The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-03-28

Friday, April 2, 2010

The. Migraine.

Tomorrow is the third attempt at my son's luthier apprenticeship graduation party. It's been canceled I think three times already due to...


Lots of it.


Three times.  

My son thinks its going to be canceled again cause he's a glass half-empty sort of guy.   I showed him the weather forecast...


But he's been burned by the weather forecast three times already and isn't buying it.

I'm going ahead with my party plans despite his prediction of a major blizzard.  If so, I will be shoveling in flip flops and a tube  top because I can't stand winter another second.

And believe you me, a tube top on my body will scare the winter right out of the Universe, not to mention I'm sure there would be some sort of registered letter about it from the housing association as well.

The house looks much better than it did earlier this week and it's a good thing or this time the party would be canceled due to...  I guess crap all over the place instead of snow, right?  

Thankfully, the only casualty of the clutter fest / party planning was that endless, persistent, and still present... migraine that I. STILL. HAVE. AND. O. M. G. THEY. LAST. FOR. FREAKING. EVER. DON'T. THEY. AND. OKAY. I'M. GOING. TO. STOP. TALKING. LIKE. THIS. NOW.

But really, I don't have migraines frequently and for me it's the migraine associated business and not the headache itself that's the problem.  The auras and other migraine symptoms get to me more than the junior varsity strength pain that's more of a standard headache.  But since it is technically a migraine, it has all the the hooha and baloney of a migraine.  And can go on for - Oh.  three days I'm up to now.

 I have some finishing touches to put on the house before tomorrow and I have to vacuum the kids room because, there is nothing on the floor and wow. A floor. So let's get a shot of that.



No laundry on bed..


And the floor looks decent too...

And until the hooks go on the wall...


There's room in the corner for for the sparkly guitar.

I think the next rule of decluttering might be - A migraine is inevitable.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Painting vintage furniture? How exactly do you do that?

So for Vintage Thingies Thursday I have this banging migraine; a coincidence really.  It's  not from VTT but a function of the spring cleaning I've been climbing out from under... and I've done a ventigigajillion posts over the last week or so if you want to see all the bone-chilling details.  Just scroll back there's no need for links...

I was hoping all you Vintage Thingiers could help me with something.  I've seen a lot of great furniture refinishing posts - and by great I mean easy - over these Thursdays and I always say, Wow! but whoa so not me.

But as I've been clearing the clutter off my flat surfaces things like this emerge...


And I want to paint it.

Parts of it are really lovely.


Parts, a lovely mess...


Parts just a mess...


I think you get where I'm going...


Which is...  Help!

How do I paint this?

I've seen people use spray paint and I've seen acrylic primer, paint and than sealer...  Is there anything else?  And do you just have at it or is there something else I should be doing?

I've done a lot of painting projects but have never  tried painting furniture before.  Does anyone have any thoughts they can shoot my way?

You can comment, email me, or just have a hearty laugh at my expense.  I will understand.   I sort of feel that way myself.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The clutter law of unintended consequences

There is progress happening but sometimes I have to stop. Breathe.  And  assess what I think is going on (Bins bad. Shelving good. for example), what I assumed was true about clutter, and what I have found out is true.

And maybe if I do things differently, just maybe, I will have a different outcome this time.  Meaning, when I am done my life will not devolve into entropy again.

Entropy was the one graspable concept from Physics For Art Students, a class I took back when you wrote with sticks and twigs on stone tablets. It's the measure of disorder in a closed system. Or bits of randomness.  Or organization versus disorganization.

Sounds  clutter related to me...

Moving away from physics (far away) and on to the laws of clutter.  When you begin to dig through the rubble and the - Oh, I can't part with that - I need it -  stuff you've been ignoring forever, it all starts banging for attention.

Literally. Banging.

And the next thing you know you have a new one of these.


And the fiberglass sink you've successfully ignored every single  day for the last five years suddenly becomes a constant thorn reminding you how bad the house looked a week ago and you know the  house will never seem clean if you don't get a new sink which isn't gonna happen.

 And also fiberglass cleaners don't work, by the way, and how do you clean those sinks anyway?


I hate that sink.


On a more positive note...


The left side of my kitchen is way cleaner.


As is the right.


But this is today's unintended consequence...


The backslash.  


I'm asking myself, do I like it anymore?

And answering, Tracy - You're sick of it....

