The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2010-01-03

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yes, I tried a Ped-Egg

Since Miss Vonlipi asked...

And a few other people emailed me about it. Yes, I have used a ped-egg. Back in May I posted about it and since I didn't link to it in the last post about foot care I will just reprint it because back in May I had minus two people reading my blog.

Ever try a Ped- Egg? Yeah me too, with some unintended consequences....

Nine of them to be exact.

See this?

ped egg

That's my toe covered with duct tape.

Want to know what that has to do with a Ped -Egg?

Read on....

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time... I checked out all the warnings and precautions...

• For intended use only
• Do not use on irritated, inflamed or infected skin, or on open wounds.
• Do not use if you are diabetic or have poor blood circulation.
• Do not use if metal becomes rusted, bent or damaged, injury may result.
• Consult a physician before use if any skin conditions exist.
• Intended for use on callused feet only, do not use on uncallused, smooth skin.
• Seek medical attention if skin becomes severely irritated or bleeds.
• As a personal care product, Ped Egg™ is not recommended to be shared or used by more than one person.

Check, check, check on all of that except for one thing. Apparently I had a small Plantar's wart I didn't know about.

And than there were five... all in a neat little line.

Sort of like how I used the Ped-Egg...

And than I got four more because warts spread faster than a cold in a day-care facility.

The one on my toe is the only one left. It's covered with Mediplast and duct tape. Which is how I got rid of the other eight.

It wasn't the Ped-Eggs fault because clearly the Ped-Egg wasn't meant to be used on warts. But C'mom. There is a point when they are so small you really don't know you have them. And I hadn't had one in....Oh? Decades? And I was thinking more about my soon to be smooth and silky feet and not so much about my soon to be wart covered feet.

So, would I use one again? That would be a no.

Although it's rockin' effective for spreading warts.

If that particular need ever arises...

**FTC Disclosure**

I have no personal relationship with the Ped-egg people (Doesn't
that make them sound like Weebles?) but my warts did.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Return of My feet are as Ugly as Cruella DeVille's Face

In July I wrote the first post about my feet
being as ugly as Cruella DeVille's face.

It's here if you're interested. Although pretty much what I said was ...My feet were as ugly as her face if her face was calloused, cracked and looked like she could put cigarettes out with it.


Which I guess makes my feet worse looking than her face. So to recap - My feet are pure evil because they look like they want to make a fur coat out of puppies, can put cigarettes out with their feety faces, and have crevices that would make the Grand Canyon weep with jealousy.

It's had some interesting consequences. "Her ugly feety face" remains a top keyword for my blog. As does: "Cruella DeVilles Feet", "Banging my moms ugly feet" which is a rather unfortunate combination of two posts ( The Cruella one and this one) and "Grannies in panties with ugly feet" ( The Foot post and this one).

The mind boggles.

But for real, I had had it with the cracked callouses and all so I started looking for things for my Granny panty wearing Cruella faced calloused feet. There are some things I love. One's on my sidebar No-Crack Cream- it's great and it's cheap too. Kerasal is very good but not cheap. CO Bigelow Derma Remedy is very good with a great consistency but not cheap.

Two recent finds - Okay, first Be Natural Callous Eliminator interesting stuff and works very well. I'm not sure what it is but my guess is caustic, very caustic. That said it worked very, very well and it's not expensive.

But my new fave lotion is a recipe I got on a blog!


And it's pretty as pink frosting!

ColoradoLady has a fabulous blog in general but back in November she posted (here) a recipe for body lotion she makes. She gives it away as stocking stuffers, shower gifts, co-worker gifts or for anytime she needs a small, wonderful, gift. Seems people love it so much they start asking when she's going to make it again... She decorates little jars. I didn't have little jars but the lotion is what she says, Rockstar!

She has much better directions than I do and shows her little jars all decorated so please go take a look. But the basics are very easy and so cheap. She used dollar store products but I don't have a local dollar store. I went to a Rite-Aid and got the cheapest version of the three things I needed.


Baby lotion
Tub of Vaseline
Container of Vitamin E cream

As an aside here...

You see on the left there? That's Pyrex. Despite having lightened the Pyrex load my family still thinks no matter where you swing a camera around here, you hit Pyrex.


