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Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to school giveaway

I have another giveaway - PERFECT! for back to school - because it has to do with lockers.

My kid doesn't have one anymore but it hasn't been that long and I know that lockers are where all due dates, syllabuses, study guides, and anything that needs to be signed goes to die.

The papers pile up from September until June and it just gets worse and worse, not that it was all that organized even in October.   Locker Shelf contacted me because they thought you guys would be interested in a giveaway...

And I thought so too!

And they want to give away three Locker Shelf systems to people who read my blog and how cool is that?  Makes me sort of wish my kid was rooting though his backpack and I could say, Did you check your locker?

And then it would be there, all neat and tidy and I could score some all-knowing mom points.

Hey, a mom can dream.

These things are way cool.  I wish there was something like this I could just, I don't know, open the front door of my house, shove one in and boom - Organized.  Right?

To enter just comment and please tell me, I'm not alone!  I really need to hear that I wasn't the only parent that had to call the school a million times and ask for another copy of that important paper due to be signed yesterday and no, I didn't know he had it a month but this time do me a favor - Staple it to his shirt instead of putting it in his backpack.

Contest will run until August 31, 2010 9:00 pm eastern US only please. 18 years or older.  One comment per person.  Please include your email address in your comment for verification! 

*Disclosure - Locker Shelf is providing three to the winners.  I thought my readers would love this product!  I'm not taking one for myself nor was a paid for doing this.*

LockerShelf creator and CEO, Tom Moritz created the LockerShelf ‘designed-to-fit’ concept after searching the Internet for a durable storage solution for his kids' school lockers. He couldn’t find anything that was strong enough to hold all their heavy books and notebooks nor durable enough to take the abuse of everyday use.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

But back to my cold sores...

Broke down and went to the doctor this morning because I had an explosion of cold sores yesterday. And oh yeah.  I can't breath.   Predictably, I left with a deck of prescriptions. 

But back to the cold sores.

Oh come on already with them.  On my face? Not just both sides of both lips.  I have them on my face this time. I have to say that again because I just can't believe it. I have them on my face?

I get that the breathing thing is a big deal, my doctor was very concerned about it.  (Always is.)  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to say, I'd have to be breathing a lot worse then this to go into a hospital. 

There are three doctors in the practice:

1.  The sunny blond who always ends up seeing me when I need some gross thing lanced.

2.  The one who owns the practice who always ends up seeing me for something just strange (last thing was a tetanus shot because I stepped on a rusty spike in my own back yard).

3. The one I can never breath around and my asthma always falls on her watch.

Guess who I saw this morning?

So I'm trying to explain that I was actually worse Sunday and I wouldn't even be here if I had more meds home and would you just look at these cold sores?

And no, I didn't know I had a fever but how 'bout these cold sores? She was all about the lung business and came at me with a stethoscope but for real, naked ears can pick up the wheezing.

My lungs sound like a drowning accordion.

That won't shut up about it's cold sores. 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't steal their fruit on Retro Tuesday

This morning I thought I'd take a break from my head cold  (Or bronchitis or whatever it is.  My son calls it, Mommy got hit with a meteor.  I just call it coughing through Vaseline.)  and do Retro Tuesday because I need to clear my head at least figuratively.

I must have gone through ten or so magazines before this article on how to be a popular teen - with 142 suggestions by teens - caught my eye...

how to be popular1

and I started to laugh which was bad because now I was all hacking and wheezing and germing up the joint again but oh what a time I had!  And it made me want to share the article for Retro Tuesday so if you were ever wondering how the heck to be popular...

how to be popular

I'm going to show you. 

how to be popular1

And imagine the visual of going to High School after reading this and announcing, EVERYONE! CALL ME ATOM AND I WILL NO LONGER STEAL YOUR FRUIT!

Here are some small clickable images

 Go through them..

I'm feeling seriously normal at the moment.

Simply because this stuff would never occur to me. And I find that comforting for some reason.

how to be popular2

Want to link up with me for Retro Tuesday?
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Put a link in your blog, email me and I'll put your link under this post!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Did you get the liscense plate on the meteor?

My son put it best yesterday:

I get a cold, you get hit with a meteor. 

He said that as he dropped off the Puffs Tissues I requested and left the room quickly so I didn't cough or sneeze or otherwise scatter random crummy on him.

I don't know what happened.  I lost about 36 hours in a haze of coughing and tissues with my nose turning into Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer's Mother dressed up as a Maraschino Cherry for Halloween plus everyone avoiding me. It's like Izzy was just here and life was fun and puppified and the next thing I know I'm sick, really sick. 

Flat on my back shivering cold then hot then cold.  Prisoner to the television because I'm not holding the remote and I don't have the energy to move like, an eyeball to look for it so I watched an entire season of Kourtney and Khole take Miami because for some inexplicable reason the whole season being on E! coincided with my inability to shut it off . And man.  Thinking back on what I endured, I mean... That bikini wax alone.

This morning the haze parted enough for me to want soup. Just want it.  For the last two days all I wanted with regards to food was to not toss any and even though I hadn't eaten I felt like my digestive tract might be able to scrape up something to hurl so I didn't even entertain food.  

Still haven't eaten any but I did make some chicken soup for later if I'm feeling confident. 

The other way I know I'm really sick is I just took expired Muscinex.  I don't do expired stuff. It's a huge OCD thing.  It's more then a preference.  I don't do expired in any form Not food, not even body lotion...  And certainly not drugs.  In fact I throw drugs away when they are nearing the expiration date but this morning it would have meant actually leaving the house, walking through the aisles with my face looking the way it does.  Feeling the way I do.  Coughing the way I am.

Just couldn't do it.  


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