The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-10-03

Friday, October 8, 2010

When apathy is love

Last week-end my kid brought Izzy over to meet Mongo because she's the cutest Chihuahua puppy in the history of cute Chihuahua puppies and she  makes everyone smile.  You just have to smile, you can't help yourself.


I take that back.  Someone can help it.


Ginger was pretty much, Izzy talk to the tail cause the face don't buy that cute business - sell it to the upright-walkers.

But in Ginger's defense she's horrible with other dogs and for her, apathy is practically a love fest.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had a big response to yesterday's Want to win a cookbook Today? post so....


I decided to give away another cookbook today so someone else could win like Jeanette did yesterday!  In case you're wondering that wasn't planned - Today's giveaway is for coupons for FREE SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER!



And yep, still is  but I've decided to give away the cookbook again too because the recipes in there are great!  These two for example....

Ragu No Boil Baked Ziti and...


Well, to be honest my kid and his friend did the grunt work but they look pretty happy about it.   Check  out the recipe links.  Both are totally worth having even if you don't win the cookbook!

So, I'm giving away a Family Dish Cookbook and 2 coupons (That's 3 winners) today to US residents who comment or Tweet or both on this post and let me know what recipe sounds good to them and...Hmmmm. 

Yep.  That's it.  Just the comment or Tweet @ ( with the hastag #thefamilydish

It doesn't have to be one of mine.  All the recipes contributed by Family Dish Bloggers can be found HERE... 

PS - all these comments will be counted toward my other giveaway too so yay! 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Want to win a cookbook TODAY?

I posted a lot of great recipes over at  The Family Dish like...

But there are lots of other ones ....

I'm giving away a Family Dish Cookbook today to a US resident who comments on this post and lets me know what recipe sounds good to them and...Hmmmm.  Yep.  That's it.  Just the comment.

It doesn't have to be one of mine.  All the recipes contributed by Family Dish Bloggers can be found HERE... 

PS - all these comments will be counted toward my other giveaway too so yay!


Coloradolady: Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Planters

Coloradolady: Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Planters


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wacky Retro Tuesday Giveaway Announcment

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway a week, we'll see how it goes.  I want to run it from Retro Tuesday to Retro Tuesday and EVERY SINGLE COMMENT I GET ALL WEEK WILL BE AN ENTRY.

Now will this be unwieldy you ask?  I know, I can hear you...

No.  Here's the thing.  Next Retro Tuesday I will announce the winner and I'm going to pick in one of these ways...  From all the comments this whole week I will pick the comment that made me laugh the most... or the one that made me think the most... or the one smack mid-week... or I will print them all out and line Tazzy's cage with them and the comment she poops on first will win.  

I also reserve the right to choose some other totally insane way to pick at the last minute...

The short answer is I'm going to pick someone and I'm not going to Random.Org it.  Maybe that seems odd but as someone I know said to her kids when they yelled, Hey, that's not fair!   

Kids this is not a democracy, it's a benevolent dictatorship and it's my house.

Or in this case, my blog.

So the prize.  I have this way cool hardcover book, one of The Homemaker's Encylcopedia's copyright 1952.  The prize this week is for Housekeeping Made Simple...


250 + pages of priceless advice described as...


That description sits in the front of the book next to the one color picture there is...


The rest are black and white but they are great, like this one of a woman checking her hubby's business suit for body fluids à la  CSI...


All comments EXCEPT ANONYMOUS COMMENTS are eligible from today until next Tuesday October 12, 2010 ON ANY POST THIS WEEK NOT JUST THIS ONE for this fabulous bit of crazy fun nostalgia.   I'll mail it anywhere to anyone based on my own rules which may change at any moment.

Comment as often as you want.  There is no penalty for double commenting unlike my other giveaways.  

I don't plan to have them all be Retro-Related but I don't know yet.  I may or may not do another one, but I don't know yet.  I guess I'll see how this one goes.

Leave me your email, check back, follow me or do something so I can find you. I will announce the winner next week and will attempt to contact you once but I will not make myself crazy.  

If I can't track you down in a reasonable amount of time (my choice on the terms of reasonable) I'll be saddened and sob a little but I will get over it.    I won't hold this for you forever.  


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Coupon Goddess has spread her magic my way

I've been reading The Coupon Goddess's Blog a lot lately.  I've tried a lot of times to make coupons work for me and I always end up with a purse full of bar-coded confetti.  Wait.  Make that expired bar-coded confetti.  But I still read her blog because I"m fascinated by people who make it work for them and I hope that some of it will rub off on me.

This weekend I was as CVS buying, oh.  Well, okay... yeah.  I admit it mostly makeup and I need a 12 step for it but listen that's not even my point here.  I took a look at my receipt and was all,  Well slap my momma.

I think The Goddess has finally rubbed some of her coupon magic on me cause listen to this...

I bought:

1 Revlon Nail Polish in Galaxy - To die for if your like 12....  $4.79
1 Revlon Nail Polish in Summer Beach - Chartreuse - Ditto on being 12...   $4.79
1 Revlon Multi-Use Palette ...  A more mature product   $6.99
1 pack of Scrunchi things to keep my hair back when I'm putting on all this crap $5.99
1 Some sort of Dental Floss  $4.39

Okay, here's the magic I didn't realize till I got outside.

It should have come to -  $26.95  But...

I walked in there with a coupon for the Dental Floss for $1...  Plus it was on Sale for 3.99
So the Floss was not 4.39 but 2.99  Saved 1.40

The Scrunchis where 5.99

The makeup though - CVS had a promo on Revlon; buy $15 get $7 off.  And I had $2 in extra care Bucks.  And I had buy $25 get $5 off... 

So the makeup should have been 4.79 + 4.79 + 6.99  = $16.57    

But once all that coupon magic came off...

$16.57 - $7 - $2 - $5 = $2.57

But because they also had another Revlon - How do they even stay in business? - Promo Buy $15 worth of products get $6 in Extra Care bucks; I left with a coupon good for $6 off another CVS  purchase.

I'm confusing myself because I'm not The Coupon Goddess ...

but I think my $26.95 purchase cost me $5.55

She visits me sometimes and I hope she comes and checks my math on this one because I can't believe I did so good.  The only explanation is that some of her Couponing Goddess Glitter Dust has found it's way to me via the internet and yay! on that!


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