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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wardrobe Improvements!

I've finally pulled a wardrobe together for my trip next week.  Mostly. 

Thanks guys for hanging in with me and thank you,  Chris Oh.  I met Chris on Twitter and she's been helping me.   I had no idea Chris did brand/style consulting for individuals and corporate clients and had a company COH Styled  I mean, I pretty much just knew she rocked the fashion thing.    I emailed her one day and said something like,  you think Unilever would notice that a fuzzy pink bathrobe isn't a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress?

  And I've been running all my choices through the ChrisOh-Filter ever since. 

Everything goes together in a matchy-matchy way (I'm so sorry Chris - I know this is a HUGE no-no) ; more then I matchy-matchy in real life but follow me - On night number one I'll be at a cocktail party - and how weird was that to write?.  To continue - everyone will be taking the occasional hors d'ouerve and conflabbing about branding and the next big thing in blogging.

Me? I have pulled a chair up to the buffet and am double-fisting my way though the cold seafood platter. Things  go well till some other blogger goes for the last shrimp, and oh no she doesn't.

A fracas.

Shrimp shells everywhere.

In the end she gets the shrimp;  I get a lap full of cocktail sauce.

Now back to my wardrobe..... The cocktail-sauce-free part of my clothes all match.  See?

Outfit 1 is for travel day



and something that goes with the shoes.

** A few things are subject to change that I am crossing my fingers about because I ordered them.  Like those shoes. (FYI most of the clothes and the jewelry are from Lane Bryant)**

Outfit 2 is for the cocktail party and dinner out....

(My travel dress has cap sleeves...)

I will definitely wear something over it (arm flappage)  Probably the cardigan in this pattern.


Outfit 3 is for a FULL day with several activities where I need to be comfy but still need to look good.


I feel like Wilma Flintstone in that necklace



This bracelet...




Chris said I needed a bag that POPS and not to use a black one, and how did she know I was using the black one anyway?  I'm bringing my Vera Bradley Tote in Totally Turquoise as an extra carry piece - and it will go so I'll use it for a purse with this.  This is the pattern.

Doesn't it POP?

Outfit 4 is for dinner and a Play...


I love, love this jacket/sweater/cardigan....


The tank is sparkly in the front t-shirt in the back. Comfy.

(That's actually nine bangles)

black skirt

Very comfy pencil skirt...

There is a 'going home' day.  Another travel day that needs something for a two hour car ride.  But I'm not that concerned about that day, beyond breakfast , where I do have to look good.  As long as I don't have an excess of spillage. Or an excess of sweating.  Or an excess of dropping my mascara wand down my front I'll be fine.

Um. Okay on second thought I need another shirt.


I might go with this.

And there you have it.  I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!

**FYI - About Chris helping me. She wasn't helping me for advertising and  a review. She didn't even know I was going to write  about her until I told her yesterday.  She was just being very sweet and helping someone who considers a bathrobe appropriate daytime attire.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Kitty, I can see you now....

About two  months or so ago I took a header off my deck in the middle of the night and didn't realize my glasses fell off.  When I found them them next day the arms were like, I don't know spiraled  around touching their own ass.


So I untwisted the shrapnel that used to be my glasses and put them back on.  Which worked until maybe a month ago when an arm just screamed uncle and popped off.  Both of them were kind of hanging by tendons at that point anyway.  It was just a matter of time.


The thing is I have no near vision.  Two years ago I thought I was going blind from a sudden onset of cataracts and had two surgeries (and two procedures)  three months later.  What was left pretty much was 20/20 far vision and no mid-range or near vision.


Try putting on mascara like that.  I dare you.   It was a lot like this time I was drunk and putting on mascara without a mirror to be funny.  Well, welcome to every morning of my life.

I tried to just use readers from the drug store but I got sick of the headache after a month and went to LensCrafters.   I don't know if you're aware but LensCrafters has a low price rack and a Clearance rack which has always been my favorite.  I normally get my glasses off the clearance rack.  It's the returns, or last years...  Or whatever.  


And I seriously got those glasses yesterday for $167 and I'm not even kidding.    Now.  My kid thinks I look ridiculous.  And he's probably right cause no one with lined-bifocials should be wearing Hello Kitty pink glasses.    I get that...


 I just couldn't help myself.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A non-specific Retro Tuesday

I was looking for something specific to do for Retro Tuesday but I kept ooohing and ahhing over random furniture in one magazine (The American Home, 1950).   So I decided to just scan the furniture and make today Non-Specific Retro Tuesday.

The first, wow.  Heywood Wakefield is a total classic.  Even at the time I think it was appreciated although from what I've read it hadn't reached the iconic status (and stratospherean prices) it has now.  The company survives (under different ownership) today.  These two rooms of furniture...

heywood wakefield ad the american home 1950

Besides being flat out drool-worthy...

 heywood wakefield ad the american home 1950

Are part of the same ad.  The entire ad is on Flikr (here).

