The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-05-23

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend round-up, Salmon glaze slash pancake syrup, and a baby pool with an oven safe handle

1. Pandora  Don't want to talk about Pandora.

2.  ...And speaking of McDonald's  My local McDonald's is gone.  Went the other day and not an Egg McMuffin in site.  Just a for rent sign and tumbleweeds...

3.  Replaced the last of the non-non stick pots   Got the last pan I ordered, very nice.  It's a  Cook's Essentials 13.75" skillet.  On QVC  it looked crazy-roomy; on my cook top it looks like a baby pool with an oven-safe handle.

I thought it might be too big but my kid says it's the perfect four grilled cheese sandwiches at one time size.

4.   Yum


That is all,  just yum.

5.  Salmon with Waffle Sauce   I know - the name, follow me here.  I really like salmon but I've done the dill thing to death and I didn't want to use Jerseyaki two times in a row.  After perusing the pantry I put a few Tees of this and a few Tees of that in a Pyrex custard cup, crossed my fingers and nuked it.

After it cooled I tasted it and who knew- Love it. And not only that but it would be the bomb on waffles.  I don't even know how to begin explaining a salmon glaze slash pancake syrup - you'd have to taste the stuff to know.

Waffle Sauce

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Butter
Juice from half a lime
Zest from half a lime

Put all those Tees in a small micro safe container and nuke just until the butter begins to melt.  Finish by stirring to mix all ingredients.   It will thicken as it cools.


To cook the salmon -  I put the broiler on high, salt, peppered, and squeezed half a lime over four pieces of salmon.  Cook the salmon without the sauce for about 2 minutes.

Than brush with Waffle Sauce and back under the broiler.   Brush with sauce a few more times (a bit fiddly because you're in and out of the broiler) until it looks so good you can't stand it one more second.   Eat.


Serve with sauteed shredded fresh Brussels sprouts


If you cook this dinner everyone who walks into your house will say, Mmmm, what's for dinner, it smells delicious.

Except your kid who will walk in and say, What stinks? 


Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Jerseyaki Fuhgeddaboudit!

Honestly, when I'm at the meat case $4.39 ( a pound ) is a number I point and laugh at but I - Well here's the thing: First, I didn't buy it and B. There are a few kinds of sirloin; one is a bargain at that price.  It might have been a good deal.  So family, kudos for trying.

 My only option was to marinate this shoe bottom for a long time using this cutting/slicing thing I do.


I try to do the cuts with the grain for the marinade...

...and then against the grain when serving. Don't cut all the way through or you'll get slices; got nothing against slices but that's a whole different recipe. You just want the cuts to be about a quarter way thorough.  It's easier if you freeze the steak for a few minutes first.

I put the steak in a gallon  zip-loc bag and added some - A few tablespoons will do - of the marinade (recipe at the end of post) I made a couple a few days ago. Cups of marinade aren't needed because I was leaving this in my fridge for a ventigigajillion minutes.


Make that a day or two.

Not sure I got that cut with the grain thing right, such is life.

After a day and a half I took it out of the fridge, let it sit a bit to take the chill off, brushed each side with a little more marinade and threw it on a hot grill.


This was the best steak I've ever made.  And Ginger thought so, too.


That's not a new picture of Ginger.  I wanted to get a new one but I couldn't get my camera.  Every time I tried to leave the room she began hurling herself against the cabinets trying to shake the steak plate off the counter...

 Never underestimate the strength of a ten pound dog going after a steak.  You could lose a steak like that.

Or a thumb.

As an aside before the sauce recipe - Have you noticed it's suddenly very cool to be from New Jersey and there are a butt-load of reality shows with really, really Jersey people?  The Real Housewives of NJ, Jerseylicious.... And I just saw a new one starting in June about a New Jersey dress shop called  Jersey Couture.

Well in honor of all that, and because in real life I'm boring and not funny and could never be a reality show I'm calling my Teriyaki Sauce something befitting a sauce from the great reality show state of Jersey.

New Jerseyaki Sauce  

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce 
2/3 Cup of Light Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Vermouth
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger
3 large cloves garlic smashed

Mise en place it all and then fuhgeddaboudit.  Sorry.  Couldn't resist a Jersey joke... Moving on.... Put everything in a small sauce pan. Heat gently to dissolve sugar. You don't want a hard boil here, nothing dramatic.   Barely simmer for a few minutes until it reduces and thickens slightly.  You will end up with a schooch shy of a cup.

*If you cook this too long you will end up with a thick yummy syrup.   Much sweeter (and probably too much sweeter) than salty but not ruined, just add more soy sauce to taste.*

Because this is so perfectly timed I'm submitting this recipe to the first ever Cuisinart recipe swap today, May 27th from 11am-6pm. It will be run as a true swap: give a recipe, get a recipe. The site's here and there are recipes up already!

I just posted this recipe and am waiting for it go up so we will see what they think of Jerseyaki!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All about PAM...

