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Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is not another makeup post it's an OCD post dressed up as a makeup post for Halloween.

I just went to CVS to buy this stuff...

It's called Milani Glizty 3D Glamour Gloss and everything about it called to me.  No really,  that stuff was calling like a Siren in a seafaring tale.  I'm going to change your life, buuuuuuy me.....   So I hopped in my car and hauled it to CVS and there it was.

Magical little Genie bottles full of sparkly lip gloss ready to grant me three wishes... I'm sure of it.  Anyway, CVS had all the colors and I'm standing there trying to decide which color, Leading Lady or Designer Label? And as I pick up Leading Lady, Oh Crap.   None of them are sealed.  The odd thing is they don't looked opened either (nothing looked peeled off...)

I decide I'm being stupid, grab Leading Lady and walk away.  I'm so imagining my lips all 3D glossy and picking out my three wishes when OCD gives me a chop to the throat and asks, What the hell do you think you're doing, Missy?

I go back to the display and look at all the other stuff and it is, in fact... all sealed.  Tick tock tick tock... I have it out with my OCD.

Me:  Stop being a giant party pooper germaphobe baby.

OCD:  Every two year old who walked passed that display used 3D Glamour Gloss wands to play, Look Mommy! I'm a Walrus! up his nose.

And... as I'm sure you can imagine...  I'm home and glossless and very, very sad.  I guess the moral of the story is if you go shopping for magical lip gloss do not have your OCD ride shot gun.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

My son started college this month...

I wrote about my kid not going to college last year because right out of high school he went into an apprenticeship for guitar repair. He's a Luthier.


It was the perfect thing for him (for a lot of reasons) although there are zero resources available for high school seniors wanting to continue their education in alternative ways; in fact the school was a bit, I don't know...

Are you sure you want to do that? Don't you want a few letters of recommendation, anyway?  Well, here's a list of.... the word REAL visibly floating in this pause.... schools that have music programs....

You could see the smell they felt over the whole thing.  It was as if he'd said, My plan is to go into the Sanitation Arts.   And so what if he had? 

They pushed for him to go somewhere, it felt like anywhere the hell else.  I'm sure they would see it differently.  The end result  was just sad because he could have used help with  financing his education and Hello. It was an education.  And instead of spending all that time trying to get him to go somewhere, anywhere the hell else how about helping him find a way to pay for his education?

Like they did for every other kid in that school...  Um, I'm going to stop now before I have to get down off a soap box....

And to continue - Alternatives schools are not cheap and much more expensive then many colleges.  His six month apprenticeship came with a  $9,000 tuition and the anticipated  $1500  in tools ended up being twice that, plus.  And he had to live somewhere.  And eat.  Have you ever fed and eighteen year old boy?


Many (most) apprenticeships are not eligible for student loans.  This one wasn't so you have to cover ever single cost with a personal loan (Or your Grandfather. Thank you so much again, Pop-Pop).


It was the hardest thing he ever did.  Very worth it, personally expanding but really, really hard (I wrote about it here).  I don't know who grew up more, him or me but when he was done and he moved back home I was probably more relieved.


He worked full-time doing guitar repair from graduation day until this summer and he decided to go back to school.  College.  He started at the beginning of the month.


He's still doing guitars and ultimately wants a business but he...  I'm not sure actually.   I asked why a few times.  He told me he missed Science classes; he loved them in high school.  He wasn't done learning.  A few other things...

I think he partly missed being a kid a little;  like he lost that a bit too fast.  But maybe not, that could just be maternal conjecture. Plus it doesn't really matter.  I think you should never stop learning whatever the reason.

I have a lot of respect that he went back because school was so far from Disney for him it was like, I don't know. What's the opposite of Disney? The movie Saw with report cards?   I spent huge amounts of time  trying to get him help.  The bigger problem was if I was( even) able to get it I had to get him to take it, and he didn't want too.

In college he has to work all that out himself.   Plus manage the details.  Details are not his thing.  I'd like to write about all of that but I need to ask him.

So honey, I'm very proud of you for taking on something that you know is hard.  It's not often people are willing to do that.  Especially when there will be tests.  Rock on, Baby.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The fascination continues...

I'm still fascinated with lotions and makeup.  If I was a fifteen year old doing a video on YouTube I'd say I was obsessed.  Totally.

Which I kinda am.

There is a whole world I never knew about SWEARTOOOOOHMYGAWD and those girls are wearing eye cream already so by the time they get to my age of well,  never mind that.  They are going to look... remarkably the way the do now instead of pedaling backwards like me but oh well you can't cry over spilled milk and unworn sunscreen... Well, you can but it just makes your eyelids puff and your mascara run.

I have a few more things that I found that are cheap and I thought I'd write about since videos are out until you can Photoshop them.

