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Friday, December 10, 2010

My big toes gave two thumbs up!

Last week Pledge contacted me, Do I want to try a can of Pledge?

The yellow one everyone knows...

And yes, I did but then I got to wondering how they found me. And why they wanted to send one to a person  that doesn't dust and, oh.  Right.


That tweet I did in November.

So I said, Send it my way even though - Well, here's the thing:  I don't have a lot of proper wood around here.  Yeah, I've got wood-grained, wood-like, wood-toned and a heck of a lot of stuff that's ...



But wood, not so much.

And didn't that  turn out to be fortuitous because woodish is exactly what they want.

Oh.  Wait.

They didn't want that toilet.  No one wants that toilet.

The campaign is about using Pledge on other surfaces. Seems it's not a well known fact that  Pledge cleans lot's of surfaces besides wood and  if we're taking  other, those I have.

I decided to try it on my kitchen cabinets because so far the only thing that has worked on them is a chisel.


Huge surprise. 


And I mean huge.

Huge like I woke up Christmas morning and looked out my front door to see a new car with a bow huge.
 I didn't think it was going to clean those greasy, awful things.  I've tried stuff made for kitchens that didn't even work, let alone work well.  And said kitchen stuff certainly did  not smell like lemony heaven.

My lemony verdict is TWO HUGE THUMBS up for Pledge!  Wait - Make that TWO HUGE THUMBS and BOTH BIG TOES.

It's just that good!

  Pledge® aerosol (Natural Beauty, Clean & Dust & Allergen, Protection Plus and Extra Moisturizing) family of formulas can be used to dust, clean, shine and give limited protection to the following surfaces: sealed wood and wood laminates, synthetic wood surfaces, stainless steel, leather, sealed marble, sealed granite, vinyl and chrome.  This would include car dashboards (vinyl) and car seats (leather or vinyl).

*Although this is a sponsored post Pledge cleaned those crazy, dirty kitcen cabinets like nobodies business and me and my beloved yellow can are off to clean something else now"


Lynette 12/11/10, 9:21 AM  

gosh i may have to try that....mine are GROSS! And since your toe are up too....can dear hubby borrow them? LOL

Zyriana 12/11/10, 8:33 PM  

I'm definately going to try that. I hate my cabinets and the gunk that gets on there. Oy, try as I might - it never comes off! Way to go Pledge!

Funny, I had no idea you could use it on other surfaces other than wood. Oh, btw - LOVE the wood toilet seat! ;)

Lin 12/13/10, 7:59 AM  

Yea for Pledge!

Does anyone really get a car for Christmas? I see all those ads, but I don't know a soul who has ever gotten a car for Christmas.

Nessa 12/13/10, 1:08 PM  

I actually use pledge in my car on the dash and other areas. It's not as greasy as armor all and it cleans it better i think. Smells great too.

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