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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stocking stuffers you may not have considered

Stocking stuffers tend to be throwaways; trial size hand sanitizer, shampoo - etc.  Not that it's all like that because it's a great place for gift cards and every year I get my kid a metric-butt load of Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles and really nothing says 'The Holidays' around here like eating chocolate till  you're sick.

But a stocking stuffer can be lots more.  And I'm pretty sure no one thought of this one, I only thought of it this morning - 10 minutes ago on my way home as I was swerving to avoid some woman riding on wrong side of the road.  Took the ho, ho, ho right out of going ho,ho, home, I tell ya.

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I don't know if anyone else knows this but you can take an ONLINE driver safety course for $19.95 given by AARP (and no you don't have to be AARP age - my son took it) and not only might you get a few tips to save you from lunatic suburban woman on cell phones driving on the wrong side of a divided highway...

Give me strength on New Jersey roads, please.

But in a lot of states you can save money on the cost of your car insurance. And the savings can be substantial; ours was FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS A YEAR!  And it's good for three years.  Granted the cost of car insurance in NJ is ridiculous and your saving will no doubt be lower but extrapolate.

The test is long, about six hours and you can't 'speed it up' by forwarding.  You have to sit through the whole thing which is good.  Because it's done by AARP there are a lot of tips for older drivers but there are also tips for people with parents who are older drivers and stuff your kid needs to know like:

Having the RIGHT OF WAY is..

*Not part of The Bill of Rights..
*It is not akin to the pursuit of happiness...
*It just might be more dangerous then the right to bear arms because people are stupid in cars...
*Having it means nothing to any other driver driving on the road because...
*They all think they have it too.

One point the drivers course drove home frequently is to "be prepared to yield your right of way"  As in yes, you might be right but how much does that matter if you are getting jaw-of-lifed out of your car?

The information is HERE and it's well worth having everyone in your family take it.  Print out the info and stick it in their stocking, rolled up with a bow... and maybe a key chain to make it at least a little fun.  Cause this gift is probably worse then your mom buying you socks.

And one more today

I got my family some new holiday music because - Okay I'm sick of the stuff they pull out every year.  I mean I get it but twenty five years already.  Enough.  Did you know you can search Amazon for Christmas Album Downloads AND some are way cheap AND some are way cool.  How 'bout Christmas with the Rat Pack?

Five Bucks

Or this one, too smooth..

Break out the martinis.  It's Lounge Christmas music, $6.85


Babes Mami 12/2/10, 12:26 PM  

I've been downloading some Christmas music to play for Babe to keep us in the spirit. We have slowly been coloring decorations and will actually have some store bought ones and a tree next friday!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/2/10, 12:38 PM  

There is a whole free download section of MP3 on amazon - which Christmas music - Check it out

Nessa 12/2/10, 7:20 PM  

LMAO, a buttload of chocolate is the only thing I ever want in my stocking. I never get it though Never tried the Lindor truffles but my son feels like it isn't Christmas if he doesn't get Ferraro Rochet or however the heck it's spelled.

Lynette 12/3/10, 9:23 AM  

gosh I want to invade your place...butt load of chocolates and smooth lounge music too! I will break out the cocktail dress and mix us up a batch of Cosmos!

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