The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-09-12

Friday, September 17, 2010

The real show...

The Intercontinental Times Square Hotel has a 42 inch flat screen in every room, but I can't take my eyes off the view out my window.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's the day I need all the new clothes...

In a few hours I leave for New York, did I just write that?  I've bought all new clothes and make-up - Thanks to everyone's help - And until Saturday I'll be away from my family which will be odd and hard and very, very quiet. 

Intercontinental New York Hotel, Times Square

It's in the middle of Times Square but it looks awfully calm and peaceful, doesn't it?


Especially the bathroom that I'm told has a waterfall shower.  I've already notified everyone if I'm missing from an event, not to worry.  I'm in that shower.


And don't come looking unless you're prepared to physically separate this woman from her waterfall.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where it's not the problem but I'm one...

I thought dealing with the wardrobe was hard but to that I say a giant,  HA!  The make-up thing is ridiculously harder in proportion and I admit I tortured Rite-Aid in the process.  Although, I'm not sure I get why they felt so tortured.

See, I found they had a great return policy.  And I quote:

Don't pay for your mistakes. (I put the rest at the bottom.)

  Perfect!  So I tried quite a few things before I found what worked.  I wasn't out to torture the girl behind the counter and honestly, I don't know what the problem was anyway.  Returns are ringing up, in reverse.

Yes, I occasionally hit a few that didn't work for me and yes, there was that day that I returned THREE Revlon products at once.   That they sell, that I bought the day before, WITH a receipt.  

The sticking point seemed to be that I stuck them in a CVS bag so the cashier announced, OH MY! You're returning ALL that? (Which felt, I don't know kinda shaming to me...) And in that bag and I better make sure you got that here.  

But the receipt is yours, the products match - Just look...

Yes, but the BAG is from CVS, Manager to register one, Dawn to your register for customer assistance!   (I was gumming up the works and they had to open, not one but,  two cash registers now...)

And so it began.  She  matched up each product with the receipt, eye-balling the CVS bag suspiciously between each of the three items. Eye-balling the line behind me, eye-balling everything except well, me.  No eye contact what so ever.  I started to explain the problem with the products cause at that point I felt like I had too, but she kinda Ssssshushed me, like she really had to concentrate.


Or didn't want to hear it.

The transaction took a total of about nine hours, I think.  I'm not exactly sure because I  took in a movie while she was calculating the amount of time it would take for the light from the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation to get to the Moon. 

When it was over I got my credit.  And um, I guess they did what the policy said but man, it was kind of - What's the word?  The policy says it's, Not a problem.  Well - Hm.  I guess in a sense because I did get my money back so it's not a problem to get your money back. But it was kind of unpleasant. 

And to be honest, maybe getting your money back isn't a problem but I sure felt like one. 

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Trying new products is one of the great joys of visiting Beauty Isle.
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The Rite Aid 100% Risk-Free Beauty Guarantee.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That pale red blotchy thing

I've been wearing make-up every day for the last two weeks and it's been interesting.  I learned that putting on eyeliner is a lot like riding a bike and while every other part of my face looks like a five year old found her mom's stuff; my eyeliner wings are freaking perfection.

I also didn't know everything that can be learned, can be learned on You Tube for example did you know:

1.  You can make a homemade version of those pore strips to suck out your blackheads?  I know, right?  And there are several versions. Some people use a thin layer of Elmer's Glue, which um, I don't know.  Some use layers of egg white and toilet paper.  My favorite and the one I tried is ONE TABLESPOON OF KNOX UNFLAVORED GELATIN AND ONE TABLESPOON OF MILK MICROWAVED FOR 10 SECONDS.

It produces a warm goo that dries in 10 - 15 minutes and works as well, maybe better actually now that I'm thinking of it, then Biore Pore Strips. 

2.  And how 'bout this -You can use a thin layer of MILK OF MAGNESIA under your make-up as a base to keep the shine away.  All day.

 And I did try it.  It's pretty drastic - And yes, you do have to go and buy the laxative in that bright blue bottle - Original flavor only please -  and it's very drying; pore puckering almost.  But you do look matte after doing it.  Very.

3.  You can learn how to mingle at a party on You Tube which, I don't know.  Learning how to mingle via a video?  Sitting on my bed alone, learning to be social seemed just sad and I went and looked up eyeliner.

The other thing about make-up is that now when I'm not wearing it um, yeah -  Like yesterday morning I hear -

What's the matter with your face?

And I look at it in the mirror and think, shoot.  It's 6:30 in the morning but it looks fine.  Pillow creases not withstanding.  So I say, Nothings wrong with it, why?

It looks all pale and those red blotchy parts.

So I look again and, Ohhhhhhh....   and say, Oh that's just my face now that I'm wearing make-up you forgot what it looks like.

And I guess that might be the biggest downside to wearing it.  What used to be my face is now 'that pale red blotchy thing.'


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