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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From there to here...

Haven't done a Weekly Wednesday Weight Watcher update in forever and I didn't want you guys to think I quit.

I've been helicoptering around my 'there' number for quite sometime on purpose.  There is a psychological number that for ages I didn't think I'd get under... but if I did I'd eat non-stop until I was ten pounds over it.

I was there maybe eight times in the last ten years for about a minute and a half.  I never considered there my real weight; I considered there a weight I couldn't reach....So I could never stay there.

I got there about January of this year and decided to just hover for a while and get used to seeing it.   Sort of stay unmoving until there became here.

 I don't weigh in a lot.  They tolerate me at Weight Watchers.  They are very kind.   Anyway, I weighed in today  because I thought it was my one year anniversary of going - which it wasn't - it's next week but this is the first time I'm below there, so I guess there is here now.


headshot border

FYI...  Here isn't goal...

And to anyone who has no idea what I just said.  I'm so sorry.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let's go to a kitchen happy place on Retro Tuesday

Not my kitchen with the evil pantry...


This kitchen.


A pink kitchen. A magical kitchen....

A lovely clean kitchen of light and wonder.  A kitchen where all things are possible and everything fits.

Because in here there is no magic and wonder.  


And the only way to get this bulging puppy shut is  for the closet to lay down to zip it's jeans.  Sorry,  old personal zipper traumas showing...

I have to work on it today because I have to fit more stuff in there.   Yes.  It's true.  I now have twice the stuff.

Cover me ladies, I'm going in.


Winner is...

After calculating and a conflab with Ginger  to see who gets doody in their Gym Bags...

The winner of the Novica Shopping Spree is Miss V from over at Vonlipi's Favorites.

Email me, Girl


Monday, July 5, 2010

Dishwasher Karma

And before I even go there, it's fourteen years old.  And yes, it was the standard builder's install but isn't stuff supposed to come out cleaner then when I put it in? 


Every once in a while I see  Susie Homemaker do a housekeeping spot on the news where she swears up and down you can put a mac and cheese crusted casserole in the dishwasher and it will come out sparkly clean.  And yes, your water has to be hot enough and maybe you need the pot-scrubber setting and sure, sure she says it's all in how you load the thing but no.  Just no.

If I even thought of doing that I'd be picking cheese-caked noodles off everything for a month.  I've never ever, ever experienced sparkly.

I get chunky and I pre-wash.

Does everyone else take sparkly out of their dishwashers? And is this chunky business some cutlery-related karmic debt because I was a dreadful rich woman in a past life and mean to Millicent, my kitchen maid.

Millicent, always one for a spot of tea with a dash of irony, asked to be reincarnated  as my GE dishwasher.

Is there any hope of sparkly or is the chunky stuck on thing some unpayable karmic load I'm going to have to live with.

This time around.



Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th isn't just the USA's birthday...

It's Ginger's birthday, too.


That picture's probably a decade old.

We don't know how old she really is (her story is here), or her real birthday so we gave her this day; figuring if it was good enough for a country it was good enough for her.

For a dozen years I've made her wear a birthday hat that celebrates both birthdays.


And she does it with as much dignity as possible...


All things, and the funny hat, considered.


She has a good reason to put up with my hat obsession...

Here's the thing: 364 days a year I make Ginger's dinner. And I don't mean I open the can, I cook it.  Every day she gets pretty much the same thing - ground turkey or cooked chicken, veggies and a starch.  But on her birthday it's different.

And Ginger - Much like my kid - Feels the very best food originates with a uniformed teenager and comes packaged in a disposable wrapper.

So she waits patiently.


In the hat.


For this...


Ginger rocks those apple fries. 

Once the food was here it was all over....


No more hat.  No hope of camera focus. Calm didn't redescend until the plate was clean..

Happy Birthday to Ginger!

And  the U.S.A!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekend round-up, shopping spree giveaway ends tomorrow, and the rock with personality poll results

1. Pandora -    This weeks installment is about the driver's side automatic sliding door.  Okay, so 'member how I told you that sometimes I will click the button to close the back lift gate and just when it's about to be all the totally, total way shut, I hear ha! ha! and the lift gate will go back up again?