An important aside -  Many of the items I get are from CVS and RiteAid - Both have a liberal return policy (I also added Rite Aids internet coupon policy for you) and you can return opened and tried items.  I copied the policies at the bottom of the post and linked to the websites should you want to print them out.  Sometimes cashiers need to see the policies themselves for some reason before taking back opened items and it helps to have it with you.


Olay Body Quench Plus Age Defying Lotion   I saw the actual Good Housekeeping Research Institute lab where they did the testing for this article The Winners of Good Housekeeping's First Annual Anti-Aging Awards It's in the October 2010 issue but that's a link if you can't wait.

The lab is something and so was the testing.  This lotion won Honorable Mention in Best Body  " Moisturizers that, over time, can also firm, smooth, and even out skin, plus enhance radiance."

I'm all up in the firming lifting thing so I checked the ingredients and surprisingly Hoyer Lift wasn't there but it rated almost as high as the cream costing $50 more and who can argue with 820 volunteers, more than 3,000 lab tests, and 1,800+ questionnaires?

It feels great and leaves my skin very (did I emphasize very enough because it's VERY with caps not just very without) smooth and not greasy.  The cream itself is thicker then a lotion, not runny you know?  And it the sweetest pink.   13.5 fl. oz (400 ml for anyone fluent in metric) and I paid $7.67.

I'll let you know if anything gets firmer or lifted.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss   This stuffs really pretty, what can I say, somethings just come down to that.  But I guess if I had to say something else...  It's not sticky, it hangs around on your lips a long time for a gloss, the colors show up and it doesn't make you feel like someone rammed you with a stick of margarine.

Oh I guess I did have more to say after all.   I have a few but my favorite is one that came out this year, Firecracker.  It's the second on from the right and I know it looks crazy red but on, I don't know... It's just a bit red.  Like lip red not LOOK AT MY RED FREAKING LIPS RED, if you know what I mean?

Its around $6 but CVS and Riteaid both put Revlon on sale every other week it seems, as a buy one get one or something like that plus there are always coupons.  I have two of them and didn't pay anywhere near $6 plus got $5 in CVS extra care bucks so try one but wait for the right combination of sale and coupon - You won't have to wait long.

Elf Studio Lip Stain -  This was a bummer because it wasn't their one dollar line and I paid three dollars.  It's supposed to be a lip stain on one side and a clear glaze on the other.   Nope.  The color side doesn't dry - ever apparently.  I mean I suppose I could have waited a few more hours but how stupid would that make me?

It does get tacky but because it never dries once you put the gloss on it comes right off. 

Elf Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil -   These on the other hand I love.  I got one in teal and one in green and they really are beautiful and soft and yeah.  Love these.  And they are a dollar unlike the huge lip #Fail above.  The colors are bright and the product swatch kind of makes it look like your going to be throwing off sparkles like a disco ball...

That's the teal swatch.  But it's more a nice bright teal and less Disco Alien Tinkerbell.  To me anyway. Shimmer is probably a good word - but the the swatch looks flat out glitter.   Maybe I just have a high glitter tolerance or something.  Perhaps a better word for them would have been pearlized?

I like these a lot but the appearance on the site sort of made me think they were for fourteen year olds.  I really do like these and have worn them a lot since I got them.  Oh, I like the idea of the sharpener in the cap but I'm not finding it works that well.

And here's the policy information and the links.

First elf -  I received a damaged item, called customer service, told them the item and a new one was shipped out to me the next day.  The only information I needed was my order number.  Perfect!

The CVS/pharmacy beauty guarantee - 100% satisfaction.

Be 100% happy, or receive 100% money back on any beauty product. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can return the beauty product (opened or unopened) along with your receipt or invoice to any CVS/pharmacy store. We will refund the full purchase price—no questions asked!

The Rite Aid 100% Risk-Free Beauty Guarantee.*

Any opened or used beauty product of any brand name can be returned for a full refund when accompanied by a register receipt. Beauty categories subject to the guarantee are skin care/depilatories, sun care, bath/soap, hair care (shampoo, conditioner, styling and professional), hair color, cosmetics, ethnic beauty aids, fragrances, cosmetic organizers and personal care appliances.

Rite Aid will accept INTERNET COUPONS :

Rite Aid will accept internet / print at home coupons up to the equivalent value of $5.00 off.  A Rite Aid coupon (with the Rite Aid logo) is NOT considered an internet coupon (even if printed off the internet) and is therefore not subject to the $5.00 maximum.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How To Buy At Estate Sale

OK, so it's Retro Tuesday here at "Crazy Suburban Mom."

Two things might happen in this space today:

  1. I might write something incredible - maybe even insightful, about how to shop at Estate Sales - How to Haggle, What to look for, or some such.
  2. I might stay on topic enough, and actually write something useful about How to Buy at Estate Sales and get lucky enough to also have this post resemble at least in spirit, whatever brilliance Tracy would have shown today.
I was minding my own business

Just doing my Twitter thing - Hanging out - trying to get noticed...maybe get a ReTweet or something, when along comes Tracy suggesting I write a Retro Tuesday post about How to Buy at Estate Sales...I said yes, before thinking the whole thing through - before remembering I get stage fright when I have to dance for the first time on a new stage.