And do I even like the gold anymore?  And wow, I would sure like a turquoise kitchen because it's so me and it would really lend it's self to my retro finds and I happened to be on Twitter the other day and saw this come through from @ChiefHomeDesign


And that didn't help.  Well, it helped but ya I'm all, When do we paint?  And my family is all smacking their foreheads and ready to get a hotel room while I paint the house.

By myself.


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The sparkly turquoise guitar that started the whole decluttering thing...

 ...with attached kid.  

Although I admit he's almost not a kid.  In some circles not a kid at all.  Like he can,

I guess something's wrong with me because I still see this guy.


Every time I look at...


this guy...

I couldn't love that kid more and even though my house is filled to busting with guitars it doesn't matter.
Rock on.

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Retro Tuesday with a cluttered twist

I was all over a store your stuff feature in a 1955 Good Housekeeping for Retro Tuesday.  And considering the see picture below (the view I see when laying on my right side in bed which is how I sleep, so yeah....)   is my Hello World! first thing I see in the morning...  it makes perfect sense to me.


Yeah, I know.

And I need to pause a sec and explain  that picture because I can't help myself  - Everything I run across in this whole decluttering process, in every room, ends up in my bedroom.

If I don't know what to do with it and am all, I'll deal with that later -  I've been pitching it in my room and although I didn't intend for my room to be part of the clutterpalozza - Looks like that's just what will happen.  And soon.  There have been a few unintended consequences of the decluttering process.

My sink was one.  
I'll save that for another day...

But my sink or my first morning Hello World! view is not what this is about.   This is a retro Tuesday with a cluttered twist...

retrotuesay stamp

  I was leafing through through the Woman's Day, 1955 and found a feature on making your closets hold everything.  And it was interesting to me because - Okay, partly because lately I'm storage obsessed but beyond that if you scan magazines from the 1940's and early 50's the living spaces are bare; there aren't a lot of doodads around and there isn't any excess clutter.  There isn't a lot of excess anything.

Come to think of it there isn't even almost enough to my 21st century eyes. It's barren appearing.

The 1940's and early 50's are all about reworking things you have so you don't have to buy new and making do.  I don't think people had the money to amass things.  Certainly not so much that they didn't have a place for what they owned. And clearly shopping wasn't an activity.

Cut to 1955 and you have this...


Although that still doesn't look like a lot of stuff to me...


Hold everything you have seems like
kind of a new concept though.


(You can see bigger images if you
click and go to flickr)


This whole concept of more storage
seems new to me...


Although , they don't make clutter they way they used too..


Kind of condensed and neat.  Containable in one closet.
Manageable.    I'm longing for some good old fashioned clutter.


Instead of this business that I'm drowning in.

If you want to link up with me - Post mine and EMAIL ME and I will add you link right here in this post.  Which maybe a better solution anyway for Retro Tuesday...   And I'm going to add one now just to show how it will look ...


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Monday, March 29, 2010

Film at eleven

Things are progressing nicely with the clutter. Ginger's not as nervous anymore and me either.  If pushed to do math, I'd say half the stuff in the attic is gone.   I wouldn't have guessed that much would be gone in four days.

I'm not a hoarder or a candidate for Clean House but there was a double quarter-pounder with cheese and could you supersize that and oh I forgot to ask for extra pickles amount of stuff up there. 

A lot of what's left will be staying and is not the kind of stuff labeled 'hutch breakable' because what the and I don't have a hutch and when did I and which one am I referring to anyway and when did I buy collectible ceramic penguins by the way?  It's more the kinds of things attics should hold; the summer/winter clothes variety of thing.  And also stuff I know I have to deal with like garbage bags filled with my son's old stuffed toys but the mysterious items are gone.

I think.

I've got a few more pictures from the journey because things are progressing nicely.  Ginger is much more relaxed than she was in this picture.  She was a bit of a mess that day. I have not developed that tic I was worried about.


The cropped version is probably too small to see the 'help me' face? 


  But that was her expression...

The floor in the living room is pretty clear and I've put away (or given away) the craft supplies that were just everywhere.  I think I inhaled several seed beads, by the way.   I neatened up Tazzy's area although you can't tell in this picture.

But you can see how much more relaxed Ginger looks...


Especially in close up...


That's her downstairs's muffin.

Upstairs is just horrific.   I've made no progress in my son's room although I've made a dent in the hallway.  As to my bedroom....

My bedroom.

My room has been the an unintended consequence of this.  I didn't intend for my room to get in on the organizaganza but it seems to be a casualty of the whole process and I can't explain what happened exactly but maybe clutter's like a tsunami or something.  Just a huge wave of crap moving across my house.  Room by room...

Film at 11...

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