And really, I kid you not about the ha! ha!...  Anyway...

Well, now the driver's side panel is doing that too.  I tried to get a video but when I attempted to repeat it the next day, it worked perfectly - Which means the problem is unfixable,  or to use the technical auto-mechanic's word - Intermittent...

Tomato, tamahto...

The rock with personality -  A few weeks ago I posted (here) about how I hoped the organizing in my kid's room would pick-up speed.   The good news is my designer - a.k.a. the guy who power washes my house - had some time this week so updates coming  soon!

I'm bugged that his stuff's all over the house - The rock with personality, in particular. 


It was a birthday gift from one of his friends.

I didn't know what to do with him and threw it out there for suggestions.  Here's the results of my informal poll.


On a shelf...


In the fridge...


As a reminder to lower the seat...


At my front door to greet visitors...

And hey, this kills two birds with one rock with personality.   Seems the lawn guys had some sort of foliage conflab about my potted flowers and decided they must die.

Gazing at a rock with personality is a much better experience than looking at two flower pots full of weed-whacked amputee flower stumps.


He's kinda growing on me, okay there I said it...


He is not growing on Ginger and the suggestion he share one of her muffins didn't go over well.


This one was the very last suggestion I got.  It's  from Jan, a new reader.  I'm so glad I waited to post this because it's pretty hysterical...

" I say send the rock with personality around the world, one person at a time - you send it someone, they have to send it someone else, etc. Give him a name & send him packin'!"

Jan, honestly -  I love that suggestion to pieces.  If it wasn't for the postage involved in sending a boulder around that would totally have my vote!

But, like I said...   He's kind of growing on me.

3. Giveaway   I have a giveaway ending tomorrow and it's for $150 dollars in merchandise from Novica and you get to pick what you want - You just have to comment to enter.
Tell me what you'd like to get, tell me what your dog ate for dinner....  Up to you...

But there are only 60 comments so how good are those odds?


Friday, July 2, 2010

Perfection gives me a rash...

Over the last few days I've been posting pictures of all these dreadful, scary cluttered, places around here like this and this .

Especially this awful thing.


 I woke up this morning and had at that book case.


Not perfect but perfection gives me a rash.

That's all I got for a post today because  reaching semi-perfection was so satisfying - and kicking up all that dust hardly bothered my asthma at all.

Well, nothing that a bit of wheezing, retching and gagging didn't take care of - So I'm off to don my haz-mat suit, jump in my Hello Kitty backhoe and clean something else but  I have to show you something first.


Girls,  this is my living room, right now.  This second.

So see?  There are places in my house where Ginger can go and I won't lose her; which I'm sure many of you wondered.

I felt the need to clear that up. 

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clutter! Mess! Chaos! Hold on to your babies!

Seems I set my neat friends to twitching yesterday and hey, I get it.  Looking at that post gave me a double-quarter pounder with cheese of a migraine, SUPERSIZED.  And I'm used to it.

I looked over the comments and um, emails about yesterday's post.  This one, here.   The one where I wanted to get some help with the pantry version fifty-two card pick up.



And the shelves sitting next door...


But I don't think you ran for your babies till I posted the other pictures...




Hmmm, thats a whole other set of cluttered fa la la then yesterday's but tomato tomahto, right?


All of those pictures WEREN'T TAKEN YESTERDAY!  

They were a bunch of pictures taken over my TOTAL decluttering history.  But I think you guys had the same reaction as me...  

Once all those pictures hit the decluttering area of your brains, a place I like to call the Declutterossum Oblongata, it shorted out and you guys stopped reading.  Don't blame ya.  I couldn't read much with that migraine aura.

I'm still sorting through the comments and emails but, yeah - Shelf by shelf for sure.  A lot of people said that. 

I've gotten some great links via email for organizing products.  Part of the issue is the shelves are wire so I can't really sit some of the products on where they won't wobble, if that makes sense.  I may have to actually lay shelves on the shelves which seems, I dunno - Redundant.

Enjoying the help. Obviously, I need it so keep it coming if you can think of any more.

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