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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stocking stuffers for people with really big feet...

Okay, well maybe this is more a gift gift because the box the Literati comes in is a bit big for most stockings.


Not my stocking mind you;  I wasn't blessed with delicate human-sized feet but for most people it would be easier to stick this under a tree then in something they could stick their feet into.

Okay so first, no more feet and Yay! for that.

Mom Central asked if I wanted to try out the Literati and yes, I did.  I had two, (maybe three) main reasons...  First my kid and I have been downloading books onto our  iTouches (Or is it iTouchi? Anyhoo...) using various programs - which is nice but really, really dinky.

And second and related to the dinky thing - That eye surgery I had few years back  left me with no near or mid-vision and even though I can adjust the font size on my (teeny-tiny) iTouch the whole reading experience remains small, mushed together and migraine inducing. 


Where as Mr. Literati on the left gives me a romance novel that is spaced out, clear and not a headache waiting to happen while remaining heart tightening, shaking, and thudding in only the best way.

And three...

Over the last year I've given away so many books (which breaks my heart) because of space; books I loved and would have kept if I had room.  On an eReader the size of your house doesn't matter.

 And four...

I wish I had this when my son was in High School.  Getting summer reading books was near impossible because everyone was looking for the same books.  And eReader books are cheaper.   I also purchased every in-class book he had to read.  The cost of the Literarti would have paid for itself in a year or two - or in one summer based on how much aggravation it would saved me trying to find those summer books.  I looked around just now, the Literati can be had for as little as $79.99... and that's a bargain for an eReader. 

But did I like it?  

Yeah, I did.   It connected easily with my wifi (and found all my neighbors by the way).  It connected with Kobo,  the online eBook site associated with the Literati easily and downloaded books quickly.  Kobo offers a lot of books, even cookbooks.  Enlarging the type on cookbooks has been life altering - Okay, well life altering might be a bit much but the on with the glasses off with the glasses on with the glasses is a giant pain in my ladle so not having to do that is a dream.

 There are  a lot *a lot* of free eBooks on Kobo; with a dedicated link to some of them at the top of their website.

If you're used to a touch screen you'll need to readjust yourself, it's not a touch screen.  But the screen is very nice, large and in COLOR and there are dedicated 'touch' page turner areas on the sides of the unit.

My biggest issue isn't with the Literati - it's with Kobo.  While the store boasts 1.8 million free eBooks...

lit  have to happen upon them.  They don't come up with the dedicated link, they also don't come up when you search from lowest to highest price... And they also don't come up if you search the word 'free'.    Now, I have to be fair to Kobo and say if I took the time to make my way through 1.8 million free books I'd never get to their paid stuff but honestly that's their advertising so help me find them. Please.  There has to be some way to find them that's easier then doing a search for the exact book and then finding - Oh! It's a free one. Happy Birthday to me!  

To wrap up this review with a pretty bow - I liked it!  I think this is a great eReader ( not a computer) at a great price.   There is a lot of content plus Newspapers and Magazines - That I like a lot.  My kids college major is English so he will be able to download all the books he needs to read at a lower cost so Yay! for saving money at college! And I can now download cookbooks and enlarge the type!  I like that a lot.

And I'm thinking of downloading some books Mongo wants to read and taking them over to her...


...Because she rocks large print too!

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Sharper Image and received a Literati eReader to facilitate my review.”


Gabriele Agustini 12/15/10, 9:05 PM  

I just want to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a glorious Holiday Season!!

Anne 12/16/10, 4:42 PM  

My husband & I have been pricing different e-readers for several months and I'm so thrilled about how competitive the Literati price has gotten. I thought finding it for $99 was an awesome price. I wish I had this when I was getting my BA (I minored in English & this would have kept me from losing some of my books due to a divorce.)I may invest in one for my son if he decides to go to college.
I hope "Santa" got my message about making sure one is under my tree for Chirstmas. :^)

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