The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-07-11

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend round-up, clutter, laxatives, and apocalypse, now

1.  The light at the end of a cluttered tunnel - There were two households of furniture plus a second living room in one small living room for about two weeks.  Finally after a combination of the moving van sized charity truck coming Thursday to pick up the big chunks and  random freecyclers coming sporadically to pick up the small chunks...


I have a bit of room to breathe around here.


Just a bit.

But having some relief has helped with that twitch I developed.

The guts of two large storage units are still on my dining room table.  Those are the little things.  Wires, cables, DVD's...  Papers...  Stamps.  I don't know.  Everything important plus everything not that I need to keep anyway.


Even though that's what my dinner table looks like I feel like dancing.

  And speaking of random odd movements...

2.   Laxative tea is still a laxative -  When the directions say, one teabag and repeat the next day, if necessary - that is no suggestion.  Two teabags is a bad idea.

If you're home, oh I don't know moving furniture say, it is a monumentally bad idea.  If you were belly up to the laxative teabag bar and say, Make mine a double! at Disney it would be more like apocalypse, now.

Just passing this on as a public service message in case anyone was wondering about it.

And speaking of apocalypse, now...

3.  Never mind.  I don't want to talk about Pandora...


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Send me your undimpled masses...

 I was watching one of the Real Housewives shows recently and I was all, "Oh man, I can't believe those ritzy divas stand at the sink and throw water on their pits when they are sweating to death, too.  Who knew, right?"

And the person I was with said, "What in the world are you talking about?"

And I said, "Freshening up.  They were just talking about freshening up."

And the person to my right looked at me like I was from Mars and said, "She was talking about plastic surgery. Gah"

"I knew that, more dip?"

I'm oversensitive about the whole well-tended thing because I live in an affluent area.  The average Yorkie's better dressed then me.  I learned to cope using the rationalization that yes, Gizmo's dress is way cuter then mine but no one has to run after me with a scooper and a doody bag.

And for the record, I have nothing against being well tended; I'd love to lose a chin.  Hey! Several, but something's been really bugging me.  Have you seen the dimpleplasty thing?

 So. If you're biggest problem in life is that you weren't born with dimples you can pay someone to...  I don't even know what they do to be honest.  I just know after several thousand dollars you will have a pair.  I assume a pair.

Why would you want one?  Or maybe they would, the whole thing confounds me so maybe there is a need for just the one.

I'm not uncharitable.  Far from it.   I want to help the hard-of-dimpled.   Right here and now I offer to set up a dimple registry and donate all of my dimples; my ass is covered with 'em.

I'm certain I can meet the needs of the east coast and maybe even several of those large square states in the middle.

And Hawaii.

If you have to travel to the dimpless to donate, put me down for Hawaii.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Office supplies, oh how I love thee....

I want a new planner.  I've tried the electronic ones but I always come back to paper.  I'll bet I've had twenty different ones over the years because I am forever searching for the perfect one.

It's a lot like my search for the perfect purse now that I think about it.

I was just surfing and I can't find one I would buy.   That's a lie,  I saw several I'd totally buy but would someone tell me when sparkly pink planners started costing more then $100, please?

And not just the magical glitter ones, even the ugly shoe bottom ones and all the ones that look like they might last through the winter are over $100.

And I want to get the 5" x 8" size because I use a giant it'll hurt you if you fill it purse but they are even more and I mean... a hundred bucks?  I don't even have that much to spend on my hair in a whole year.  Not that my hair looks that good most of the time but just sayin'...

And while I'm at it I might as well admit my love for pens.  I'm that person in the pen store at the mall they have to wipe the counters after.  They hate me in those stores.

I'm a drooler.

My addiction to office supplies is going to be the death of my budget and my undoing some day, I tell you.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Putting on our big girl cooking panties for Retro Tuesday

Of all the things that came in here recently, this is my favorite.  Mongo's cookbook.

Know what I love most about community cookbooks?   See this recipe...

partymeat loaf

At first glance it looks like a big nothing...

But here's the thing.  Prepare as for meat loaf assumes you know how to make one or have the where with all to figure it out.  In any case this recipe's not for the meat loaf part so go find your own, Girly... Mrs. Gorfman's saying in so many words.

Old cookbooks assume if your in front of the stove packing a ladle you have your big girl cooking panties on. 

Today's cookbooks assume you know nothing and without detailed instructions you will stand at the stove biting your nails, pondering the size pot you should use or the size dice you should be dicing.  Please.

And will you look at this one...

Not an amount in the recipe.


I mean, whoever attempts this not only has her big girl cooking panties on but her big old cooking grandma panties on.

And yeah, not a great visual and all.  But I got to admire that gal.

The cook book has  long since lost it's covers and intro pages.  I had to ask Mongo how old it was and even she didn't know exactly.  So we took a different approach.

In the back there were Celebrity Recipes.



(bigger images available at flickr)

This is the one that dated it for us..

helen meyner recipe

(a bigger image is available at flickr)

She was the wife of  Robert B. Meyner (Mongo filled me in on this - I had no idea).  He was the Governor of New Jersey from 1954 to 1962.  Mongo is pretty sure she got the cookbook in the mid to late 1950's which would be about right.

I love finding these old cookbooks at sales but this one may be the best one yet because someone handed it to me, talked to me about it and wanted me to have it.  Thank you, Mongo. 

Email me and I'll put your link right  here.

Vonlipi's Favorites 


Monday, July 12, 2010

My house threw up

I know I'm making some of you guys nervous with pictures of clutter.    I'm not even sure how this big mess happened.  I was trying to make my house neater and it threw up.

And yeah, me too if you want to know  the truth, LOOK AT THIS PLACE!

Near as I can figure....


This pantry and bookcase started the clutter dominoes falling about a week ago.


And somehow - Abracadabra!  That corner got me to here.


But that bookshelf that started the whole downward spiral?

037 so going.

Anything that could cause all of this must be evil.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Son of weekend round-up with an imitrex chaser

I don't think I've ever done a second week-end round up but for real I can not bear the state of my house alone.


Some stuff is gone.  I know that because I can see my carpet again.


But not all that has to go is gone plus...


Pandora's guts are all over the place.

We had to use her whole inside to get some of the stuff here. 

And ginger is a nervous wreck because she can't find her muffins.  I mean they are here and all...


She just can't see the forest through the muffins.


I pretty much can't see my living room through the migraine.

And guys, I don't even know if those are good forest thorugh the trees analogies for what it's like to try and find anything around here but I am so beyond anything besides banging my head against hard surfaces that I don't know what.


The good news is there is only one more thing that has to fit in here.

The bad news is multiple things needing to go are dribbling and drabbling out.

And some won't be drabbling out for over a week and a half I hear.

Imitrex...  Anyone?


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