Like that's a bad thing?


Put all ingredients in (an entirely different) Pyrex
bowl, get out your hand-blender, and whip (a lot, a real lot)
until you say to yourself, I would so eat this. It looks delicious.

But c'mon...


I'm kidding. I just looked up what happens if you eat Vaseline and
you don't want to know. Although seems it's good for hairballs.

If that's what ails ya.


And look, I was even motivated to paint my
toenails (badly) after making Suzanne's Rockstar lotion.

I didn't have little baby food jars to decorate (she says it will fill nine of them) so I dumped all my pretty Rockstar pink frosting lotion into some Chinese Food take out soup containers. Just doesn't do it justice, but it's functional.

This is a very good cream. Because of the Vaseline it has staying power through at least one (usually more) hand-washing. Oh, right - This isn't just for ugly feet. This is an all-over pink delight. It's very comparable to the thicker 'winter' formulas available in tubes for staying power but it has a lighter frostinger consistency.


My feet don't have a relationship with any of the brands mentioned. Well, they have a sorta relationship. But really more of a thing wherein my feet use them and than toss them aside after the creams have given the best years of their lives and some newer, cheaper (Isn't that always the way?) floozy of a cream comes along.

Apparently, my feet have commitment issues

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

To prove why having the buttons isn't a total waste...

See this?


That's my key chain.

Well, my keys plus my wallet plus other assorted charms and attached paraphernalia. My family has taken umbrage to it for quite some time. Like, if we are in my van but I'm not driving, no one will use 'Mommy's keys'. Like they are some freaky thing. My keys are apparently that thing that must not be touched.

Something about it banging on their right leg (resulting in severe bruising). Or some such nonsense. Anyway. I weighed it about a week ago and granted there was change (okay, a lot of change. Okay, the normal amount of change... ) in there, but still... The pound and a half it weighed gave me pause.

Perhaps my family had a point. It's what got me going making those key fob things in the first place. I thought it might be time to move to an actual wallet and split up the keys... So I give you...


I'm also sure that the cashiers will no longer look at me like, You have GOT to be freaking kidding me, when I hand them that whole fa-la-la so they can swipe the customer loyalty tag thingy.

And the good news is I still have...


... a few..

vintage buttons ivory-black


vintage buttons yellow


vintage buttons

if I wanna...

vintage buttons MOP brown


vintage buttons white

any more...

vintage buttons gray-green

just in case I get, ya know....

vintage button findings

more keys...


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I haven't gone estate saling in months. First, I didn't have a car and now my finances are as tight as my jeans were before I started Weight Watchers. I mean, it's like I have to lie down to zip up my wallet. Well, hm. That makes it sound like my wallet is full doesn't it?

And it's really the reverse, but just pretend that made sense so I don't have to redo the metaphor.

I still look for estate sales; I just don't go. I hope that selling some of the things I bought (and can't use) even if I have to sell at a loss will loosen up the old jeans - I mean finances.

But yesterday something miraculous (and buttony) happened.

004 - Copy

But let me back up, Mmmmkay? I've sold a lot of buttons, given some away (still giving some away), have used some and are now using some again for these:


And yes, I was whining (here) about having so many...but
buttons don't take up much room and I am using them.

When I started making the key fobs I realized I'd sold a lot of buttons I'd like to use on them. The short version of this story is I started asking around and someone said, An elderly neighbor gave me a tin of buttons ages ago, probably a few hundred. Do you want them?

I was all over them like a fat woman (that would be me) on a family-sized bowl of pasta at the Olive Garden Restaurant after low-carbing for six months.

And what can I say but.. Holy Button, Button, Who's Got the Button, Batman?

And Batman would say, That would be me.

If Batman were me. And he's not although he's crazy buttony jealous of me because now he has no buttons with which to... um... button his Bat Belt on.

When I took the lid off the tin I was beside myself. As a short aside here - It's funny about button tins. When I go through old magazines from the 40's there isn't much junk around or storage space. As I opened the button tin and stuck my hand in there I noticed lots of stuff besides buttons. Sharp pointy stuff.

Lots and lots of sharp pointy stuff.

