The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-10-10

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Planner obsessed still, will it never end?

I'm still planner obsessed.   And since it's getting close to the new year planners are EVERY. WHERE... It's making me nuts.  I didn't even go out shopping for planners, I went out to take pictures, see?

route 202 somerset county nj

But somehow I end up at a store with planners because this time of year they are everywhere.  It's awful for an addict like me plus that I even want one is redillillus since I have one.  See?


At the bottom of all the junk in my purse in that very retro looking cover is a moleskine planner.  But really, I still wanted yet another one so I decided to pull the planner out and screw with it.

Well, if you want to get technical, doing things to a moleskine isn't called screwing with it; it's called moleskine hacking.  There are tons of websites devoted to moleskine hacks and what I did...

moleskine hack on datebook - outside cover


moleskine hack on datebook - inside cover

Even though I did put buttons on the inside...

So for now, I'm good with my jazzed up planner.   I bet next time I go shopping I will want one again though...  Maybe I'll have to turn another moleskine into something else to calm my planner craving nerves - Like an iPod case.  Or wallet.  Or safe.  And no, I'm not kidding.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Is that green stuff new cheese or old meat?

A few weeks ago someone named Christine emailed me regarding cleaning out my fridge and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter but there's something odd about that fridge.  Here's the thing: My son hooked up this webcam and every time I sit at the desktop it's staring me in the face so I think that thing's on even though my kid swears it's not.

I jerk it's cord right out of the USB  port anyway cause well, I'm like that.  And yet,  I still feel like that things EYE BALLIN' ME  so I've taken to knocking it off the top of the monitor.

What does this all have to do with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and cleaning my fridge?  Well.  I think that webcam was on all the time because it gives a straight shot into the kitchen and right into my fridge...

...and this is the view


And the story (I'm telling myself is)  TRACY'S FRIDGE-CAM ended up on some condiment hoarding site.


Cause things aren't going much better in the door where the horseradish is...

And people visited by the millions just to see the petrified oranges and mystery deli (All of Vegas is betting, Is that green stuff new cheese or old meat?)  

And somehow Christine saw the webcam and read about me being on Weight Watchers and she noticed that I have four (yes, four kinds of butter) and said to herself, Oh this girl needs a fridge make-over and some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.  Fast.

And she emailed me. 

At least that's my version of the events because that webcam is clearly making me crazy.

She sent me the steps in case I didn't know how to clean my fridge. And yeah.   Clearly I don't...  Would anyone like to join me doing this because after I get passed step one it's going to lonely in my empty fridge...

Step 1

Turn down the temperature a few degrees since the door will be open during the cleaning process.  This will prevent the fridge from getting too warm, ensuring that you can safely put everything back in when you’re done.

Remove everything inside, and perform a “freshness audit,” throwing away anything that is passed its prime (make sure to check expiration dates, especially on infrequently used products.)

Step 2

 Remove all of the shelves, drawers, and anything else that can be taken out.

Using your clean sponge, wipe down the entire inside of the fridge with clean, soapy water.

Use mild dish soap for your suds as opposed to a harsh multi-purpose cleaner - if you wouldn’t clean your dishes with it, it’s probably not something you want to clean your fridge with!

To ensure you’ve rinsed away all of the soapy water, wipe everything down with a vinegar/water solution to get your fridge smelling clean.

Step 3

 Repeat step 2 for any shelves, drawers, etc. – first with soapy water, then a rinse with the vinegar water before reinserting back in the refrigerator.

Add your fresh opened box of baking soda to help collect future odors.

Turn the temperature back to a normal cooling setting.

I'll have other things to post because this involves making your fridge over HEALTHY after you get the petrified fruit out of there, removing any take out containers hiding behind the Orange Juice way in the back to the left of Gdansk, and chiseling any thing off that needs chiseling.

Anyone up to it?  I'll have some coupons to give away soon.

Cover me, I'm going in...


 *ICBINB sent me some things to make my fridge makeover easier, they did not send me a new fridge or anything.*


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ginger's Meatloaf Jerky Dog Treats and her daily homemade food

The recipe for Ginger's Meatloaf Jerky is pretty easy (and I had a ton of requests for the recipe) so Ginger thought I should post it.  But I decided to post what I feed her everyday too since I think many people don't made their dogs food and might be curious about what I feed her.

Honestly, I think you could really do a combination of anything and it's the cooking method that's important - Not so much the ingredients but this is what I used:

1 package of ground turkey (they come prepacked here - and are about a pound)
1/2 cup baby carrots
1 egg

And that's it.  I processed it all together until it was a paste.  I think processing it is important because I don't think it will stick together well for the drying out part if it's not but you can't prove that by me because I didn't experiment,
I shaped the paste into a meatloaf shape in a foil lined  baking dish.  I did spray the foil with some kind of spray.  And I baked the paste loaf until done at about 350 degrees.  It took at least an hour.

When it was done I let it cool about half an hour then sliced it as thin as possible with out making them so thin they crumbled - This is not an easy task actually.  Maybe quarter inch?

Bake several hours turning over every hour as low as you're oven will go with the door open - mine was 170 but 150 is probably better.

I let these go about 4 or five hours which means they aren't technically jerky and aren't completely dehydrated so I'm refrigerating them.

I plan to do this again with pictures but until then, this really is what I did.

As for her daily food....I started cooking her food a few years ago when there was a problem with tainted dog food and because she's small it wasn't impractical to continue.   If I had a large dog...  I don't know.  10 pounds of ground lamb a month might break me.

Until a few months ago she was eating ground turkey, not lamb, but with age the lamb seems to agree with her more...

