face so - yeah.  That's why I use this...

Every once in a while I have a hard time finding them but - my drugstore will always get them if they are out.   Why everyone doesn't use them, I have no idea.  The angle on the flosser is perfect.   I could go on here but once you get to the word 'perfect', why?

Watch out for sticky candy on Halloween, but if you eat it rinse with some of that Barbie Smart Rinse!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of LISTERINE and REACH and received products to take the Oral Care Challenge. Mom Central Consulting also sent me a Global Giving gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Atomic Ranch Magazine for Retro Tuesday

I wanted to do a really, really nice feature on a magazine I found over the weekend and by the way - Where have you been all my life, Atomic Ranch?

Seems it's been around since 2004 and I missed it until I was taking a break from painting my bathroom hell and went to Border's Books to get out of the house.  I didn't plan on going to Border's I just wanted to get out.


The places you can go covered with paint without appearing like a total fruit loopean boob are limited.  I figured Home Depot and Border's Books.

And I wasn't sure about Border's but I wasn't going to Home Depot.  One. More. Time.

So Border's it was and there in the magazine racks I saw this...

And no kidding the Heaven's parted and I heard Angels singing ....  (And they were singing, Take that and HA! - And it was directed to all the designers on HGTV who go into houses and say - Oh.  No.  Just no.  That dreadful kitchen will have to be gutted to make room for stainless....  Except they were doing it in the kindest of ways because they were Angels.)

So I bought the magazine.  Like you thought I didn't?  And took it home and sat for like, a million, million hours memorizing every thing in it and said, Oh for sure - Retro Tuesday.

And then went back to painting and now, Where is it?   It's probably under toothpaste tubes and body lotion that are not in my being painted bathroom but strewn everywhere.

So.  I will do the actual magazine another Tuesday but please - Go find this magazine.  Go to the site.  Go to a bookstore.  But go


Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm sick of coffee grounds... And primer although it lightens up coffee nicely

No that's a lie.  I'm sick of spitting them out.

Yeah.  That's really it.

And granted I'm cranky from painting the bathroom because now that I'm doing it I remember clearly there's nothing I hate more then painting except maybe priming.   And I'm writing this on a priming break but...

I've purchased four coffee pots in the last few years and all of them say they will make 12 cups - but -  and it's a big but....  Like a but the size you'd have to lay down to zip your jeans over that big ol' BUT .... if I try and make 12 cups the water doesn't quite go through the filter fast enough, reaches the tippy top and spills over dumping grounds in my coffee.

And I've tried the ones with the gold permanent filters, it's not the paper filters.  I don't know what it is...

I made smaller pots of coffee for a while but why - Why?- should I have to do that if the pots say I can make 12 cups and have a 12 cup maximum water line?  And I know there is a maximum coffee amount - I'm using that too.  That's usually 10 Tablespoons although to be honest - I like stronger coffee then that, but whatever, I seem stuck with 10 and even that's too much.

So if anyone knows the deal with this and has found a solution I'd really like to know because drinking coffee in the morning around here is a lot like sifting through dirt.

Is there a mirarculous coffee maker I haven't tried that produces liquid coffee (although after buying so many I'm not sure I can really justify spending any more money on one. more. try....)

Or is there some method of brewing honed over the ages...

Send help!
Grounds between my teeth...

PS -  I'm trying to paint before Home Depot comes to install the floor I bought from them and am failing miserably.  I know when they see it they will be all, Who did that paint job to themselves... and hopefully it will not be twitpic'ed to good painters all over the world as a what not to do.   I'm ill.  I'm sore.   I'm failing.   And I don't think I'm worthy of  Martha Stewart Paint...

And I've got grounds in my coffee.  

Thank you.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend round-up, ICBINB coupon winners, Paint colors, and clutter

ICBINB COUPON WINNERS! -  Da Dude  Lynette  yardsailor
cstironkat  lee  Email me guys with your addresses and I will get the coupons in the mail to you and Lynette I got your package ;)

Spackle dust - Oh man.  So what started as cracked bathroom tiles ended up being a major bathroom redo which is kind of why I haven't been around much this week.  I'm having a new bathroom floor put in next week which means I need to paint the whole thing.  Well, need might be an over statement but I decided that since I was getting the new floor - I picked out this...

...They are these pebbly river stones and feel really nice against bare feet.  I know.  I walked on them at Home Depot -

I might as well paint.

But it was hard to decide.  Well, beyond that I wanted to use aqua.  But everything in there is white and aqua and white is very one dimensional.  So it took forever to pick what I wanted to do.

Until yesterday when I was in Home Depot getting primer.  Did you know Martha Stewart has paint because I didn't.   My favorite color was ballet slipper pink -  

On line that color just looks 'eh what's the big deal pink' but in person that color is the color of pink ballet dreams and I immediately wanted to paint every surface in my house that color including the dog and everyone who lives here....  Swear.  

Because that was so not going to happen I chose these three colors for my bathroom...

Sea Glass  (Omg the name alone...)

and one of these two...

I'm sitting here looking at the chips and the colors aren't quite what they look like online but they will give you an idea.  The aqua is aquaier, the gray is a bit warmer and the green is, well greener and looks nothing like a pair of khaki pants like it does on line so - yeah.  I'm showing the virtual paint chips anyway...  So.   I'm thinking I will paint mostly gray and a little aqua and do accessories in the green.  But I haven't bought anything yet.  So, what do you guys think?

Besides the spackle and the primer nothings set in stone - except the floor which actually is stone. 

Decluttering the costume jewelry - While I was hanging around the master bedroom taking a break from the spackle dust my costume jewelry was making me crazy.  It was taking over my night table.


I bought some Command Hooks and voilĂ !


Yep, it worked so well it made me speak French...

It might seem silly to be so thrilled but it's really perfect.  "Good" jewelry has a home but the costume stuff is kind of bulky and I don't know - homeless.  Well, except for my nightstand which was a real pain.  Anyway I hung everything in my closet and it's working so well. 

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