002 - Copy

It took me hours of going through it to get the straight pins, nails, curtain thingies, thumb tacks, fish hooks (YES! FISH HOOKS) and other assorted (many rusted) sharp metal objects - that made me thankful that I'd stepped on the other sharp metal object on the lawn this summer and got the tetanus shot - outta there.

What was my point?

Oh, yes. I think buttons tins were the 'junk drawers' of their time.

I have this...


She had this...

004 - Copy

But back to the jackpot business...

Once I got all the sharp stuff out I realized all this stuff about her life was in there besides the buttons.

She played a lot of Bingo...

002 - Copy

She was sentimental...

007 - Copy

Look at the bit of fabric, stones and shells she kept.
Maybe from an important dress or a vacation
or her honeymoon a very, very, long time ago.

She kept bits and bobs of things...

006 - Copy

This pen nib, jewelry clasps... parts of parts.
I don't know if they were memories or she was just frugal.
But they are all so fascinating; these tiny pieces of her life.

And some stuff? A bit TMI...

003 - Copy

That was either used to hold sanitary napkins in place
before they just stuck to your underwear or was a garter for stockings. Or both.
I'm not so sure anymore. So yeah. A somewhat disturbing thing to
stick your hand in a tin and pull out. At least it was to me.

I haven't gone through all the buttons but, wow.

They go from quite spectacular...


To things I've never seen before...

005 - Copy

To what she probably cut off every garment
she ever owned before she discarded it...


I'm a bit floored really.


Birdbaths along the delaware river...Wordless wednesday

Birdbaths lining the Delaware River.

Bird baths along the Delaware River

nj tag


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retro Tuesday for all the right reasons (and a few past klunkers) Blog hop

There are a lot of really kooky things in vintage magazines and I love that about them but every once in a while I'll look and say to myself, Hmmm... I'd so buy that.

retrotuesay stamp

Granted some of the food is horrifying. I've seen hot dogs look like crime scene photos and jello recipes that are the stuff of our childhood nightmares.

Remember this chicken classic?


That one gave me the jello-willies for a good month...

And let's all stroll down memory lane and remember
the um, education we got on feminine hygiene, shall we?


And uh, this classic...


Yep, The Minute Hygiene... A feat of modern engineering
that you asked your local plumber to install for all your feminine
hygiene, enema and infant bathing needs. Do read the ad copy
if you didn't last time. Who ever came up with that must
have been a genius. A rocket scientist, really.

Mmmmm, Kay.

Oh and this guy? Remember him?


Let's move on, my skeeve-dar is just
banging and it's waking Ginger.

But I'm really off track because those aren't what this is about. This is about the ads that I look at and go, I would so buy that or, Wow. Fabulous. Or despite a stupid name or whatever the ad attracts me.



I didn't read any of the ad copy and I don't know what's up with Santa and the housewife lady but I think those chairs are fanfreakintastic. I love the design and the colors and everything about them. These ads were in a 1950's American Home magazine (Well, the new ones, not those old ones.) and I don't go through it very much because it's too large for my scanner but I thought several of the ads were gems.

I mean...



And yes, for me it's the colors too... But the design is just spot on. Perhaps that's why that company is still around today. I sure wish they were making that though, in those colors - I would be first in line!

And this...


Know what this is? Look closer...


It's brilliant really!

It's a wonderfully simple thing that would make your kitchen look ridiculously adorable for very little money... AND it's marketed brilliantly! You just cut the pieces out of the magazine and try them on your shelves. Who ever thought of that was a marketing genius and I sure wish I could find an ad like this in a current magazine. Right?

Want to join me in Retro Tuesday?

Got anything? Anything at all retro? A recipe? A thing? A thrift store
find? C'mon... I know you do.... Add it to the blog hop!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay, well.... this is early for even me...

It's not even 3 a.m. and I've been up for over an hour. Ginger got me up because she had to go pee-pee. She pee-pees about three times a night, at least. Instead of lumbering to the door in a stupor and than going back to bed; my mind started rambling about what I had to do today. So now Ginger's happily back to sleep.


And I'm thinking odd random thoughts like:

Just how how lazy am I if it feels like too much trouble
to 'drop' an
Entrecard on the left side of the page?


