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Friday, January 22, 2010

Omg, I think I'm collectable

I don't know if anyone remembers back in August, me asking you guys to comment for food? To help me fill local food banks in conjunction with ShopRite Partners in Caring?


Well, my kid wanted me to do it because I would (mortifyingly) get my face on a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. I needed your 30 comments and was only hoping that my picture was the size of a Polly Pocket and thanks to y'all everyone is happy!


That's me...

I called my kid last night and told him where the picture was. He laughed (and laughed and laughed and laughed) and said, Ma, OMG - That is the COOLEST thing ever! I totally want that cereal box, can I have the box?

Everyone's happy. I'm happy because...


I am...


The size of...


Polly Pocket, maybe her baby sister.


Which is even better. The best thing is that ShopRite Partners in Caring was able to make a donation based on my, no - Your 30 comments. And they have something else going if you want to be on a cereal box (and live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware). It's called Expressions of Hunger:

Sharing emotions, thoughts and feelings through music, poetry, performance, art, and storytelling has long been a way of communicating and enlightening others about an issue.

ShopRite Partners In Caring is asking for your help in fulfilling its mission to increase the awareness of hunger in our community.

Please submit an original video that depicts how you perceive the plight of the hungry or what a solution to hunger might be in the "Expressions of Hunger" video contest.

Share your most creative, original expression about hunger. It may be a song, a poem, a dramatically read story or a performance that you capture on video.

Thanks everyone for helping me make my kid very happy yesterday and for helping me, Shop-Rite and General Mills fill food banks in the New Jersey area.

That was a beautiful thing you did.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Wednesday Weight Watchers Update...

On Thursday...

I did go yesterday and the short version is I've been so nuts about whether or not I'm 'there' (you can read about being 'there' here if you want) that I couldn't even get on the scale.

'There' is an emotional weight for me and it's carrying a lot of baggage (and I don't mean the kind of baggage that makes my ass look fat). I'm afraid I won't see it every week and terrified I will. It's an odd and powerful weight version of Catch-22. This week the only way to wrap my mind around a meeting was wrapping my mind around staying off the scale first.

I want to regularly attend meetings again; not doing that is getting me no where. I thought I'd try going and not weighing-in.

They were cool with it.

The good news is I reached my 16 weeks - Which I would have reached much sooner if my car hadn't died and I hadn't stopped going for a month over being/not being 'there' but whatevs... I got my clapping hands charm to go on my 10% key chain. Clapping hands is hanging next to my 25 pound, um...I don't know what the heck that thing is...Looks like a barbell weight doesn't it?


So that's the update... I have no idea how much I weigh.

And I'm good with that.

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Aqua, pink and yellow....

I can't put down my new (well, old/new) magazines. Household was a small magazine I'd never seen before. Each month seems to have one cooking focus, one decorating theme, some frugal hints and tips articles, plus something random. From what I'm reading about Household, the year I have (1958) was the last year it was published. There aren't a lot of color ads but when I see one like this on the back cover...

Hi-Speed cookbook Household magazine 1958

I dunno, it's quality over quantity...

Hi-Speed cookbook Household magazine 1958

I would totally buy that in
an estate sale if I could find it.

Hi-Speed cookbook Household magazine 1958

In any color...

On Retro Tuesday I was all over the pinkiosity of 1955 but it was really pink, aqua and yellow as you can see in this last page ad. The color combo was still going strong in 1958; the year of this magazine.

helzbergs melmac

And look at this...

helzbergs melmac1

I wish I could find these at an estate sale...
Who knew there was such a thing as Confetti Melmac?

And okay.

GE Range 1958

Taking an oven apart isn't my idea of easy cleaning but...

GE Range 19581

I really dig the colors..

And I'm adding this one...

masonite paneling 19582

For no other reason that I love that room. It's got
the whole clean design thing that I love so much.

I love that chair. And while nothing is the same
color it's working for me.

And want this clock and lamp...

masonite paneling 19583

Something awful...

It's actually an ad for the Masonite paneling
on the walls. Paneling is so out of favor now.
I watch HGTV and people just recoil when they see
it. "Tear down' 'Gloomy'...yeah, I hear you...