These were from a Gulistan carpet ad.

carpet the american home 1950

(And I love it!)

Tomlinson Furniture

carpet the american home 1950

That blond in the backs nice...

carpet the american home 1950

That coffee table - Ohhhhhh, baby!

The whole ad is here

Here's a Kentile Floor ad with no furniture company name listed...

kentile ad

But it's blond, looks like it could be more Heywood Wakefield maybe.  But I see that stuff even when it's not there.  So don't go by me.

Kentile, the company, isn't around any more.  But some floors remain which is a huge problem - their floors seemed to be made of asbestos.

The other part of the ad featured a bathroom and man, I love that color combo.

kentile ad

Whole ad is here.

This company's Pabco Warranty Yard Goods.  Carpets.  I actually like this carpet quite a lot but that furniture I love! 

pabco yard goods

Know what?  Someone on freecycle listed "50's bamboo like furniture, sofa love seat" recently and I knew it was similar to this.  It needed cushion re-dos.  She said it would be perfect outside but this stuff is perfect to me inside.  If I hadn't just got new stuff I'd have been on this like a dieting fat woman on a family size bowl of pasta. (That would be me). 

I love this tiki thing.  Makes me feel all festive.  Sunset on the beach and tropical.

Hand me a Mai-Tai, dress me in a grass skirt, sit my ass on that sofa and man we can call it a day.  If I can't be in Hawaii I can at least be delusional.

I always say.

Anyway - Link to whole ad here.

Want to link up for Retro Tuesday?

retrotuesay stamp

Put a link in your blog, email me and I'll put your link under this post!

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Winners of the back to school giveaway!

School starts today in NJ so I thought I would announce the winners today for the three Locker Shelf systems

The winners are...
1.  Tara over at Scarborough Seashells who you have to go read by the way.  Plus have you seen the jewelry that girl makes with BEACHGLASS...  No?  Here look...



2. ...speaking of people who make stuff I love....  Gabriele Agustini  (I'm wondering if this will be an all artistic giveaway?) Stay tuned for winner #3...

Have you seen her stuff?    Look at the scarves she paints...   


I think the first time I commented on her blog she was talking about how hard it is to paint - white things.  Yes, I agree.  And if you have no idea, you really have NO idea....


3.  Tess Moody  at Six Feet Under Blog  who totally is an artist too ...  LOL but I didn't know till I looked at her profile because I just read her blog and not really the profile till today.  She's Unleashed Pet Photography!


Cutest ever.

Okay ladies, email me!  I need your addresses to send to the people at Locker shelf! Sure wish they were around when my kid had a locker.   Check out the link - they are well worth trying for anyone who didn't win and not expensive at all.


Monday, September 6, 2010

The problem with everyone having a camera phone....

I wish I could put off fixing the bath room floor (cost) but since it's a wet area, no.  Just no.  I found a few candidates at (Cell Phone Picture Alert!)  Home Depot:

 I'm attracted to shiny stuff...

Dichroic glass makes my heart beat faster and these tiles looked like jewelry to me... I wanted to just fill my cart with them and run.  But they cost twice as much as the ones I might get which were twice as much as I wanted to spend in the first place, so no.  Buh-bye shiny, shiny tiles.


Moving on to non-jewelry... There were a lot of great glass tiles, some sort of shiny and some just ya know,  glassy.  I was really attracted to them all.  They were all pretty expensive and not all of them were floor tiles, many were accent tiles which made me wonder about the general durability of glass.

After all I just cracked a bunch of porcelain tiles by pulling up a rug.  I also have about four random tiles that had cracked in normal, daily wear over the years so perhaps glass is too fragile for my bathroom.

You think it's the tap dancing?


I considered this combination  (still am).  I have plain square white tiles around my tub and they would not look out of place with this floor.  And the turquoise ( Mmmmm, turquoise....) glass tiles are a beautiful shiny, shiny accent.


These tiles are glass too, but sturdier.  More industrial looking.   They appear very blue in the picture but are on the turquoise side of blue.  These wouldn't look out of place with the tiles around the tub because they echo the shape and I could grout them in white.

But when I saw these...


 I got a dreamy look in my eyes and felt all, Ahhhh....They are flat river stones and I love them in guess what color?


These tiles are the number one contender.  It would require a lot of other work in the bathroom (like me stripping off all the wall paper and repainting) but I don't even think I care.

I even found new blinds I think would go.


They are from Bali and have a retro vibe that's totally blissing me out.

I made an appointment to have the room measured which means I have to clean the floor today.  Really clean it like, the undersides of stuff.  The stuff I usually ignore because people aren't normally on the floor looking up.

Except tomorrow they will be and I can't remember the last time I saw the underside of my toilet and well, if there's something untoward there it's got to go before the measure guy videos it with his cell phone and throws it on You Tube and then tells his wife he was just in the grossest bathroom in NJ today and, Honey you were wrong it wasn't the men's room at that rest stop on the Garden State Parkway it was a job I had and if you don't believe me here's the link.


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