The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-05-09

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend round-up, chicken S.O.S. and girly parts

To my kid who reads this blog.  More about my trip to the gynecologist  so don't go here.

1.  Last week I sent out an S.O.S for chicken recipes because on Sunday I'd cooked a giant Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster bought for 89 ¢ a pound and a few pounds of leg quarters for 79 ¢ a pound.

I was trying to keep it cheap and easy so all I used on them was McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning...


and this...


I'd never seen Smokehouse Maple  but I thought it would give a nice sweetness in the background and  a nice brown on the outside.

The chickens came out really well.  I cooked them at 350 degrees and basted with whatever came off the birds.  No added anything.  I put the roaster up on a rack and since I only have one (rack) I put thick slices of onions and celery stalks along the bottom of the other pan to keep the parts up off that pan.  Plus it tastes good.


 Straight out of the jar the Smokehouse Maple
isn't a taste treat but it's not meant to be eaten out
of the jar, I was just... I don't know, being odd.

I think it did add a  nice smokey sweetness to the roasted chickens.


I got lots of great suggestions from everyone but I did this backwards.  I should have asked for the recipes AND THAN cooked chicken because I didn't have what I needed in my pantry so I'm going to take everyone's recipes and give it a whirl in a few weeks.  I got GREAT suggestions.

The only thing I ended up making was a chicken BLT...

chicken BLT

Which was, believe it or not - Light!

It was chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato plus Hellman's Light Mayo which I love and in my opinion is the only light mayo that doesn't taste like it came from the inside of a diaper - And a fabulous sub roll by Calandra  that's only 90 calories (Calandra may be local to NJ groceries but it's my favorite roll ever and crazy diet friendly)

I'm going to redo the whole chicken experiment using everyone's suggestions.

2.  I might go get Pandora this afternoon.


Or maybe not...

3.  There isn't anything about girly parts I just said that to keep my kid from reading.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a Rickenbacker guitar ...

And I know, I know.  Anyone who knows what they are is peeing their pants now 'cause they are laughing so hard.  But the thing doesn't even have to be in one piece, my kid can put it back together.  He really wants one and even on Craig's list they are thousands.

Personally, I don't get wanting one. more. guitar and if I had that much I'd replace Pandora but my kid say a Rickenbacker guitar is worth way more than Pandora.  

I don't know how much they are worth but I can't argue with a guitar being worth more than my van even if it was a guitar you could win at a carnival by tossing a ping pong ball into a gold fish bowl so he's got me there.

But he wants one and I thought maybe someone knew a magical guitar source I don't know about.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Mama luthier

I don't think I've mentioned Mongo since I was car-less back in November. Oh Snap! and guess what? I haven't picked up Pandora yet.  Two days ago they called, she's fixed come get her but I'm not going.  My plan is to leave her there and as parts fall off they can put them back on and update me.


Every year when the family goes to the beach; I stay home to do a Jersey Shore declutter fest. Mongo used to go to the shore too but the last few years she hasn't gone so Ginger, Mongo and I hang together. This is a picture of Mongo and Ginger during the Declutter Fest of 2008.

mongo and ginger

Last Father's day, we went to pick up Mongo (she's my partner's mom)  for a family party but she was too ill to go. I told my family, go without me.  The day ended with Mongo and I tooling to the hospital in an ambulance and she's not been home since.

 It's been back and forth from  hospital to acute care facility for a year .  Everyone's tried to be there for her and not a day goes by without a visit from someone no matter where she is.  Everyone's done a lot but for many reasons my brother-in-law has really done a lot.  And his birthday is coming up.  

My kid wanted to do something really special for his Uncle and I won't be complaining about the guitar parts around anymore because he took this mess....

bens stuff3

Well, not that whole mess.

bens stuff3

Just this and turned it into something special for his Uncle
who has been talking about getting a bass guitar for years.

He added this..


and whatever this stuff is...


And he rewired it. Himself.  I know that because he showed me the wires, solder and electronics in the back. I started crying, Oh look at my baby's electronics and continued boo-hooing until he said, Geeze Ma.

 I thought I knew what these were but..


They are "expensive flatwound strings and
they produce a different sound"

Well, pardon me. 

And he added a doohickey at the top


and shined it up with um, guitarprenhernalia polish

and came out with this...



He explained everything to me.  All the work he put in to it. Why one  pick-up was wrong but those pick-ups were perfect and why he chose the flatwound strings.  Why it's got this pot instead of that pot.  And now that I'm thinking of it, I didn't see any pots, but okay.  Pots must be one thing on a guitar and quite another on a stove.... And something about linebackers... Or humbackers. Or somebuckers.

I couldn't be any prouder of him even if I had known what the heck he was talking about.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peri-mommypausal blogging

A note to my kid who reads my blog.  This is about my trip to the gynecologist and do you really want to go there?

Last night I had the long overdue - as in years overdue, overdue - IS IT HOT IN HERE TO YOU G.Y.N appointment.  And other than the fact that it started with a thin nurse cheerfully saying, Okie-dokie how's about we hop up on the scale, it went well. 

