The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-01-24

Friday, January 29, 2010

Boomeranging back to me

Losing weight is an odd, disorienting thing. And I'm quite sure that is exactly why I've failed so many times in the past. When you're fat you go on with your life unexamined. People don't see you. It's easy to live, really.

I go here; go there... No matter how many people I see everyday, they don't see me.

And I'm good with that.

After losing some weight that all changes. It's like being assaulted by eye contact.

And smiles.

I know that sounds weird. And it's not that eye contact and smiles are bad things... Because they aren't but for someone used to not having them... To all of a sudden get them? Well. It's down right bizarre.

The thing that brought this all up was this picture.

boomerang server

In a lot of ways this picture could be better.

It's not sitting on the best base, the seaming on that suitcase is distracting, and so are the angles made by chair rail I painted on the wall. I got this in a salvation army thrift shop. I guess it's a 1960's three tiered chromed serving tray. I loved it right away. It cost me $4. It reminded me of an ash try my mother had. I started taking pictures of it yesterday for Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingies Thursday and than saw the light behind it. Suddenly the picture became about the light behind it and not the thing.

I never used the image for Vintage Thingies Thursday. I couldn't figure out what was disturbing me about the whole thing; but I was disturbed.

And couldn't take my eyes off it.

boomerang server2

This morning when I was putting on one of the two pairs of pants I have left (that fit) I realized what it is. It's about looking at something you assume is one thing and seeing it in an entirely different way. Like I've been seeing myself. I took a picture of a thrift store find and found it was the light behind it that captured my attention.

I went on a diet to lose something and found I had gained more than I had lost. And it hit me this morning. Like the ton of bricks I lost.


I wish I could say I was done. Done losing. And done with my issues but I'm not. I'm not even sure that writing this (and posting that picture) won't send me back up the scale but I'm going to be brave and just face it.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekly Weight Watcher Update by a nose...

Before I get to my Weekly Weight Watcher Update I wanted to post something from the very first Weekly Weight Watcher Update.

It's from (way back on) July 8th

I started off with...

I haven't been this fat since I asked my obstetrician, Wow! Is the baby going to be big? And he said, No Tracy you're just fat. And I was. My newborn son, all 5 pounds 14 ounces of him, did nothing to alleviate the tonnage I gained during my pregnancy. In fact, his entry into the world hardly made a dent in me.

And frankly at this point, with him being 18 and all, it's just embarrassing to be my delivery weight. My delivery weight was embarrassing enough at my delivery.

And it quickly deteriorated into a lounge act involving pleather...

So there I am in the dark, hauling trash bags out to garbage cans, sweating like fat Elvis.

And ya know, it wasn't hot outside at 4 this morning. Fat just sweats. Fat sweats a lot. My brain which was trying to reason with my fat was all like, Hello? It's not hot, would you turn off the freaking spigots already? Fat wasn't having any of it and kept on merrily sweating like I was wearing a jewel encrusted white pleather jumpsuit and singing Hunka Hunka Burning Love.

Once in the house I stepped on the scale. A horrifying and difficult thing to do in the early morning hours when don't want to, you know, actually scream.

It ended with me telling y'all I joined Weight Watchers. And I'm revisiting this because I've been posting every week since (with the exception of the time without a car and the time during my being/not being 'there' weirdness) and if it wasn't for you guys reading and commenting ....

I would not be here now.

I mean 'there'

I did go this morning and I was 'there'. For anyone who didn't read my, I have a Confession post my use of 'there' probably doesn't make sense. If you want to know what 'there' is, go here. As to where 'there' actually is the the grand scale, I mean scheme, of things. I'm thinking 'there' is more of a half-way point. I'm taking this whole thing slow and haven't really gotten that far.

Thanks so much for the months of encouragement and
for letting me be accountable to you by posting these
updates. I know I couldn't have done it without you.


Ginger nose it too.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Retro Tuesday to swoon over...

This Retro Tuesday is a continuation of the 1955 Aqua Kitchen Fest of last week with a side of Pyrex.

retrotuesay stamp

Because I can't seem to stop myself.

ge kitchen 19551

I don't see ads for Pyrex anywhere really but sometimes I find it hidden in an ads for other things. And what's with that pitcher? I'm loving it. Is that some famous brand or just something randomly fabulous?

The ad is for GE

ge kitchen 19551

P.S. These turny shelves would be so helpful. I've got lots of curious things at the back of my fridge that once in there never see the light of day.

ge kitchen 19551

1955 must have been as good a year for GE as it was for aqua

ge kitchen 1955

But this business....Taking apart my oven in heels?

ge kitchen 1955

Totally unappealing.

ge kitchen 1955

And yay! even more Pyrex! 

I really like the cabinets, too. They are a very nice neutral color that  sort of tones down the bright aqua.

