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Friday, April 30, 2010

Progress on my son's room!

First I'm going to take a deep breath and go to my happy place...


It's been a frustrating 48 hours with the new printer and yes, I know this isn't about organizing but that's coming.

It printed, but at unexplained times.  And mostly what it printed was it's own 'test' pages so it didn't know there was anything wrong with itself. Which was frankly annoying.  Plus most of the printing is was doing did not involve times I'd actually hit the print button which was kind of spooky.

Anywho,  after untold hours of dealing with drivers and the device manager I found that the Dell 948 printer has some bizarre quirk involving a middle school mean girl I'm not talking to her hissy fit over an obscure user setting in the control panel.

Basically you can scream at it, "PRINT, YOU USELESS PILE OF GARBAGE!" all you want but the printer just  sits there and says I've got my fingers in my ears and I'm saying La La La and can't hear a thing you want to print until you change that obscure user setting.

That no one knows about.

And the printer never mentions it either... Finally I happened upon the answer randomly...And so after my thousandth and first restart because of course that change required yet another RESTART but hey, I had to pee anyway - it prints when I want it to and not when I'm watching TV across the room.
Which was frankly, creepy.

And than there is  PART TWO of this post.....which is really the main topic anyway, but not really - Please don't ever buy a black carpet because you think it won't get stained because a stained carpet starts looking good after looking at this for a few years...


But forget that,  I'm swimming in Yay! 'cause my son's furniture is moved!

Remember how I took the stuff and random guitarage out of his room  and it all ended up in my hall?

bens stuff3

Books and games...


Cords, boxes, game systems and help me....more guitars...


And it still looked like this?


Well, my interior designer, the guy who power washes my house, was free yesterday and my son didn't have to work till two so they moved his furniture around and even though the room is still the other side of a mess ... That room looks like it has ten more feet of room in there and I'm not even kidding!

Remember my plan?
Ben's Room
Well this is the room as it looks now.... and if you can ignore the dirt and the awful carpet and the fact that there is still stuff to do, okay a lot of stuff to do... 


You might be able to see that the room looks more spacious?

Maybe it's just me but that room looks like it has a ton more room. And I also know it's hard to see because of that awful carpet... Yesterday my son bought the guitar hanging hooks and he and the power washing/interior designer worked out something for the closet for the hard cases.  And something about the desk in the closet too.  And the plan is to give him my flat screen over the week-end.  Buh-bye! Flat screen! I so loved watching QVC in HD!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running on empty

I went to print something yesterday and found this...


Not like I didn't know it was coming.  I've been pretty much all Scarlet O'Hara and Fiddle Dee Dee I'll worry about it tomorrow on the ink buying situation for that hog for quite some time.  Six-tee dollars for a combo pack. Come on, Epson. 

And okay,  it's really $59.84  but that's close enough to sixty, which is more than halfway to ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, to make me want to toss a lunch monkey.


Here's a (very) partial list of things that don't
  cost $60.00 that I'd rather buy than printer ink...



Coach Dannie Flats  Adorable, right?

I'm not going to go on.  I could, but I'm not because there is an endless list of things I'd rather buy than printer ink.  

I didn't buy any of that.  And I didn't buy ink either.  See, when I bought my desk top it came with a free printer and even though I was all, I have one already...They were all, tough, it comes with a printer.  So I was like, whatever. I'll store it with all the other stuff I own in the world and don't need.

And it sat in a closet until yesterday afternoon when I reached maximum ink price overload and decided if I had to buy just. one. more. ink. cartridge. for that thing I was going to lose my mind and my lunch. I put that spanking new puppy (and it's new ink) on top of my empty ink sucker and fired it up.


Yes, I changed my printer so I wouldn't have to buy any ink. And yes, I know I'm only delaying the inevitable but with the cost of ink I think buying new printers might actually be cheaper than buying ink.  At least that's the theory I'm going with for now.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Cape May, NJ


 Sunset Dunes


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retro Tuesday with a colorful zoom, zoom, zoom...

After the 1960's all interior car color options started to disappear and what's up with that anyway?  I don't think I've seen an interesting color on opening a car door since the mid - 70's.

Slowly car interior colors have dwindled to:

- Black
- Gray
- And my personal favorite - and probably yours too - jaundice

None of this applies however if you get a Bentley.  If you get one of those you can opt for  Hello Kitty  embossed pink leather seats in a chartreuse striped and paisley exterior. Not that that would be in especially good taste although I'd sure like one.

But for those of us not getting a Bentley, I continue...

Seriously.  How could red have been a bad idea?


C'mon... look at it.


And for real, this Ford Fairlane


I would put these aqua and white seats in my living room.


And the yellow and black bumble bee thing going on  here is officially better than pink embossed Hello Kitty ...


Even white's looking good in 2010...


...because I'll tell you of all the colors to keep?  Black?


