The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-01-10

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicken in my crock pot, um...yesterday

I'm always on the look-out for new blogs to read and I found one the other day. I've been pouring through A Year of Slow Cooking and really like it. I like her recipes and she's really funny. Like really funny. Her newest recipe is called Sweet Mustard Roast (Beef or Pork) and it looks totally yummy but I especially like the part where she accuses her baby of sucking out her brain cells. Cracked me right up!

What got me interested enough to actually READ her blog was her Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken where she threw eight chicken quarters in a crock-pot (dry) and got tons of shredded chicken meat for all kinds of dinners later.

She found a sale on chicken quarters for 57ȼ a pound and bought a bunch. I, of course, commented that I couldn't even find a sale for 89ȼ a pound! Really, it's there go read it. Than promptly checked the Shop-Rite sale circular and whaddaya know? 59ȼ a pound leg quarters. How much do I love Shop-Rite about now and how stupid do I feel knowing that comment is on her blog forever? Live and learn and keep your mouth shut until checking the Shop-Rite sale circular.

Anyway, Stephanie - that's her name - was right. They came out great! Even going in dry. And they made their own golden chickeny goodness which became chicken barley soup a bit later on.

Have a peek inside my crock...


As an FYI - She skinned them first. I de-fatted the broth
later. I really like my slow cooker and am always looking
for new things to do with it. If you are go take a
look at A Year of Slow Cooking.

And in case you're wondering, she doesn't know me.
Doesn't know who I am, wouldn't know me if I was the
one fighting with her over the last package of 59ȼ
chicken leg quarters at the market - and sorry, Stepanie
but I would. Budgeting's a jungle.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guitar picking through my vintage buttons

I've been trying to get my family to go to estate sales with me for, oh...ever. Mostly they just eyeroll me.

Especially my son. And he needs to go... You have to really know his situation to know why. He's finishing up Luthier School which means he's going to be working as a guitar technician in about a month - I'm so proud of him - (but that's a whole different post), the thing is he needs parts. Guitarage. Pieces. Bits... I don't know exactly what; he has the tools (Boy- does he have tools!) but he has to buy the guitar micro-bits himself.

His instructor said, Go to flea markets and buy trashed guitars and break them down for parts.

Yeah, guess they don't know this isn't flea market season? So I keep saying, Go with me to estate sales. And he keeps looking at the Pyrex, buttons, aprons and girlyphenalia I bring home... and says, Oh, like there will be anything at all I will want?

Remember that Jackpot of buttons I found about a week ago?

004 - Copy

And I was saying how I thought button boxes
were the junk drawers of the past?

Look what I found?

nick lucas guitar pick

And I know, you're saying what I said...

nick lucas guitar pick

It's a guitar pick...Mmmm, kay.

This morning I was playing with my buttons. I mean separating them into colors and looked at it again and noticed it had a name on it (hard to read, I know...) , so I googled Nick Lucas. And Whoa! Well, actually not just Whoa! but the mother of all Whoa!...

Nick Lucas has a website devoted to him and he was an important man in guitars (from New Jersey, I might add) with a career that started in 1915 and lasted until his death in 1984. A few highlights:

He was the first person to put a guitar into a band.

He was the first intimate crooner.

He was the first 'guitar star'.

In 1924 Frank Campbell, who was general sales manager for Gibson Guitars was looking for an endorsement by a well-known star to push an expensive guitar. Nick Lucas, who had the first guitar instrumental hit record in 1922,was an obvious choice.

(are you watching? Here's the biggie)

The first to have a guitar pick made with his name; Nick Lucas established and mastered the guitar pick. In the early 1930's Joe Nicomeda, a friend of Lugi D'Andrea (the first manufacture of guitar picks) worked out a deal with Lucas to make a flat pick. The finished product featured a stylized impression of Nick Lucas' name.... the first imprinted guitar pick.

The pick I found could be 80 years old and my son was very impressed when I showed him the Nick Lucas website. I revisited my son going with me and guess what? He's way more interested now! I told him (again) I've seen guitars and maybe he could pick up a broken one or two - and that no, it's not estate sale season but it's not that far away!

So yay! Maybe I will not be estate saling alone this year!

And I owe it all to buttons.

Okay, well kinda.

Join ColoradoLady for Vintage Thingies Thursday!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not quite 'there' ...almost.

I did go to Weight Watchers this morning, and that's a huge part of this particular battle for me. I hadn't gone in maybe five, six weeks? I'm just over the 'there' point by tenths of a pound. After all that last night, the confession, the angst... I'm not even 'there'.

Go figure.

