The Crazy Suburban Mom: Who's floor will be cleaner with a brand new Libman broom...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's floor will be cleaner with a brand new Libman broom...

and not looking like my before picture very, very soon?


The picks are picked and the people who will soon be sweeping have comments 14, 7, and 18.

That makes the winners:

Julie - Who wrote:  The broom I have now looks like its been around since World War 2-bristles are broken down .

I hear you, gal!

Lynette from Crazed Mind (and no, I'm not kidding) She just did the most fabulous new masthead and will soon be sweeping in pearls.

Melanie - Who wrote:  I would love a new broom. My kids took my old old broom out into the snow and the bottom got all frayed and it does not work at all now. I would definatly start in the kitchen... then the bathroom and my entry way.

Make those kids do the sweeping if they want the broom, honey!  LOL

Email me ladies with your addresses so I can forward them to Libman!

For anyone who didn't win here...

The LIBMAN Facebook sweepstakes is live! Like Libman on Facebook for a chance to win $500 or a mop a day for December!


Lynette 12/1/10, 9:33 AM  

Way to go.....
Dancing......ok, now breath....
ok, ok, ok
Off to pull out my heels, pearls and my Dress Apron...Yes, I do have a dress apron.

Thanks Tracy! And Libman!

Julie 12/1/10, 12:01 PM  

Thanks so much-now I will have a new broom to use and to fly ;)

My only problem is where do I contact u with my info?

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