Now look at this cover picture...

household magazine 1955

Did you swoon?

After I scanned this I walked in my kitchen for coffee and seriously thought of redoing my kitchen for the first time in years.

What about this isn't perfect?

household magazine 1955

The light? The wall paper?

household magazine 1955

All perfect.

The TV?

household magazine 1955


A... clock radio?

household magazine 1955
Yeah, even that...

There isn't anything pictured I could afford if I found it at an estate sale. Even so, I totally want to redo my kitchen now.  

These magazines are turning me into an envy-monster but I can't help myself.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Old El Paso Giveaway and my head cold...

I've have a perfectly dreadful head cold. I haven't posted much and have commented less because it's hard to type and blow my nose at the same time. And now my voice is going. I dunno, I'm mostly a drag to be around. And I hear I'm snoring really, really loud. I guess 'cause of how congested I am.

But no one wants to hear that...

Oh wait. Just a bit more...

It has helped the diet along because food isn't all that appealing. Except chicken soup and spicy food which is driving my family to take-out because they like a change after days of, OH NO! NOT THAT AGAIN!

It seemed the perfect time (Follow me here, it makes sense.) to talk about the Old El Paso Green Chilies Big Game Giveaway I have for you.

Old El Paso

Are you with me so far? The
spicy food connection. Right?

OEP Green Chiles FINAL

My Blog Spark and Old El Paso sent me the product, prize pack, and giveaway like up in that picture there.... What a huge relief it was for the family to see. Something different. Something not chicken soup. They about wept. Yesterday I filled the middle with baked chips (low fat), salsa (ditto)... and one of the cans of the Old El Paso Chilies (ditto ditto ditto!)

OEP Green Chiles

And than watched The Jets lose.

Which was sort of anti-climatic compared to my snack which was um, climactic. I have another one of those gift packs for you if you're interested!

The nice thing about the Old El Paso chiles is they are low in calories and add lots of kicky ooomph to well, anything. They are also canned so I can just buy 'em and keep them 'till I need them instead of buying the fresh ones which I than promptly put in the bottom of my veggie drawer and forget about until they form a puddle of primordial ooze at the bottom and I have to remove by pouring rather that picking up. And don't even try to tell me you have no idea what I'm talking about. There is no one on the planet who hasn't had to remove their vegetable bin FROM their fridge to pour out what used to be a bunch of carrots and if you try and tell me there is I will answer,

I think not.

Today I made chicken soup for the skatey-eighth billionth time this week and used more of my zingy chilies as a garnish for my soup because, A. You can't have too much chicken soup when you have a cold. B. Soup with chilies floating on top is so nice when I can't taste a darned thing because those things I can taste and C. It just looks so pretty.


So c'mon... Don't you want a Big Game pack too?
Or a coupon now (here)

I asked Ginger and Taz who wanted to monitor the one entry per person thing for the giveaway and this was the answer.

Taz it is!

The rules are US only since it's a sponsored giveaway.
Comment and leave your email address by Jan 29 11:59 pm eastern time.

Did I say leave me your email address?
Please one you check, too.

If you want other entries you know the kinds of things people do,
do 'em and let me know in your comment.

If I can't get hold of that winner I will pick another one on Monday Feb. 1st.

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Disclosure: You don't actually think a company would pay me to talk about blowing my nose in the same post I talked about their food do you? Or think college educated adverting people would write any of that as ad copy - Darrin Stevens sure never did on Bewitched. And I wouldn't be surprised if they make me give back the Big Game Pack they sent me for doing it. Just saying.


Ginger and Tazzy

My cockatiel, Tazzy, is what's called in the bird world a chronic egg layer. I filled a jar with them before I decided that was weird. Ultimately I think what really made me toss them is a few of my kids more creatively inclined friends used the word 'omelet' a few too many times for comfort while looking at the glass jar full of a couple o' hundred Mini-Me eggs and I decided better safe than worrying every time they cook me something.

Tazzy took a little break a few months back in her breeding behavior, no idea why. For sure the hundred plus dollars hormone injections the avian vet gave her didn't work but she slowed up a bit a few months ago and than her egging wound back up again. She's not that social when she's hormonal although she still loves a head-scratch once a day.

Over the week-end she took a breather again. When she's not fascinated with her eggs, she wants attention; constant attention. I hear her calling me when I'm upstairs. When I'm in the kitchen and I hear about how, Your bird was screaming for you - The. Entire. Time. You. Were. At. The. Store.

When I'm watching TV on the couch near her it's worse.
She's pretty much all, Hey! What about me? Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't
you know I'm in here? Hey! You! Hey!


It's a little dark because I was trying to quiet her down for the evening but you saw how well that was working, right? Which was basically...


This used to drive Ginger up a wall but being the old girl she is, she doesn't hear well anymore.

Hearing loss can be a blessing.

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