And as much as I realize that sounds like a pay per view porno, it's not.

A few weeks ago I ordered a new non-stick pan because the old one - like every one I've ever had, became Velcro.  I asked what I was doing wrong and how to keep the new one  in fresh out of the box, roll an egg around the pan without a quart of oil and a prayer, slick.  (post is here).

Everyone pinpointed exactly what I was doing wrong.  Pretty much stacking stuff on the pan and the bigger issue.  This stuff...

I couldn't remember what it was about PAM so I wrote and asked the company.  I thought maybe it was the way I was cleaning the pans or cooking, something.  Here's my answer.

Dear Ms. Reinhardt,

Thank you for your email concerning our PAM® Cooking Spray.

I am sorry however I can not speak to another companies [sic]
reasoning.  You may want to contact the company who manufactures your cook-ware and see what the instructions for using it are.

If you have any further questions please do not hessitate [sic]
to contact us.


 I don't even know where to go with that answer.... Besides grammar check but far be it from me to be the grammar police - It's so rare for someone to have less grasp on grammar then me, it was sort of an ego boost.

I wish I had a copy of the question as I wrote it but they don't take emails, they use a site fill-in form - and it took them what?  Two weeks to formulate that answer....

I believe what I asked is why companies suggest you do not use PAM on their non-stick products.   And I did think they would answer in a direct manner since the new PAM Professional®  " patented oil blend resists residue buildup on your cookware, so cleanup is easy. "

And PAM, if you think for a second that I believe you don't have the answer as to the whys of my question and the wherefores of the cookware (I believe is the correct spelling, not cook-ware. Maybe that's the Ye Olde English spelling...Or it could be a normal variation cause like I said, spelling - Not my thing. )  companies... Well - Here's the thing:    I have other cookware that I could use PAM on if it's really not suitable for non-stick...  But you didn't answer my question.


If you had said to me, Try PAM Professional®, here's a coupon.  It doesn't have lecithin...  I might have tried the new stuff.


C'mon, I would have been okay with almost answer that:
1.  Seemed like it took more than two seconds to write and...
2.  Made me feel like you valued me as a customer and...
C.  Didn't sound like W.C. Fields in an old (very old) movie saying - Get away from me kid, ya bother me  and...
4.  #Fail


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Retro Tuesday of savings...

I can't shake yesterday's obsession with bottled pre-madeTeriyaki sauce.  The post is here but the thought that I'm spending a lot of excess money on things that I could make cheaper (probably) myself and I bet they would be a like a whole quarter pounder with cheese super sized better keeps rolling around in my brain.

So it's all I saw when I looked through my magazines this morning.  Recipes.  Recipes for things that I buy.

And the thing is I know I can find a salad dressing on sale and a coupon that will make it almost free and drive there and get it but you know.... That's a whole lot of effort after looking at this.


And okay, I won't be putting French Dressing on grapefruit anytime soon which is probably why I missed this ad all these months.


Could this be cheaper?


I'd love to do the Thousand Island...


With mayo.  I won't be whipping cream any time soon.

And rice pudding.  I buy the 60 calorie single serve versions...

eagle condensed milk

Crazy expensive - I've paid as much as $7 a pound.

No kidding.  Sometimes I calculate this stuff and realized I pay thirty times more per pound for deodorant than I'm willing to pay for a T-Bone steak.  

And I don't even know what that says about me.

eagle condensed milk1

I know sweetened condensed milk is calorie dense but did you know they now have a fat free version?  Yep.  Same brand as in the recipe too.

eagle condensed milk1

Since I hate raisins and nutmeg what could the whole recipe cost?  A buck?  A buck fifty for a quart of heaven?

hunts meatballs

I buy this meatball mix in a packet.    You mix it in with chopped meat, water, some sauce (I think some sauce) - roll the meatballs and bake them in a covered casserole dish surrounded by tomato sauce.
hunts meatballs1

Now, granted...

That might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's very simple in flavor and you know what that means?

It's got no green pieces.  No burned specks.  No hard things. Nothing gooey.  Nothing to pick out and say, I hate that about.   No  nothing basically.  It's kid perfect.

And this recipe is very similar.  With very little trouble and less cost, this recipe could replace the packet.

hunts meatballs

I think this recipe needs a binder like a slice of white bread or a few bread crumbs, plus and egg or something.  I think rolled up hamburger balls cooked in tomato sauce without some sort of filler would taste like I shot them on to the plate from a BB gun. 

hunts meatballs

But a slice of bread, an egg... maybe a bit more of something else and I bet this would be even better than my expensive packets.   I'm thinking there is a whole world of stuff like this.  

And the other thing here is, my fridge is busting with bottles of sauces and dressings and things.  I think I would even have more room in there for ya If I didn't need so many of these kinds of accoutrements...



Email me and I'll put your link right  here.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Frugalosity Teriyaki sauce recipe and link for BOGO Free Kikkoman coupon

This morning I convinced myself that ready made teriyaki sauce was grossly overpriced.  I don't know what started me on that but I couldn't get it out of my head. I obsessed all morning about this, weird.  I know.