Do you have any idea how hot the interior of a black car is?  Especially a black leather interior... I haven't had a new car in decades so I'm kind of stuck with what someone else picked but every one of the last four cars I've owned had air conditioners that failed and two of them had black leather seats and I drove around like that for over half of the last ten years.

And no I'm not even kidding.  

It's amazing I'm even overweight with all that sweating.

So that was my Retro Tuesday salute to car interiors, but not any one in the last few decades because they are just awful.  I want some color in my cars, man...  Is that wrong?   


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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Best Deal App... Plus not the best deal anywhere for the love of....

I posted the other day about things I love.   The last thing I loved being the Kindle app on my iTouch...


...but than it got ugly and turned into a rant on the price of ebooks.

And no, I'm not sorry I went there, the prices are too high but oh, shut my mouth because maybe not ...According to a story at eweek:

" has struck deals with Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins to potentially raise the price of ebooks, reports The Wall Street Journal, and could be in negotiations with other publishers over a similar deal"


"At the end of January, Amazon confronted Macmillan, which wanted to raise the prices of popular titles such as “Wolf Hall” from $9.99 to between $12.99 and $14.99, by temporarily yanking the publisher’s ebooks.We will have to capitulate and accept Macmillan’s terms ...


funny, how that just popped into my mind and to continue...

".....because Macmillan has a monopoly over their own titles, and we will want to offer them to you even at prices we believe are needlessly high for e-books,” (Editorial comment -Yeah Amazon I believe that too, boy do I) wrote in a Jan. 31 statement about the issue. “Amazon customers will at that point decide for themselves whether they believe it’s reasonable to pay $14.99 for a bestselling e-book.”

Um.  No, I think I will wait for the library thing, you know.  After reading this it's starting to remind me of the guys at this gas station I can't stand down the street yukking it up as they raise gas prices just because they can.

Everyone is going to lose here from authors, to readers to library's to the guys that make printing ink.

The only ones that aren't going to lose are the very high up in the sky people who make the ebook pricing decisions and they have lovely ethereal golden umbrella parachutes so should they fall they would be assured of falling to Earth and landing on several million dollars a year.

But this isn't actually what this is about.  

By the way.

This is about getting a good deal and I have to stop thinking about ebooks of I will never move on. Never.  It's so aggravating.

But really, it's time for a deep cleansing breath,  taking a sec in my happy place (which involves no eReading material), throwing in an OM or two and...

I wish so much I'd gotten an iPhone - Oh, I do.  I like AT&T...What can I say? - but the iTouch has some rockin' apps.  Like this...

the best deal2

It's called Best Deal and this is what this post is about...

In case that got lost in the sauce.

It's not free but it's only 99 ¢ which is darned close to free and it's saved me that much already.  

the best deal1

You just put in the particulars and Voila!

the best deal

You know which item buy...

So many grocery items are prices oddly due to multi-packs or sales or sheets per roll - and don't even get me started on how confusing it is to buy toilet paper.  This helps keep my blood pressure down in grocery stores.  For real.  I just used it to figure out which pack of bouillon cubes were a better deal the other day.

Best thing is since I don't have a connection - Ahem, not having an actual iPhone - it works without one! So chalk one up to an app that stands on it's own.... costs 99 ¢ (which by the way is the cost of about 14 Macmillian ebooks) ... and saved me more than that the first time I used it!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Son of New Jersey's not ugly

(clickable image)

Cape May, New Jersey
Sunrise  Spring 2010


Crispy, juicy and covered with chocolate...

Back in December when my son was in luthier school he lived with a friend of mine. So as a Christmas gift and huge 'Thank You!' I got her the gift of Nom! because even though I gave my kid food money he waited for Shelly to get home and feed him.

Don't know if you remember the post but one of the things I sent her was Mrs. Prindable's apples because:

A.  They are rockin' crazy delicious and...
B.   I buy them every year for friends and
3.    um, I also buy them for myself if we are telling all and...
D.   They are a gift that is always appreciated because they aren't the kind of things people order for themselves... Well, okay I do but most people don't seem to although, why not?  Seriously.

So when MomImpact offered to send me a Mrs. Prindable's apple free I was all, omg you're seriously going to send me one free and it's not even my birthday and whoa and omg and...

 Yeah, clearly an undignified reaction, I know.  But look at them...


They come in that pretty purple box with a ribbon and are as big as my head...

Okay, I'm only kidding about them being big as my head.  But for real, look how big the Jumbo is....


Four and a half inches of three kinds of chocolate and caramel-covered apple, People!

And the apples are heavenly.  I realized something else about them because I was actually paying attention this time instead of just glomming all that deliciousness down - The caramel tastes exactly like homemade caramel.

I tried to make homemade caramel once. The homemade stuff tastes so much better than commercial stuff but it's kind of a pain to do and I never made it again - As a result I never experienced that buttery sweet taste again until I was eating the apple.  The caramel around that apple tasted JUST like it was made by a little grandma in my own kitchen and just for me.

But I have to stop now because my Mrs. Prindable's apple is gone....


Of course Mother's Day is coming...


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