OK, because I can, I'll digress

Question: What is Retro anyway?
Answer: Something your Dad or Mom, or their Dad or Mom might have owned and thrown away as old fashioned.

Pretty straight forward isn't it? Well it wasn't always to me - the point is, what I am coming around to learn is, that the term "Retro" doesn't mean antique. It more means "Vintage."

Tip: There are still a ton of Estate Liquidators out there who are stuck in the "If it ain't an "Antique" it has no value" rut.

They don't understand "Retro" yet...

Go to their sales and pick up all the Mad Men kind of stuff you can wrap your arms around without breaking the bank.

Before we get into The How to Buy, let's look at the What to Buy question first.

I started with post cards

Then I moved to Costume Jewelry

Then I Moved On To Sterling Silver

Then I became a Generalist

My Definition of a Generalist: Someone who knows a little, sometimes very little, about a whole lot of stuff.

Here are three things I learned about along the way...

Essex Crystal

I know what an Essex Crystal is, why you should buy every one you can find, if the price is reasonable, and how come they are not very well understood by the general market place.

Gold Quartz

I know what Gold Quartz is, and that not every estate liquidator does, that you can yell "Eureka" and make big dough if ya can find some, especially if it's in a piece of old jewelry.

Michael Price Dress Dagger

I know a lot of obscure stuff like who Michael Price is, and why you'll be worth $100,000.00 more than you are now if you should ever find one of his dress daggers. I know of story of an Estate Sales Pro who once sold one of these at an estate sale for a few hundred dollars, and all that I can say, and say with a ton of relief - it wasn't me.

But Who Cares?

Here's My Axiom: The only way to develop enough savvy in this game to find these kinds of antiques, is to develop a passion.

What I am trying to say is, I always followed my passion first - way before I followed or cared about values. I let my interest dictate what I bought, and I still do.

Did I mention that along the way I made a ton of mistakes - well I did, and every one of them taught me how to get better and better at the Estate Sales Game...guess I should mention - I am an Estate Sales Professional - no, no need to applaud though...

I guess you'll have to wait until next week to read about the "How to shop Estate Sales" bit, I was sort of, supposed to write about...

Martin Codina


Monday, September 27, 2010

A metric poop-ton of years ago...

... I bought  cheap make-up at a drug store and it didn't end up being cheap at all.   My eyes swelled up like a golf balls and given that I didn't have insurance that 99¢ lilac sparkly cream eye shadow was no bargain, factoring in the cost of the doctor visit and all...

But I've had to rethink my cheap makeup phobia given some of the Youtube raves I've seen for really cheap stuff.   And apparently the new cheap stuff is lots better since the time my eyes were goflballized..

 I thought I'd post some of the drugstores stuff I've found that I like  since there is no way I'm doing videos like the cute 15 year olds do.

Generic Cetaphil   I tried other cleansers but what can I say, I keep coming back to a generic version of Cetaphil. It was recommended by my dermatologist years ago and it doesn't aggravate my skin (which seems to be a big factor in my skin problems).  I've tried the CVS version and the RiteAid one and I'm happy with both.

RiteAid has a buy one get one free this week so for $7.99 you can get 2 of them or do what I did and get one of the cleansers and one of the lotions.

Zit Zapper The zit zapper from elf is really (really) quite the product.

It costs a buck and you want to know something,  I think it works faster and better then anything I've tried ( which shocks, awes and kind of scares me) It's a spot treatment so you're not using it on skin that doesn't need it.

Acne Stress Control    I'm really happy with this as an all over treatment and prevention.

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control is a creamy gel and I like it a lot.   It's $9.99 and I use it during the day on areas that I'm likely to break out. Which is all of them except my eye balls.

Healthy Skin   And this one is Neutrogena too.  Their Healthy Skin Face Lotion with Alpha- Hydroxy Acids is what I use during the day with the Stress Control.

 I think this was a little over $9.99. After adding it I started saying to myself I might be able to skip make up someday.  And my skin feels really good now.

Ponds Magic Powder  Now this...

I had to order the Ponds Magic Powder on eBay.  It's only sold ...Hmmm... I can't remember where in Asia now.  I ordered mine from a seller in Thailand, I think.  

I use it after my moisturizer (and sometimes before bed) when I just want to wear just a powder.   They are like a matte finish/shine absorber.  And they  keep you matte for a long time.  I usually use these and than a regular powder in my color.  These are not 'face' colors and you can't use too much or you look bizarre.  Kabuki.  They are really cheap - Usually around a dollar but less then two.  I heart these quite a lot.

To keep it real...  I bought all these things  in case anyone was wondering...


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