Maybe it's because I grew up in homes that had this
stuff but it doesn't seem like that to me. Just seems like
home. Cozy. I dunno. Wish people wouldn't tear
paneling down so fast. And paint it white.

Go visit
Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingies Thursday!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Retro Tuesday and than a smoke...

I finally got some new magazines.

retrotuesay stamp

I keep looking at them to look; not looking at them for Retro Tuesday and I'm getting distracted.

house and garden magazine cover art feb 1 1955

The one I can't put down is a House & Garden from 1955. First because I think 1955 must be the hey-day of decorating with pink so page after page I'm having pink-induced girly seizures. And second because the design is just so darned spectacular. The magazine exemplifies everything that tweaks me about 50's design. It's modern and clean but adorable instead of sterile. Starting with the cover art...

house and garden magazine cover art feb 1955

I was going to tell you about the photographer of that picture (Wendy Hilty) but I'm getting crazy distracted this morning. Seems 1955 was a good year for artists. The photographs and drawings were credited. I'll save that for another Tuesday.
Moving on.

Even stuff that doesn't normally do it for me...

kenrubber floors 1955 ad

I'm loving.

This magazine must have magic glitter unicorn dust sprinkled on it or something.

kenrubber floors 1955 ad1

Usually I don't like that whole woody homesteady Yee-Haw thing.

kenrubber floors 1955 ad2

I dunno. I'm finding it adorable today.

And this....

1955 clay tile ad

This was modern in the 80's never mind the 50's....

But not 80's modern like Joan Collins 80's shoulder pads modern. Like fresh modern. Lasting modern. Around forever modern. This was an ad for clay tile - not just one brand but the whole clay tile industry and they got this dude, Pietro Belluschi (small print under picture) to design around clay tiles. I had to look him up. And according to the great and powerful knower of all things sublime and ridiculous, Wiki:

Pietro Belluschi (August 18, 1899 – February 14, 1994) was an American architect, a leader of the Modern Movement in architecture, and was responsible for the design of over one thousand buildings. He moved to the United States in 1923, despite speaking no English, and finished his education—as an exchange student on a scholarship—at Cornell University with a second degree in civil engineering. Belluschi emerged as a leader in the development of American Modern architecture.

There's more about him to know (lots) including a transcript of a 1983 interview in the Smithsonian Archive (here).

Where was I?

See why this magazine is so hard to get through? Every picture tells a story.

Don't it?

Isn't that a song?

Okay the last thing because this post is too long already
is an ad for St. Charles steel cabinets.

kitchen 19552

Mostly because it's pink...

kitchen 1955

Okay, not really. It's more about
the forward thinking business of it.

kitchen 19551

I don't remember seeing planning areas like this
advertised until maybe the 80's ? I certainly
never saw one. But here they are in print.

Well this post was exhausting and satisfying all at once.

I need a cigarette.

So wanna join me in Retro Tuesday? Do you have
anything Retro themed?

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Why is my toilet screaming?

I'm having a hard day today. It's 2 in the afternoon and I haven't posted yet; which is what? Twelve hours after I normally post. And I'm not going to get into how abnormal waking up at 2:30 in the morning is. It is what it is.

But did you ever have, like stuff in your life that's annoying? Or one particular thing. On most days you can stand it; just shake your head and move on. On a bad day maybe you say, I really gotta fix that freaking thing. If it's a really bad day maybe you swear at it and kick the offender.

But on a day when nothing's going right that annoyance seems to sap a monumental amount of what little energy you have to spare.

And it's probably just a stupid little thing. Your mailbox door is ajar. The mute button on one of your TV remotes doesn't work but reprogramming the new one FIOS sent is so daunting that I am living with not having a mute button in the bedroom even though listening to the drug commercials tweaks all my hypochondriacal molecules and the abused animal commercials leaves me a gelatinous mass of sobbing ooze. Every. Single. Time. But it's not that.

Listen to this...

My toilet screams.

What unholy thing could that be? Seriously, people that know toilets -What in the hell is that? Can someone tell me, please. And how do I get whatever is in there screaming, out? Because I'm telling you, that toilet screaming - while flushing - after I've used it is starting to give me a complex that I don't think there is a drug for.

At least none I've seen on the commercials...


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