The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-03-07

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay, see this?


My kid texted it to me from work Wednesday and the message was...

: D

And I started shaking.

Let me explain.

My kid works in a guitar store.  My kid loves guitars and now packs a paycheck.   To summarize: My  kid sent me a text picture of a glittery turquoise vintagey looking guitar and a (big) smiley face. Are you feeling my terror yet?

No?  Than let me show you my house because his 
love of guitars is so big it spills out of his room and is
about to reach Pennsylvania...

bens stuff2

The view off the sofa...

bens stuff1

The view to my right.

Are you feeling it now?

You might ask, Why can't he keep all the guitars in his room?  It's a good thought, it really is, but I haven't a clue how he would accomplish that.  His room is small, something like 11' x 10' and stuffed to the rafters with - Oh, I don't even know what. Guyphernalia? 

Yesterday I told him to take everything that he didn't want (but wanted) out of there and put it in one pile, take everything he didn't want ever and toss it and than we could see where we were.  Horrifying.  It's worse now.  Now it's, I don't know.  All over instead of contained?

He called me, Ma, I'm done come look.  So I walked up the steps and in the hall I found this.  The. Hall. Is. Gone.  Just gone.

bens stuff3

(I can now not enter my laundry room)

So, um...  This is stuff you don't want.  The gun and all?




But you know, he'd removed a lot of the stuff in his room..


To my hallway.
Somehow, that didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.

What's this thing by the way? Top. Right side?


I never noticed that before hanging from the ceiling...

Also looking over that floor...  I'd gotten him a black carpet a few years ago thinking it would never look stained.  Problem is...


Never looks clean either...  Whatever was I thinking?


But what do I do with all these guitars? And don't forget....


Another one's coming... And there's the guitars in the hallway.

And the one's I can see from my sofa...

And computer.  And the amps...


And he needs space.  He, himself, not just the guitars.

And there's other stuff.

Clothes, for example.  Game systems.  That TV's got to go, it's taking up tons of, well, inches in a room with few to spare and so does that bookcase.  Outta there!  But than were will the books go? 

And what about that (Omg, that mistake of a) black rug on the floor?

I really need some help here.  I need a lot of help here. Big help. I need to get that stuff out of my hallway, for Pete's (and my laundry's) sake! And those guitars out of my living room. And I just don't know what in the world to do with them... And I don't know what to do with the other stuff either.  Or the clutter. 

Or that  two and a half foot water gun that he insists is relevant to his life. 

Everyone's been very helpful with the recipes so if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you help me with the guitar holding area?  I mean my kid's bedroom? 


Friday, March 12, 2010

I hear what you're saying (and what you're saying is bacon)

Well, sausagy bits too but lots and lots of bacon.  The recipe ideas are great can you um, keep them coming?

I would really love to cook for my kid's party described in the previous post and by the way this whole thing is a link to said post   and I think it might even be easier and cheaper than ordering sandwiches.  I'm still not sure. You ladies came up with some fab-u ideas yesterday!

And I even think many of them sound freezeaheadable you know?  When Miss Steeped insanity wrote me and said quiche, I smacked my forehead and had an Aha! moment because yeah, quiche is freezeaheadable and you can have all kinds of fillings AND you can make it 'lite' for those of us boring souls that prefer it not to be luscious.

Okay well, no one prefers it unluscious but for those of us who don't want to be laying down to zip our jeans for a week after eating a pound of Swiss cheese it's nice to have an alternative (even if we eat the good one anyway).


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I need some party recipes, please?

Remember back in September my kid entered that Luthier Apprenticeship?  In case that's not ringing a bell a luthier is someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments.  In my kids case mostly, but not only, guitars.

Well, he's done!

Best of all he's home and  I'm all crazy yay! My baby's home let Mommy hug you again, about that.  This post is about his party, which by the way has been scheduled twice (TWICE!) already.    The first time in early February and it was canceled due to....


And the second time, two weeks later it was canceled due to... (read on)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New post on NJ Moms Blog... The Picky Kid Whisperer

The Picky Kid Whisperer


I noticed something last weekend while watching The Dog Whisperer;  people jump through hoops cooking food for dogs that looks better than what I serve around here.  And the dogs (much like my kid) aren't interested.

Unlike me these people have recourse and when wit's end is reached they call   Cesar Millan; The (Picky) Dog Whisperer.  After watching the pooch/family interaction for three, maybe four seconds he asks with a bemused smile, "You do know this is a dog, right?"

"Yeah! Oh, heck yeah! Of course, we know Francis Lyle is a dog!" they say, adjusting Francis Lyle's doggy pipe and slippers.  

And I know they are so lying.

Cut to Cesar taking Francis Lyle on over to doggy rehab for a few weeks of quality dog-pack interaction and the next thing you know, Francis Lyle (now known as The Lean Mean Frankster Machine),  is eating canned dog food from a bowl like a ...Well, a dog.  (Go to NJ Mom's Blog to continue reading)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Retro Tuesday Goes Tumbling into the Fifties...

I love Retro Tuesday...

retrotuesay stamp

Every time I think I've exhausted my magazines
I find something new that interests me.

See this room?


(read on)


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