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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's on my shelves?

I'm burned out with stuff.  All the stuff.  Everywhere I look.  STUFF.  Maybe it's all the Christmasalia and doohickeys around, or maybe it's the new things or maybe I haven't decluttered enough lately but I decided it was time again.

No! Way more then time.

So onto the THE DECLUTTER FEST OF 2011

I'm starting with the wall shelves in my bedroom because well, I'm not sure.  I've not been feeling well and after I went to the Doctor yesterday I came home and pretty much planted myself in bed.  Mostly I slept till morning except when I woke up for a few minutes, blinked and went back to sleep. The shelves are the view if  my eyes are open from a reclining position so they are bugging me the most this morning. 

There are ten small shelves; I only did the five on the right.  I'm feeling punky after all.


Tippy-Top shelf

I couldn't part with all of the books that were Ben's when he was a little guy but they were kind of a raggy mess so they are now in a basket;  it's a much better look.  The candle holders were Mongo's mother's I think.

art books

Next one down, left side - Art books

I decluttered these books a while back so there aren't many left and a few of these are favorites.  Every time I hear myself say favorites I think of the decluttering shows on TV and winch.  Should I part with some of these anyway?  Truth is I haven't looked at a few of these in a very embarrassing amount of time.

Right side, sort of random

I got the Anchor-Hocking Fireking Price Guide on Paperbackswap recently;  been waiting forever for that one.  You can get it retail but free's better!

craft books

Next! Left side, craft books

I got rid of a lot of my craft books this last year and that was painful. Looking at the pile it seems I didn't get rid of any of my button books though.  I especially love the two I bought from Amazon Japan   I discovered the best thing ever for Japanese craft book shopping by the way.  

If you use Google Chrome and set it to translate pages you can go to Amazon Japan and the pages will auto translate and I promise you it's a breeze to look though.  Ordering is easy too.  I ordered when you had to do it manually and even then it was not hard just cumbersome - but this is a walk in the park!

Now I know this about getting rid of, no acquiring but... button books are necessary to my sanity.


Right side, self help and sorta self help

Looking at the stack my crush on Wayne Dyer is obvious for all to see.


Next shelf is pretty random

Romance on right, random stuff on left and Franklin Covey inserts in the middle.  Oh! And my leopard print shoe snow globe that plays Material Girl.


At the moment the bottom  shelf has no books
For now I decided to put nail polish and girly stuff like that on there.  That is subject to change depending on how the decluttering goes and my whim.  It might work though because that stuff hasn't got a real home.

I don't know what's next but anyone want to join in with the Declutter fest of 2011 with me?  It feels good to have some of this stuff gone and not have to look at it - for sure.

I've already done some Freecycle listings and have a bag ready to go to good will and some other things were frankly, garbage (and what was I thinking holding on to that stuff anyway?

So who's in with me?


Amy 12/30/10, 10:21 AM  

I'm a pretty consistent declutterer. With 3 kids, I feel like it doesn't matter how much I get rid of, there is always more. For the past month, I've been on a rampage, as we lost a DS, and so while searching, we've been decluttering, as well. One week netted 6 bags of trash/broken toys to the curb and 2 bags of gently used toys to donate. As I am now completely in the nesting phase in the 8 weeks before baby #4 arrives, I am SO with you, and I know while I'm on maternity leave for a few months, I will totally be decluttering!!! So, long story short...I'm in!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/30/10, 10:26 AM  

Amy, are you going to post pictures?

Vonlipi 12/30/10, 1:16 PM  

Count me in! Yes I will post pictures. I'm ashamed but I'll post pics :)

Babes Mami 12/30/10, 6:08 PM  

I declutter a lot but we accumulate a lot too! I love all the shelfs, the craft one the most though.

ceemee 12/30/10, 11:47 PM  

I am with you in spirit! But I will try my very best to declutter. With a toddler in the house, it's chaotic everywhere. Then I'll have to declutter again when the 5-month old becomes a toddler.

TiLT 12/31/10, 8:36 AM  

I just did my is still quite ooky, but it's getting there! Maybe I'll tackle my sewin g area once the kids are back in school next week - and take pics :)
Oh - and then there is our room upstairs - yikes!

LP Vintage 12/31/10, 9:16 AM  

I'm going to declutter -- no wait, I don't need to do that so much as I need to Use Up the Stuff That I Have. (I think there is a blog using that name.) Plus, I need to Stop Buying More Things.

Anyway, did I hear you say you have a button book from Japan? I don't have that one ...I'm off to find it on AmazonJapan - oops, there goes my plan to stop buying things ...

Tara Beaulieu 12/31/10, 8:09 PM  

I think my favorite thing is that you store your makeup in pyrex. That's friggin awesome.

Lynette 1/1/11, 11:27 AM  

Anchor-Hocking Fireking Price Guide

Yeah I spotted that real quick too. What a great lil find.

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