The exam was the same paper dress and stirrups affair as always. Unfortunately in the last three years they hadn't figured a way to do a pap smear with an, I dunno Star Trek transporter from across the room as I'd hoped, so my doctor got out the old salad tongs and had at me.


I waited too long, I know.  And I only called  for the appointment in the first place 'cause, OMG! My period's never, ever stopping and HELP, I'm bleeding to death I tell ya! I was kind of distraught on the phone 'cause mine don't ever last a week so when day six came with no signs of letting up I went all big baby on myself and called for an appointment.

They were decidedly unimpressed with my it's gallons I tell ya blood loss, "Phffft", the receptionist said and I all but heard the dismissive hand wave... and she gave me an appointment a week later. 

But I did stop (at day 9) so the appointment was uneventful except the scale part and what's up with it always being a thin nurse manning the scale and cheerfully telling me to hop up anyway?  Is it a requirement of the weighing job or just a sadistic twist of fate?  Anyway.

Since there was nothing really going on it was a normal exam; no extra gynecological magic, scraping implements or super-scary procedures required.

Than I got dressed and went to his office for my perimeno conflab.  I heard screaming in the next room, which always makes me nervous at a medical office. 

He came in and told me the lady next door just found out she was having twins. And okay, glad I wasn't getting that news.  But still...  Had kind of a 'heavy sigh' moment when I realized  he'd just told her she was going to have twins and I was going to have bloating, gas and bouts of diarrhea.

In fact, not only that attractive trifecta  but...

   Changes in the menstrual cycle
   Heart palpitation
   Hot flashes and night sweats
   Lumpy and tender breasts
   Reduced sex drive
   Unexplained weight gain
   Urinary incontinence
   Vaginal dryness
   Water Retention, Bloating
   Depression, irritability
   Difficulty concentrating
   Stress and Fatigue
   Mood swings

In fairness, he didn't tell me all that and frankly if given the choice between all that mess and twins, I'd take the twins.  That's stuff I googled before the appointment.  Googling perimenopause was about as helpful as looking up the really bad side effects of a drug before I take it.  In other words, a bad idea.

He drew me a hormone chart to show me what happened with my OMG I'm bleeding to death but not really period. About the way the my hormones were.  The way they are. It was sort of like two bell curves that dipped in the middle.  I think.  I was more listening than watching.  He told me to let him know if I was uncomfortable with anything I was experiencing; that there was help.

The kicker is, I'm not uncomfortable.  In fact...  I actually feel pretty darned good.

See, he also mentioned that in some woman the change you have in your sex drive is not a decrease.  And guys, I'm not going to go there in case my kid didn't listen to my suggestion he not read on... but I can tell you for a fact, this is true.  And Yipee!

And to my kid, if you're reading this, I totally know you are saying, ew.  Hey,  I told you not to go here.   You should have listened. 


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No. Just. No. Redux

Pandora's Doctor:  The steering wheel's fixed (Go here if you want to see a steering wheel flopping around like a flounder.)



P's Doc:  Yeah, a spring broke but it's fixed now.

Can I pick up the van up?

P's Doc:  Yeah but...

Yeah but what?

P's Doc:  The alternator's bad.

How. Much.

P's Doc: Well, $500 but it's covered under the warranty.  

Just. Do. It.

And see I was going to do a Weekly Weight Watcher update but I dunno.  Pandora's taken everything out of me this week.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The world's best meatloaf on Retro Tuesday

But let's go to a happier, less dark and meatloafy place first.  Wait, did I say the best meatloaf?  I think I meant the best meatloaf for Retro Tuesday which is a whole other ball of, um meatloaf.

So first, our happy place.  A place of lightness.


Of Melmac

pyrex ad

A place of Pyrex...

anchor hocking ad

and anchor-hocking.

A-a-a place of...

pep vitamins

Okay, I think we are going to the dark place now and you're ready for a meat loaf...

..that comes with a warning...

worlds best meat loaf4

never a good sign...

worlds best meat loaf1

But it had lots of 'come on'...

worlds best meat loaf

And here it is...

worlds best meat loaf2

And I really don't even know what to say about a cup of
mayo surrounded by 2 pounds of meat surrounded by hot beets except...

worlds best meat loaf3


So, yeah.  I guess that's a good way to describe it.



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Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks for the non-stick advice...

My new non-stick pot/pan came today and I will endeavor to not wreck it...

 This is a 12" Anolon Deep Skillet

I think you were all correct about what I did to the old one.  First, I stacked other things on it and most likely scratched it.  And second I used things like Pam spray in it.

The new one cost me hundreds of pretty pennies and I will follow everything y'all said.

And speaking of pretty pennies, Pandora is once again at the dealership.   I had to get AAA to tow her there being that I could not drive a flounder.

Or a steering wheel that was trying to flop around like one for Halloween.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

No. Just. No.

I can't take it anymore.


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