The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-02-21

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A yarn confession and a question

A few years ago I wanted to learn how to felt (sometimes called fulling) and since I knew nothing; I didn't know about wet felting  and that you could  buy roving and go!  Or that you could buy an old wool (alpaca, cashmere, etc) sweater and felt that.  Oh how easy that would have been.


I assumed you have to knit or crochet something first which was a problem.  Well, three problems.  I couldn't knit.  I couldn't crochet. I'm allergic to wool.


I proceeded anyway.  I decided to learn to knit and got no where.  Well, not no where, but no where that led me to anything that would fit a human - No matter how hard I worked at it I kept getting odd looking ever increasing random shaped items.  #Fail.  Than I moved on to crochet and after about half-dozen odd looking ever increasing random shaped items I got one that stopped increasing in size.

And so I figured crochet was my ticket to felting.  I started with bracelets and used vintage buttons as accents.



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Japanese Craft books and oh yeah.. Of course it's snowing...

What else would it be doing?

Not that I'm bitter; I'm just....  I dunno.  Cold?  Over it?  Ready for spring?   I don't even know anymore... But that's not really what this post is even about see when I woke up to the snow this morning and realized I wasn't going anywhere (again) I decided to go through my books to see if there were any I wanted to Paperbackswap  I found my stash of Japanese craft books and couldn't resist pulling them out.

Japanese craft books are the best.  Craft books printed in the US are disappointing and it took me a long time to figure out why but I have it - The cover projects are fabulous; the one's on the inside?  Not so much.  Besides a great cover project, there's not much else to recommend.  Meh. At best.

And worse than that, the projects are dumbed-down to the easiest common denominator of skill level.  Even the Project pictures are not great - I would think that in a craft book the examples would be spectacular; and they just aren't.  I've seen better project pictures on most websites (and on many websites much better examples).

Or maybe it's not the pictures themselves but the projects are just not done well.  The stitches aren't perfectly even.  Glue shows.  Edges stick out.   Now I know, these things happen in real life but they shouldn't happen in the examples!

It looks like the people (well, publishing houses) who put out the books know they have an audience and pump them out.  And worse than that they pump them out with projects that aren't that interesting and are frankly, silly.  Kindergarten-ish.  It's like the crafting industry is afraid woman will take one look at the book and say, Oh! I could never do that and put that right back on the shelf.  And perhaps, they will - I don't know.  But if that was the case I don't think Japanese Craft books would be so popular.  I mean they are the antithesis of the complaints I have been talking about...

US publishers should really take a look at Japanese craft books and all the interest in them.

japanese craft book button

Because even though the text is in Japanese...

(read on)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ker-flunk-flunk-cough-phugh-phugh-phugh and than it died

kay, so you know that noise a car makes when you shut it off but there's something wrong so it doesn't shut? And you're just sitting there with the key in your hand  and you know that cause you're looking at it and you have to look at it because the car's still making noise and you can't understand what's going on because you have the key and instead of silence you hear a ker-flunk-flunk-cough-phugh-phugh-phugh...type thing? 

I can't remember what that means is wrong but my fridge had been doing that for quite a while.  Not so much during the day but at night when the house is quiet and everyone was trying to sleep.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retro Tuesday with some Karma attached...

I did a post a while back about Karma in the 21st Century and I'm going to reprint it today because it's apropos to  today's Retro Tuesday and I couldn't get it out of my head for the last two weeks and it's got me wondering what the heck I did to deserve what I'm getting now (FYI - there is an ad at the end of the post if you're not interested in my Karma).

retrotuesay stamp

Plus, I'm pretty sure no one read it anyway.  In May I had like, minus 3 followers...

Karma in the 21st Century 

Hundreds of years ago people considered Karma something that would affect their next life but in the 21st century Karma is an entirely different thing.

I know, I've done a study from my front-lawn facing powder room window. From the toilet I have a great view of my whole street as well as parts of several other streets. From a sitting position I can watch the comings and goings of many things... particularly appliance repair trucks.

Just today I conducted another study because there weren't any new magazines. I opened a slat and did a quick perusal of the neighborhood. Yet again there was an appliance repair truck at that house. Do you know the house I mean? The one with the neighbors who can't get along. For whom everything is an issue. Car parking is an issue (except their car parking). Dog doody is an issue (except their dog's doody). Kids are an issue (except their kid).


Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading, crocheting, and throbbing randomness...

To the total embarrassment of my son I've been reading the Twilight series.  I'm not sure what tweaks him so about it and I'm not sure why I'm even reading it so late after it's popularity.  Maybe because Twilight was just on Showtime and I saw it again and thought, Wow, this was so much better than I thought it was the first time and I can't wait to see New Moon.  I dunno, really.  Maybe I'm just bored by the winter. 

The really weird thing is I almost always read non-fiction.  Craft books, cook books, how-to...  I'm not normally interested in stories.  The one exception was when I worked nights in a Sleep Disorder Center.  I was mostly alone all night long after my patients went to bed so I picked up a book almost every night I worked.  Thing is I read really fast.  No, you don't understand - Really fast.   I could put away at least a book a night and still get all my work done so it was an expensive habit.  And what I read was romance novels.  Kind of embarrassing actually.  I'm not even sure why it is, but it is.  It really is.


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