 And I had thawed salmon in the fridge in need of cooking.

I hemmed and hawed about what to do because I was out of the pre-made stuff but I actually had a bunch of stuff I thought would make a decent teriyaki so I made one up.

Here's what I used and the why's after...  and a semi-unrelated but related coupon at the very end.

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce 
2/3 Cup of Light Brown Sugar (or less to taste) 
1/4 cup Vermouth
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1/2 (or more to taste) teaspoon of fresh grated ginger
3 large cloves garlic smashed

Put all in a sauce pan and heat gently to dissolve sugar. You don't want a hard boil here, nothing dramatic.

If you cook this too long you will end up with a syrup which might be alright but I wasn't going for that.

Okay, the why.

Soy sauce - obvious.

Light brown sugar -  That's what I had.  I'm sure you could use any sweetener your heart desires and probably less than I used.  Maybe half of what I used but I was going for sweet as opposed to gag-me salty.  I find some teriyaki sauce so salty that's all I can taste.

Vermouth - I didn't have saké and when I was growing up a neighbor lady (the one who drank) said, "Use vermouth in any recipe that calls for white wine... Plus that crap keeps forever in the fridge."

And no I'm not kidding about the above.

Rice Vinegar - The tang and because I didn't have saké.

As to the fresh grated ginger and garlic - I keep them in my freezer so I always have them.  You could leave them out or use the powdered stuff.

But honestly...


Look at it.  And it tasted better then it looks.

I brushed some on half and hour before cooking, than right before.  I broiled it till almost done - brushed again and than finished it for another sec or two.

The whole broiling affair takes, oh shoot - minutes.

I really liked the sauce better than a lot of sauces I've paid tons of cents a bottle for. I would totally make this again and I even have sauce left over.

And because the soy sauce I have is Kikkoman brand I was perusing the site... And I found a great coupon (here) When  you buy any of their sauces get their new Ponzu sauce free.

Ponzu is a Japanese citrus sauce and this is a mix of that with soy sauce - if that made any sense at all.

I don't usually do the coupon thing here but since I was posting a recipe and talking about it in a way to save me money how could I not?

*And because I've got to say's the way of the world - This isn't an ad.  Kikkoman doesn't know me, didn't contact me or any of those other things that would cost me $11,000.  I just like the their products.  M'kay?  Sheesh.*


Geneen Roth - A Women, Food and God Video and Ginger if you need her

  I did a post about Ginger this morning because I know the eating thing isn't for everyone.

peeking ginger

If you want to skip the weight issue thing,
click here to go directly to Ginger.

 I wanted write something about the book Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything but than I found a reading that Geneen Roth did and I'm still, okay.  Crying.  I'm crying.

Why is weight so close to every sad emotion I own?

It can't just be me.


Ginger's Muffins

This year Ginger will be sixteen.  Or seventeen (or maybe eighteen) and she's lived in (at least) four places before finding a home with us.

 My kid got Ginger from a lady down the street who heard we were looking for a dog, who had adopted Ginger from a local rescue.

Ginger in her sun spot

My neighbor likes little dogs and had several already when she brought Ginger home.  Little dogs might be like potato chips; the first one making you want the next ones.

Ginger doesn't see it like that at all. She considers herself the first, last and only chip in the bag.

It didn't go so well at the neighbors.

peeking ginger

Ginger came to the New Jersey rescue from a 72-hour kill shelter in Brooklyn, New York.  No idea how she got from Brooklyn to New Jersey or who put her in the kill shelter. The NJ rescue guessed her age to be 5-7 years in the spring of 1999 and named her Iris.

Ginger's in the card every year; she hates it.

He's kissing me...

  She's not too happy with winter in general.


She loves the heat of the sun.


And clothes hot from the dryer.


And warm bodies.

She used to crawl up people's shirts; hard to explain to guests.   I thought that was the oddest thing until I learned miniature pinschers just do that.   That's when I started buying her those dog beds she could crawl in.




The have a lot of brand names*, we just call them muffins.  There are very few things Ginger loves more than her muffins.


Laying in the sun may be a close second.

I think she loves hot summer days even more as shes' gotten older.  I think she might be having some achy joints; she can't make it up on the bed without help and she has her own steps. 

As old as she is, I don't know, I look at her and see ...


Puppy face...

* In case  you've never seen these beds, they are all over.  I've gotten them for as little as $5 on sale and she loves them (not that a $5 dog bed lasts that long but...

There are also luxury designer ones.  The first one might have been a cozy cave but it was a long time ago...  sigh.  Time flies!  Here's a few links if you think your dog might like to snuggle in one these beds and you can't find one locally.  I just found them on a random pet bed search.  Donut dog bedsCozy cave, Nest,   Petmate, and I always thought she'd love a buttercup bed.  Too cute, right?

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