When does making key fobs cease to be productive and
become obsessive? The first? Second?

This one's the third one yesterday....


Speaking of obsessions... I found a new website
that lists a lot of Christmas Wish Books. (And
I think Maureen told me about the site, too after
I went on and on (and on) commenting on her post
here . ) The Wishbook site has photographed
them. Page by page! Go there if you have
skatey-eight million hours to kill but...


Just look at what I found on page 290 of the
1964 Sears Christmas Wish Book...

Page 290 Sears Wish book 1964

Do you see them???

glass pheasants

The gravel art pheasants! Yes!

And I'm sure you're all, Um. So? But see, my father made those and I remember watching him. SO WELL. I remember the smell of the white glue and that it came in a little square packet. My dad cut a corner off the glue packet so precisely and he was so darned neat. He got glue nowhere except where it belonged. That's just inhuman, really...

And the gold square tiles along the tail, and the leaf shaped ones... I remember the black, sort of glossy, sort of stiff, braiding that surrounded and 'held in' the gravel and how beautiful I thought that glass gravel was. The colors were... I don't know - So pure.

I was sure I'd never seen anything more beautiful.
Not all the parts or the sum...

I wish I had those pheasant gravel art things now. I doubt my dad still does. And I'm sure this is going to be the kind of memory he says I remember better than he does.

And I'm sure he has no idea how I felt about watching him but it's one of my favorite times growing up. I loved watching you do these gravel art things, Dad.

Now, I'm getting all sappy and weepy.


Nothing good does come of being up at 3 a.m.....
Make that 3:21...


Sunday, January 3, 2010

So are you sick of my resolutions yet?

Maybe it's just that I've never done this before or maybe it's just that there's so much I need to do differently....But I've been giving the resolution thing a crazy amount of thought. At least it seems like it to me.

Seems there are things I do daily that I need to change. Like this...

I get up ridiculously early. Like, so early it's practically yesterday and than I get online and write because I don't prewrite my posts.

After I post it gets a little fuzzy... I putz around the house figuring out what I'm going to make for dinner (and at this point it's still early. Dark even)... If I need something at the grocery store I'll write a list. Eventually I'll clean or do laundry.

General housewifery...

But I get all distracted and by the time I have to go out (hours later) I'm pretty much still in my after dinner pants. Oh, after dinner pants are pretty much elastic waisted, grungy, not to been seen by the public, usually with holes in them pants. I put them on after I eat dinner when I'm not intending to go out anymore... And if I don't change into pajamas, after dinner pants work just fine.

The problem is I'm so scattered during the day by the time I actually have to go out and do something I'm still in those same after dinner pants and frequently so pressed for time that I'm running to the grocery store - or the post office - or where ever - in my (Oh, what must the neighbors think...) after dinner pants.

And I think I wore after dinner pants the entire time I didn't have a car.


So (yet) another resolution is to actually get dressed at my earliest convenience. Like not so's I wake anyone... And actually get in a tub and bathe....And even ya know, brush my teeth and than get dressed. I've also promised myself I'd even put on a tinted moisturized, Lashblast mascara (if only on the top lashes) and Outlast Lipstain. At least.

Because if I wait till I actually have to go out later I'm going to be so rushed - Well, lets not go there but it will involve much less than this and my after dinner pants.

As to other resolution I made about listing stuff on Etsy and eBay? You know I bought a lot of stuff to actually DO projects and never really did them. So I had to decide if I just wanted to sell the supplies or make things....This morning I made two things and how proud do I feel at the moment? Very, actually...

I made two key fobs using the cotton webbing that you would normally use but most people sew trim to them but since I have all those buttons.... And do not sew...


And one button on the flip side...
(It's here on etsy)


And in another color too...
(It's here on etsy)


And the flip side...


I think they came out really cute!

Sewing through that cotton webbing is no picnic but I love the way they look and hopefully they will sell. The fobs seem popular on Etsy although a lot of people are doing them... But most people are adding fabric - So I don't know how only adding the buttons will go over...

I think they are pretty cute.

Anyway. I know this post is very, very late and haven't visited anyone today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my regular schedule!


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