I cook one pound of ground lamb in water and drain it to remove the fat.  I add more water, don't know how much - a lot.  Bring to a boil and add a handful of frozen veggies and about half a cup of rice.

I pretty much cook this until the rice is done and then drain.  I store it in several small containers because it goes bad in the fridge, fast.  So I keep one out and freeze two.

When I feed her she gets some of this and about a spoonful of cottage cheese or farmer's cheese - low sodium preferable.   Honestly, she's doing really really well on this and has been for years.  The vets says, keep doing what you're doing with her so, um...'kay.  Will do.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

meatloaf jerky, animal digest, retro tuesday winner, vintage buttons, I'm covered in vinegar and whew - exhausted....

I totally missed Retro Tuesday because... Well, let me start with the meatloaf jerky.

Remember the other day I wanted to make a treat for Ginger and I got the idea I could make her meatloaf jerky. Well, she loves the stuff and I love that I can give her something crunchy but not hard which works with her sporadic tooth situation.   I do have to remember that it's meatloaf and not melba toast which is what it looks like but man...

She'd totally eat it all day, if I'd let her.

Plus I know what's in there.  I've been looking at the ingredients in dog snacks and the first problem is they list  them but not the sodium content per se, which I'm trying to watch because she's old and the second problem is ... They list them....

Just what the heck is 'animal digest' I want to know.   Because I want to tell you something, Gentle People - I took college level Anatomy and Physiology courses and I was an A student.  No kidding, it was my favorite class.  I studied  Anatomy.  I dissected Anatomy.  And never once in all those years did I  pull anything out of anywhere hold it up and say to the professor, Yo! Teach, what the heck's this?  

...and get the response ...Ah class! Behold the elusive animal digest..  

Just sayin'....

And I was going to explain why I didn't do Retro Tuesday but that took too long although it has to do with this...


and this too..


But I'm too exhausted and covered with vinegar to go into it now. So onto the winner of this!


(And a little about the giveaway for this week)

BabesMami is the winner of this weeks giveaway because she makes every day  Make Up Monday! I realized you had to be the winner the other day when my son said to me, There are three forms of matter in the Universe... Solid, Liquid and Gas...

And I said, no there are four.  Solid, Liquid, Gas and Eyeliner...

You rock my world, BabesMami!

Email me, Girl.

Next weeks giveaway will be for...


I make these key fobs with vintage buttons and I'm giving one away.  But since you guys might not be jazzed at the thought of someone's homemade crafts I'm throwing in something really good too...

These are pretty cool.  

The biggest is about the size of a nickle.  I know how much a lot of you guys love vintage buttons so a giveaway seemed, I don't know.  So right.  Especially since I'm forcing my homemade crap on you.

How do you win?

Next Retro Tuesday I will announce the winner and I'm going to pick in one of these ways...  All comments this whole week are eligible  and I will pick the comment that made me laugh the most... or the one that made me think the most... or the one smack mid-week... or I will print them all out and line Tazzy's cage with them and the comment she poops on first will win.  

I also reserve the right to choose some other totally insane way to pick at the last minute...


Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Monday falala

I have a whole lot of things to say today and they really don't fit into one post but I'm going to do it anyway.

1.  The winner of Cookbook giveaway is Russ at Grampy's World!  Email me Russ!

2.  Ginger's been having a rough time of it lately.


She's an old girl and is now on two medicines and Holy Second Income, Batman - Do you have any idea how much dog medicine costs?  For the last few years she's been getting up four or five times a night ostensibly to pee -  And snoring up a storm.

Turns out she's had arthritis and a chronic sinus infection caused by tooth decay all this time and how guilty to do feel about now?  In my pathetic defense, I will say I did get her teeth done regularly but as she aged I did them less because you don't want to give anesthesia to a dog her age.

One night  about a month ago she woke up shrieking and I took her to the vet the next day, I swear I thought that was 'it'.  Turns out it was pain.  On the follow up visit to the vet a week later she was put on an antibiotic for her teeth and her stop a U-Haul breath is now daisy fresh, and the snoring is so much better.

She's on her second round of antibiotics, and will remain on the rimadyl but she only wakes up once a night now.  I'm going to ask the vet to throw in a little extra snoring antibiotic for me next time....

3.  I recently got a community cookbook that has hands down the strangest recipe I've ever seen.  I don't  know what made me look twice at it because when flipping through the pages it doesn't stand out.  I didnt' know what an odd-ball it was until I read this.


Could that not win, well win something if there was a prize for things like this.  And really, what would make a (rational) person think of mixing vinegar, butter, flour, mustard, sugar, egg and salt - Heating it and then pouring it over a package of marshmallows?

But read on because there's a pint of cream and mayonnaise involved too.  Plus all the chunky bits.


The recipe reminds me of something that would get poured down your throat as an alternative for  a stomach pump should you ingest motor oil.

To me everything about that recipe would induce vomiting.... and what wouldn't would absorb toxins.

4. I found a lip balm /chap stick I love - It's called EOS and it comes in a little egg shaped thing.


I love that you don't have to stick your finger in them to put them on, the tops click lock so they stay closed in my purse and I love the way they smell.  Plus they stay on really, really well.  Unbelievably well.  Like over an hour, way over.  For a chap stick thing?  Fab.

Here's the links to the flavors :
I keep the little egg things in my purse so no problem but I realized the day I was going to put one in my jeans, not going to happen.  It looked decidedly testicular.

5. I've decided to try and make Ginger dog treats. At this very moment I'm attempting meatloaf jerky.  I'll let you know if it's a winner or just, um just jerky.


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