But at least I'm back to my Weekly Wednesday Weight Watcher Updates and my total weight loss as represented by a visual... I miss those. This week my total loss (not just this week, but total since July) can be represented by... Um, 'bout half of one of these.


I guess I could have picked a dog half that
size or about three of these...


But my Maggie was half Doberman and
I miss her something awful at times.



I have to face 'there' again. Maybe next week, maybe not but I think I'll be able to, or at least I'm willing to try.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have a confession....

So, I haven't gone to Weight Watchers for a bit and I have all manner of reasons why but this is the truth.... Okay, I'm going to take a deep breath now and say it.

Wait, let me back up.

I have this particular weight, just a number really, that's an emotional sticking point for me. It's a place I haven't really gotten under for more than a minute and a half, for years. Like I will get 'there' and look down, see the number and some weird brain thing happens.

I don't stop eating until I'm not 'there' anymore plus, Oh! Ten more pounds (give or take) for good measure.

The last time I went to Watchers Watchers (a few weeks ago) I was almost 'there', I mean almost. Like if I'd just peed before weigh-in I'd have been 'there' so... I haven't gone back because I'm...


Scared to death, really.

Of a million, million things.

That I won't be 'there' now and will have to re-live all this craziness again next week. That I will be 'there' and than spend next week gaining that extra ten so I'm not 'there' anymore. And even that I will get over being 'there' and even less than 'there' but than will have even less to wear than I do now (Have I mentioned I'm down to two pairs of pants and a skirt? Five more pounds and I'll be the CrazySuburbanMomInHerUnderpants.Com - and really my kid's been through enough.)

But I am going in the morning anyway. Whatever happens, happens. 'There'. Not 'there'.

You're a Tool...

I am going. Period.

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Getting some tongue on Retro Tuesday

I need some new vintage magazines.

retrotuesay stamp

I haven't found an ad for classic pots and pans in a while,
or flatware, or Pyrex. But I did find some of this....


Looks like it's going to lick you back, doesn't it?


And it makes me wonder whats in the minced stuff.

spam 1000

And from whence those oddly shaped bouncy,
bouncy, gelatinous pink sticky cubes came?

treet 1000

Or who?


It's funny, Charlotte never remembered hearing her mother,
Darlene refer to a pig as being made of 'sugar and spice and
all that's nice'.... But she had heard her mother refer to her
and her sister, Annette that way.

And where had Annette been recently?

Kind of gives you pause, doesn't it?


Makes me appreciate identifiable deli-meats a bit more.

armour-meats7 1000

Than again...


Maybe not so much...


Cream cheese, horseradish and tongue on white bread
was the serving suggestion.


This may give me the canned-meat willies for quite some time.

Want to join the Retro Tuesday Blog Hop with me? Have a \
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Retro Tuesday Preview....



Sunday, January 10, 2010

The silver lining of hot laundry

I love when the kid comes home from school for the week-end...


Although he brings quite a lot of stuff...

  1. Guitar
  2. Guitar
  3. Guitar
  4. Amp - Bet you thought I was going to say guitar again?
  5. Amp
  6. Amp...
  7. How did that get in there? Vacuum. He did not bring that home....
  8. Laundry from The Year One...
  9. Hmmmm, let's get a close-up of that...

Ah, yes.

That's called a "Geeze, it's a Pickguard, Ma" and it's for either number 1, number 2 or number 3. It came from Greasy Groove and they make all manner of whatever those are.

Ginger loves when he comes home because it means a ton of hot laundry coming out of the dryer the entire time.

There was an especially behemothic amount this week-end because I found the hamper in his room, an industrial garbage can really and No, I'm so not kidding about the size, full.

And as I stood stuporous over six month old, boy-laundry I was dully aware that reasons for this were floating in the air around me. I mean, each word did produced a migraine-inducing clang as it went by and all...Clothes I don't wear anymore, ripped things, too big, too small, that's Ryan's, that's Justin's, Oh, I was wondering where that was...

But I didn't really hear any of that because my head was exploding over how all the stuff had been there since before September and at the bottom was a load of towels that I knew with every ounce of estrogen in my body, went in wet. So, I set about doing the laundry.

With tongs.

But for real there is a good side.


Ginger's hot laundry thing.

She's an old girl and it's been a very cold winter for her. Even with the sweaters, she really doesn't want to be outside much. I think she's even cold in the house. But when I put the Mt. Everest of hot boxer shorts on the bed she was on it and in it and I'd never seen anything like it. Covering her little feet like that... Normally, when I get the camera she moves. She didn't. She just didn't care if I took a thousand pictures. She stayed until the laundry was cool.

I don't know, made me smile.

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